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Dynacord news

  • Dynacord D 8A

    Dynacord D 8A

    04/16/10 in Dynacord D 8A

    Equipped with a 2 x 400 watt Class D power amplifier, an electronic crossover and loudspeaker equalization, the system is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  • Dynacord DSA Series

    Dynacord DSA Series

    05/21/09 in Dynacord DSA 8405

    Dynacord has introduced amplifiers with the three models of its new DSA Multi Channel series.

  • Dynacord P 64-1500

    Dynacord P 64-1500

    05/14/09 in Dynacord P 64-1500

    The new P 64-1500 has a processing power of 1500 MIPS, according to Dynacord, who says it's equally suitable for fixed installations and live sound.

  • Dynacord CXM 15

    Dynacord CXM 15

    04/23/09 in Dynacord CXM 15

    Dynacord presents the new CXM 15, described as "a compact, light-weight, high-performance monitor for demanding applications."

  • Dynacord® Introduces The VariLine™ VL 62

    Dynacord® Introduces The VariLine™ VL 62

    03/07/08 in Dynacord VL62

    The VL 62 full range cabinet (150W RMS & 122 dB max SPL) features a neodymium 6.5" woofer and a 1" compression driver mounted to a CAD-optimized 90x40 rotateable horn.

  • Dynacord DSP 260

    Dynacord DSP 260

    02/08/08 in Dynacord DSP 260

    Dynacord presents new digital 2-in-6 sound system manager called DSP 260.

  • [NAMM] Dynacord D12 & D12-3 now powered

    [NAMM] Dynacord D12 & D12-3 now powered

    01/15/08 in Dynacord D 12A

    Dynacord will introduce powered versions of their D12 and D12-3 cabinets at the winter NAMM 2008 : the D12A and the D12-3A.