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Samson Technologies Dynamic Microphones user reviews

  • Samson Technologies R11

    Samson Technologies R11 - "Not for music"


    The Samson R11 Dynamic is a vocal microphone that is very inexpensive, and knowing how inexpensive it was is why I took a chance on it. The quality of this microphone is decent, nothing to be excited about though and nothing that I would use for any …

  • Samson Technologies R11

    Samson Technologies R11 - "Great low price mic"


    I have used cheap mikes and good mikes in my lifetime as a professional musician. But I just joined a new band and the mike I was using was starting to lose its sound quality, so I purchased a SM58 and took it to practice. The other musicians in the …

  • Samson Technologies Q8

    Samson Technologies Q8 - "the Q7 is still better"


    The Samson Q8 is an upgrade form the Q7. It is a supercardioid dynamic microphone that will keep all of your feedback issues away. It does cost a little more than the Q7 but I still think its under-priced. The Q8 will give you warm crystal clear voc…

  • Samson Technologies Q7

    Samson Technologies Q7 - "Warm sound"


    The Samson Q7 is a dynamic vocal microphone that has a supercardioid pickup pattern. It has a built in shockmount and comes at a great price. If you are in need of an affordable microphone especially designed for a live show then the Q7 is the best o…

  • Samson Technologies Q1U

    Samson Technologies Q1U - "Go a step up"


    The Samson Q1U is a USB dynamic microphone that comes at a very low price. But just because it is a low price doesn’t mean you should purchase it, though the sound quality really isn’t that bad because I have heard a lot worse. There are other USB mi…

  • Samson Technologies R21

    Samson Technologies R21 - "decent for the price"


    These mics are ok for the money, nothing spectacular though. You have to get right on it for your voice to be heard. Move any where left, right, or back just a little bit and the volume is gone. I know good mic technique but these do not help. I me…

  • Samson Technologies Q8

    Samson Technologies Q8 - victormelamade's review


    This mic is basically a Shure SM58 clone, so it should be cheaper than an SM58. But for some reason it's not! Samson usually has amazing value for their very cheap products. This mic has all very similar features to the SM58. It even looks very s…

  • Samson Technologies Q1U

    Samson Technologies Q1U - victormelamade's review


    This is a computer mic that I used at work for a while to record voice instructions for new employees. It is a very simple and basic microphone but it does have some nice features that make it very attractive to those on a budget who need to get som…

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