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mitchgeist 11/13/2012

Samson Technologies R11 : mitchgeist's user review

« Great low price mic »

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I have used cheap mikes and good mikes in my lifetime as a professional musician. But I just joined a new band and the mike I was using was starting to lose its sound quality, so I purchased a SM58 and took it to practice. The other musicians in the band were aslo using SM58's. I also had three of the R11's in my bag and I said I would like to try one of them out,so I hooked one up to the Pa and tried it out. The other people asked me what kind of mic I useing and I told them. They asked me how much they cost and when I told them they called me a lier. When we went to play our first job together in a very famous hotel, there were three R11's on the stage that night along with two SM58's. My SM58 was in my bag. These mics are as good as any and I am a singer with a very strong voice that has broken down other mics. Beleive me these are top of the line vocal mics.


I exspect to keep using these mics for a long tome. If anything ever happens to these mics I will buy more of them to replace the ones that I have. I'll keep the SM58 in my bag but it will only come out if something happens to the R11's and then it will go back into the back after I replace the R11's with new ones. The price and the Quality of the sound is the key here. You will never ever beat it.