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JimboSpins 09/24/2012

Samson Technologies Q1U : JimboSpins's user review

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The Samson Q1U is a USB dynamic microphone that comes at a very low price. But just because it is a low price doesn’t mean you should purchase it, though the sound quality really isn’t that bad because I have heard a lot worse. There are other USB microphones that cost twice as much as this one does but they sound so much better. If you can spend 50 on this microphone then you mine as well save up a 100 and get a better one. The best part of the Q1U is that it is plug and play via USB. Just plug it in and start recording right away. I have experienced a lot of external noise problems with this microphone and I only used it for about a week before returning it. It does come with a tripod stand for a desk, but that wont matter unless you live in a quiet area and have a very quiet recording space. When I was using this I was picking up so much external noise it was ridiculous and made it un unusable even for demo purposes. The Samson Q1U seems to be pretty well built and has a nice sleek design, and its not a bad microphone for 50 dollars but if you can save a little more money you will get a way better quality than the Q1U by Samson.


I have tried many different USB microphones that are out, and its kind of a tricky subject when talking about which one to get. If you absolutely can not afford to spend more than 50 dollars then this will be your best bet. But if you can spend more, do it. The difference in vocal warmth and clarity is huge between this microphone and one a couple steps up. I am not satisfied with the choice that I made to use this microphone that’s why I didn’t keep it. Its not a bad microphone but for a little more money you can get a way better USB microphone.