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Duesenberg user reviews

  • Duesenberg Les Trem 2

    Duesenberg Les Trem 2 - "Dues Les Trem II" has images


    I'm a guitar novice who likes tinkering with electric guitars. I've been updating aspects of my Epiphone Les Paul 100. One of the modifications I recently made was the replacement of the factory tail piece with the Duesenberg Les Trem II. This rev…

  • Duesenberg Starplayer II

    Duesenberg Starplayer II - phraseland's review


    Duesenberg comes from Germany and has been an exceptional guitar/bass builder for years. The Starplayer comes with a beautiful bluesy P90 at the neck position (custom construction) and a humbucker (Paff-Sound) at the bridge position. The tremolo remi…

  • Duesenberg Starplayer Special

    Duesenberg Starplayer Special - "Duesenberg Starplayer Special"


    I bought this electric guitar from samash.com by credit card.I Paid 399.99 on the 15 month no payment no interest sac plan.I bought it because it is made in germany at a excellent price and because it looks fantastic. I like everything about it the …

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