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All user reviews for the Yamaha YD Series

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 2 reviews22 %
 1 user review11 %
Target:BeginnersValue For Money:Excellent
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MGR/A Drummer07/27/2004

MGR/A Drummer's review"Yamaha YD Series 5 Piece Drum Kit"

Yamaha YD Series
I used to have a 1970's pearl export but it was in really bad condition and I quickly became tired oh having to hold the hi-hat stand up with my knee (no joke). I eventually decided to replace it and bought a Yamaha YD series drum kit from ebay for £360.

Initially I was worried that I should have brought something in the next price range (like another pearl export) but when I actually saw the kit I was astounded. It looks several price ranges up with the wooden bass drum hoops. And it doesn't stop there - the drums sound great as well. The snare has a lovely crisp, deep crack to it; the bass drum makes a very deep, powerful boom, the toms (with upgraded heads) are clean and tonally rich. The hardware is great too, but I'd advise upgrading the cymbal stands to pearl ones later.

I have only a few dislikes that I can think of instantly - the original Remo heads soumd absolutely awful and If you're going to buy this kit buy some better ones along with it. I would advise Evans hydraulic heads. Also, the tom mounting system is a bit awkward and if you're not careful you could end up bashing the toms on the bass drum every time you want to move them. This isn't really a problem if you're careful, but you might wish to buy a rack later on if you're accident prone.

Outstanding. The wood used looks great and is light yet durable. The hardware, although awkward at times is very tough and will last a long time.

When looking at reviews of kits of this price you'll usually see 'its great for a beginner'. However, if my band got a number one tomorrow, I'd be proud to keep this kit (although a DW or Pearl Masterworks might find it's way to my doorstep too!). It's as good as most of the kits under £1000 and with features like wooden bass drum hoops, hook it up to some Sabian HHXs and it's hard to tell the difference between this and a Maple Custom. Don't be fooled by the price, this is a great kit for drummers of all levels, and I mean all levels, and will stay with me for a long time.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Yamaha YD Series"

Yamaha YD Series
I bought this set because I wanted a nice entry level set. It costed about $550.

The set sounds great and is very easy to set to your preference. The hardware is great quality and is very sturdy. Mine is a maple set with a maple snare.


again the quality is awesome! I have been playing it for 3 years and I have not experianced any problems with the set.

Good, sturdy set. Great for beginners. Great quality, nicely done job by yamaha.

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MGR/The Barfly01/27/2003

MGR/The Barfly's review"Yamaha YD Series"

Yamaha YD Series
I wanted to upgrade my ancient STAR(now Tama) drumkit so i looked up an online dealer and got the YD series for about €650.

This being my second drumkit i was very pleased with it. Great sound out of all the drums, perfect tone all around. I really like the tom mounting system on them which the exact same as used on all Yamaha top-end kits. The stands that came with the kit were of good quality too.

Factory skins were crap (Remo 'U2' heads)- had to buy a full set of pinstripes and an emperor for the sanre, resonant heads were fine though.

Great quality, beats the hell out of a lot of other drumkits ive jammed on at friends houses. All Phillipean mahogony shells.

Great drumkit, buy one if you cant afford the real expensive stuff, or just buy it anyway- you probably wouldnt be able to tell the difference. I've recorded a few songs with my band using this kit and it sounds great.

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MGR/Matt Shelly08/02/2002

MGR/Matt Shelly's review"Yamaha YD Series Drums"

Yamaha YD Series
I just picked up this 5-piece set after 16 years of being drumless. Got them at musiciansfriend.com at a great price of around 6 bills. Always loved Yamaha--had beautiful Recording Customs back in the mid-eighties so....

As usual Yamaha can make quality out of crap everytime...for an entry level kit these drums are just great. I always loved Yamaha hardware in particular and the YD set comes with sturdy stuff. I was a little scared of single-braced stands...but there was no reason to be, they're fine. Tom and Bass tones are great...nice and deep.

Cymbals---If you can get a set cheaper without the cymbals...do so and invest in a decent set of Paistes or something. They ALWAYS put the worst cymbals in these entry sets..In fact I'm currently using my hi-hats as sauce pan lids. I can't say much about the snare drum. I always preferred a steel snare and just haven't found the right one yet...wood rings too much...maybe I'm just old and stupid now.

Great construction per usual with Yamaha--and they just look so damn pretty!!

First, let me say that the one surprise joy of this kit was the Dave Weckl video that came with it. The sight of one of music's most amazing drummers fulfilling his endorsement contract was just hilarious. He hasn't tuned one of his own drums in twenty years!! Anyway,my days of Rock and Roll dreaming are over but with these Yamaha YD series drums I can finally put together the monster 10-piece set of my teen-year dreams without remortgaging my house. My recording customs would be proud. Thanks, Yamaha.

