Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
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All user reviews for the Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 6 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
The Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute is an awesome drum set designed for uses of all types. A studio session drummer recently brought this kit into the studio where I work on a session that I was doing where we tracked eight songs of drums in one day! It didn't take too long to get some great sounding drums, as these drums sounded awesome right from the start. He had the 6 piece version of the kit, and I would imagine that they come in a few different configurations. Like the name states, these drums are all made from maple wood and are as sturdy as they come. You can also get the Custom Absolute kit in other materials, or even mix and match different woods if you want. I'm not a drummer, but I've recorded enough drum sets to know which sound good and which don't, and this one certainly sounds great! It's definitely a professional's drum set, so I'd only consider it if you're recording and/or gigging a lot and have a good amount of money to drop on a top of the line kit. The overall sound of these drums is deep and full, with the snare being punchy and bright. You can get different sized toms I'm sure, but the rack toms that he had were 10" and 12" I believe. The Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute is really the perfect all around drum set for recording, as it can cater to recording different types of music for sure and isn't specified toward one style. Yamaha in general makes some of the best, and most affordable drum sets around. Whether you're a professional or a beginner, they've got something for you. If you're in the market for a great drum set, definitely consider the Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit.

MGR/TBradford's review"Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute"

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
I am 54 years old, and have been playing trap set, mainly as a hobby, but also as a freelance musician since high school. My first "real" drumset was a set of Rogers drums that I bought in 1979, which never really gave me the sound that I was after. I tend more towards jazz, and by that time CBS/Rogers was rock focused. I have since bought Yamaha Stage Customs and individual Rodgers drums from the '60s of of Ebay, rewrapping most, which I have fashioned into a set.

With the purchase and rewrapping of the Ebay drums, I had really fulfilled my goal of having a smaller Jazz set, so I was not in the market. However, at PASIC approximately one month ago, I was "auditioning" ride cymbals from the different manufacturers. At the Paiste booth, I sat at this small set without paying attention to what they were and started playing the cymbals. While playing around the set, I noticed how musical the toms were(8X12, 14X14), how crisp the snare and how punchy the 18" bass drum. When I realized that they were Maple Custom Absolutes, I was in love. The drum shop, Columbus Percussion, gave me what I consider a good deal on the set; $1900.00 (drums and tom mount), taxes and shipping included.

What I like about the unit besides the known Yamaha quality is the sound that I can get from the drums; round, warm sound from the toms and a beautifully defined punch from the 18" bass drum. The snare sounds so much better than the one that came as a part of the Stage Custom set that it's hard to believe that they were manufactured by the same company.

Its hard to come up with what I don't like about the set, except that I have not yet been able to tune the 14" tom just like I want it. I think that is more of reflection on my tuning abilities than the drum's potential.

Great quality from the finish to all functional parts.

I played my first Jazz gig with these drums (and the Sabian HHX Evolutions, also from PASIC) one week ago. I loved every minute of it. I do believe that the sound of the drums actually helped me play better. I look forward to many years of joy from playing this set.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/bradford's review"Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 5pc"

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
I bought this kit at mars music during their going-out-of-business sale. It's fusion sizes (10, 12, 14, 22, 14x5.5) and was way marked down-i got it for about $1300. I was looking for a good intermediate kit to move up to-like a stage custom or an export, but i found this for only a few hundred dollars more and it was definitely worth it. I also wanted it because of the maple custom reputation, and because a lot of my favorite drummers play yamaha.

I tried this kit out at the store with a pair of timbale sticks-the only sticks left in the store- and loved the sound, especially the snare. When i finally got home and played it more, it sounded even better. The toms cut through so well, yet were still so warm and musical. They sound just as good laying into them really hard in rock music as they do playing very lightly or with brushes. The bass drum makes a deep, dense, huge sound that you can feel through my entire house, and the snare has a lot of warmth and crack to it as well. The sea blue maple finish is very nice, looking darker from a distance and shiny up close.

I have few complaints, if any. The YESS system lets the 14" tom wobble just a bit when hit really hard, but that's not a very big issue and is common with big mounted toms. But I really have nothing to complain about overall.

The drums are of the highest quality and i have had no problems regarding construction and quality. The finish is durable and i've had no scratches or other damage to speak of, although i do take good care of these drums. the bearing edges are smoother than possibly any other drum i've seen.

Overall an excellent drumset. Comparable to any other drumset on the market, although some people say that DW, pearl, etc. are better, but i really think that drums are ultimately just a personal preference, especially when comparing top-model kits. To be honest, i definitely prefer the yamaha to the one DW kit i've played and the pearl masters i heard a guy playing, but i'm just as biased as anyone else. but it's definitely worth getting a high quality drumset if you can afford it or find it on sale for cheap enough.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Moses's review"Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute (AY2F4 Shell Kit)"

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
Ordered this fantastic drumset from www.drummusic.com, since I live in Malaysia, I had to make a cash transfer of USD$1498 to their bank account in Belgium. It took 2-3 weeks to get to my doorstep and it arrived in 2 big boxes, in perfect condition. I bought this drumset mainly because of recommendation and personal interest in it.

