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QKick, Dynamic Microphone from Samson Technologies.

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fouineblanche 07/16/2007

Samson Technologies QKick : fouineblanche's user review


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Bass drum microphone, or the sound of low frequency instruments.
It runs on thomann 50 euros ttc and is rather good between micro-level, but make no mistake you really see the difference with a better quality microphone as the AKG D112 or BETA 52A.
put in context as between micro-level remains well positioned without being exceptional.
really mind for the studio, good for live.


I use it for a year and still works as well.
he has a good sound but the bass remains confused and random image. Mediums are good without being exceptional.
I think a good c for micro and small live jazz rock formations to a small repicage: eg, bass drum, snare, overhead track and scratches + di + bass.
but when it comes to the studio, he does not want the road. for a small but well-dmo c when he looks for lice, it soon Exceeds.
The value for money remains unbeatable for 50 euros there is no equivalent to.
Fun in the studio on a budget c cool. to live is really not bad for beginners.
if I had to make that choice again, I do it again.