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MGR/Adam Correia12/11/2001

MGR/Adam Correia's review"Yamaha YD Series Drum Kits"

Yamaha YD Series
Center Stage Music.
Kingston, Ontario

The amazing quality. This has to be the best entry level set. I played on my friends because I've already got a Pearl Export series. The YD comes in two different sizes. 10', 12' mounted toms, and a 14" floor tom. The bass is 20" X 17" deep creating a beautiful low end bass drum quite similiar to the maple custom. The shells are 9 ply mahogany. Or you can get the standard 12", 13" mounted toms and a 16" floor tom as well as a 22" X 17" bass drum. These sets come with a 14" X 5.5" matching colour snare drum with mahogany shells. I found the snare to be a mid-range snare with some ring. The toms can be either high-end or low-end, whatever you prefer. Like I said the best entry level set out there.


The quality is amazing, very sturdy hardware. Has the same hardware as the professional series offered by Yamaha. All Yamaha hardware is made in there motorcycle manufacturing plant.

If you are a beginner, intermediate, semi-pro, or pro. GET THEM. If you do music video with your band, a lot of gigs and you don't want to wreck your primary beautiful kit then take this on the road or to shoot a video, and to have fun. Or maybe buy for your son!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

balbuto's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha YD Series
My opinion on this farm that I used several years:

- Material: wood mahogany 7-ply;
- Fittings for strength;
- The snare drum made of wood, for its sound (nice rimshot)
- The ball fasteners toms of mediums, for their flexibility;
- Remo skins serial

- The cymbals of the pack, although not up to their manufacture by Zildjian;
- Absence of a crash in the set (Hihat 14 "crash ride and 20" only)

in short, a full drumkit with a good quality / price ratio. We find the quality of finish Yamaha. Perfect for amateur use, both in the studio or concert. A choice I would definitely referrer.

jobilamerguez's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha YD Series
I beginners on the drumkit, buy new 600th at the time and I jou on the drumkit for 6 years ...
I've played on Sonor force 3005.

is a drumkit of quality but it's good qualittout the hardware is solid, fixing a ball, the YD is almost Rydeen indent to the hardware except it has a better quality ... by against the stool is a true e M. ...
(I deprecated the passing SIGES drumkit yamaha ..)

Now the sound ....
you remember right away that it's entry level ..
I changed all skin by going to powerstroke3 remo bass drum, coated ambassador for the snare and toms ambassador for ..

the snare has a "correct" (I play piccolo style hyper tense) sounds too mal.les toms not sound too bad if rgls correctement.par against the bass drum ... even with good skin is ... "PEK PEK" ..

charley and the ride home ... have more quality as freezbee that as a cymbal ... but we can not have everything ...

short with a budget of 4 600euros you can not have a drumkit that sounds "of death that kills" but the quality of manufacturing and solid drums make this a good drumkit for the price ...

lazygun's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha YD Series
This was my first drumkit of study, Frenchie dcu enough at all, even the snare drum not n'tait wooden top, skin rmo not enough, as given by a friend who like a shop drumkit, I did say that hlas SERIES Submitted to "big" but default would suit me well for beginners.

I care a year, bought 500 euros, and ride cymbal Avedis Zildjan Charlet Sabian AA bonus I was not enough, with noise tom, bass drum fadace, I will not talk about the floor tom ... Fortunately, the cymbals taient ..

We like the solidity of the feet against, the top yam unbeatable, that's for sure the feet are nickel, for this series against AC would be nice to make an effort on what is on their feet .. .

Even if I beginners in the drumkit I was 8 years of scratching and thus dconnade the batteries of my groups of drummers, my drummer had a yamaha pa but this SERIES is that m 'directed towards the mark, ska drummer with decades of baggage he was not even by my sduit batterie.Il than I had any more to sell a year later against my Tama SwingStar 1972 (See notice SwingStar Tama)

The price quality ratio is quite low, therefore, set out for the feet that I RPET are bton.J 'shall have an AIM snare worthy of the name! Same with the GC and the floor tom Finally .. well for assaults of a beginners ..

With the experience of it I will not repeat what I choose to turn towards or Tama without hsiter Ludwig.

toubib's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha YD Series
Hardware bought used
I possde sries of the two toms and bass drum.
the basic accessories are correct, we input range, do not forget!
the legs are simple, robust.
the snare is "limited" cheap!
but good tight deadlines to find another
sound point of view: all dpend skins, SETTING THE tension
rich in harmonics is sufficient cohrente.
the use, assembly and disassembly RPTS will only hurt him! joints mounting toms will eventually wear out.
This material does not give a lover of hard rock, mtal: too fragile
a lover of blues, rock, no pro, no worries!
hardware correct, it is the entry level ...
The report price is good quality, there's the hardware so good, but more expensive! but the brand is "recognized" in the closed world beaters!
if you buy the beginners, if you turn slightly, excellent hardware working!
will need it to improve, make good cymbals, good skin,
If I remake my choice? and if I bought the 2 SERIES tom, it's because I'm happy!
dpend any of the game, and his wallet!