Looks - The Plum Maple Lacquer, well done, very consistent and looks like black from a distance.
Bass Drum - The bass drum sounds boomy and has good resonance despite having little attention on tuning it properly. I cut a 7" hole in the center of the bass drum using the Remo Dynamo that was supplied and it was less boomy.The Powerstroke 3 that came with the bass drum suits it perfectly.
Toms - The set came with a 12",13" and 16" floor tom. The included Clear Remo Ambassadors gave the toms brightness and good projection.I changed the head on the 16" to a Clear Remo Pinstripe to suit my taste.
Tom Holder - SOLID, very adjustable, the clamps hold on super tight. Besides, it better hold on tight 'cause I don't want to damage the beautiful finish.

Nothing much...except that they were quite hard to tune with the Remo Ambassadors supplied.

Construction is flawless, each lug only has 1 screw attached to the shell, unlike conventional drumsets which have 2 screws. The bass drum hoop claws didn't have any rubber padding on them but that isn't really a problem.Every hardware on board never came loose at all the whole 2 months ever since I had it.

Excellent set, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a top quality professional maple set. Now I can show off to my friends =)

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Jimywong's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
I quip a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute in 2002, a config 10, 12, 14, 16, 22 ...

I prfre on the drumkit, what is the potato a way to get, quality and versatility it can bring if you spend the time it takes for the r Gler (I have a funk band, acid jazz, a rather progressive rock band, if I play solo a lot of jazz, fusion, funk old school, all that groove or swing, alternating with small passages dboires technical surveys Weckl, Colaiuta, Thomas Lang, Virgil Donnat, Nataniel Townsley and many others (not that I do, but it is possible to have a sound that s approach much !!!)). There's also the fact that the hardware is very practical and Yamaha prcis, plays a standard time of assembly / disassembly and also on the ct practice, I like to play on a The elements which drumkit is exactly the same place each dplacement, and has become possible and easy!
I find just say to default it is difficult though granted, in beginners is a long, long rev ... But once accustomed it fast enough, and all other batteries become easy giving!

I have on many jou MODEL drumkit before it ... I admit it's not my prfre, but it suits me perfectly! It's pro gear!
I had the opportunity to play a lot of yamaha MODELS. The Beech Custom is the only one I found most pchue (I possde a while, but I'm sonait spare because it much too strong for my local r pt, especially the bass drum).
I also have preferences for high-end MODELS at Sonor, DW and batteries. I think she has nothing against by an inferior pearl master custom ...

For the report qualitprix ... well ... It is the only I'm not too hot ... I've been OCCAZ for 6000 francs (slightly less than 1000) if I remember well and with lots of accessories and good istambul cymbals ... I think j'm'en'm shooting too well, but nine, I would not buy a Yamaha for the price (about 16,000 francs, or the era I bought it, I prfr good Sonor (s-class or even a force 300x), or I will have an economy to DW.

Playing over three years, and playing with lots of friends among MODELS, events, festivals ... etc ... etc ... I'm not, I remake that choice if I had the same OCCAZ 'I had, I can t even put a little more!
Anyway, I put a note for when we have in hand, we know the rgler, there's really a way to have a pro in all styles! And for those ports on the collection's outdoor style, she is really beautiful! The colors are all the choices and quality intrssants Custom! Mine is colored "Vintage Black custom" and is truly original without being abused Obviously! Nothing wrong in this ct l.

captainkuru's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute
L is the great luxury. Coming straight from Japan, the color chosen with passion, DGRAD Blue After a few months of waiting, are finally my absolute Maple nothing to me! 8, 10, 12, 14 suspended, 16 suspended, and bass drum 20 x 16. I do not speak of the snare is a custom Birch, although it also MRIT paragraph.

The varnish is of exellent quality Lumire the hang naturally and DGRAD blue is superb (see www.yamahadrums.com, absolute page series, cf beech custom absolute).
There are no fewer than 49 colors

Time to assemble the kit and it's ecstasy. A sound full of Armon, with a serious and powerful extension of its support. The tom is 8 sec, that of 16 is deaf and a little runny.

I use RMO emperor transparent skin taut, combining power, Resistors (I hit hard with my Vic Firth 3A ... well it seems), and acute prservs (the sound is less potent but richer than with pinstripe).
The break is trs ... incubussien so to speak, a perfect DEFINITIONS sound that makes you want to play for hours. A kind of balance between the frquences without unnecessary power, and with a false rverb naturally dlivre by the folds for saddles.

This is what caractrise this drumkit, the perfect sound without too much power for an optimum DEFINITIONS.

The bass drum (original skins powerstroke dual layer) makes it sound very clear, with a note enjoyable, power is the appointment, I let you imagine what gives a 22 x 18!

The bass drum pedals with direct drive transmission (a pice of mtal factory) is a monster. She hits the patch to protect the skin without mnagement but nanmoins, it is easily CONTRL for softer passages and prcis.

I do not need to lodge the hardware Yam, trslger, easy rgler (suspenssion tom ball for example).

This drumkit is the embodiment of his which I rvais and what beauty!

If c'tait again, I would take the same without hsitation! Ms. 2390 the config ... 3200 for the enemies. (Without snare or bass drum pedals).