Sennheiser e 902
Sennheiser e 902

e 902, Dynamic Microphone from Sennheiser in the evolution 900 series.

fours 12/01/2010

Sennheiser e 902 : fours's user review


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Micro dynamic, cardioid optimized for low frequencies (Bass Drum, Bass ...).


I use for 3 months, I tried the Beta 52 (good), the 602II (medium), the PG52 (FRO), the BR 20 (very good).
This mic is really amazing, I especially used to Kick back, the answer in the bottom of the spectrum is accurately and correctly, the 602II is problematic in this field (too mushy), I find that it is a kind mix beta 52 with Sennheiser sound.
I soundtrack drummers of all kinds (metal, rock, jazz) in all these records he has done very well out.
It is a very good finish (Sennheiser 900 series) and robust, it does not take much space which is very convenient, I transplanted the kick of a jazz drummer at the skin punch and there it is very well integrated.
This is not necessarily the best microphone in this price range but I took advantage of a promotion for me threw it and I do not regret it, he has totally erased my 602II I was not a fan anyway .
The quality-price ratio is normal I think, is a micro well enough known for my taste, much confused with the 602 but once connected the professionals with whom I work is not beta 52 of their side because as they say, there are has worked on for ...