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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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vsavagellc's review"Affordable Shotgun Mic (good quality)"

The Rode NTG1 is a shotgun microphone with a hyper cardiod pattern. Meaning that it captures a more narrow direct field of sound. I want to say view, but this isn't a lens although the same analogy applies.

This mic can be used a number of different applications

Field Recording
Foley Recording
Voice Overs
Dialog for Film
Sound Fx Recording

I use it for field recording and and capturing my own sound fx. It's a very versatile microphone.


What I like Least:

I'd have to say the fact that it doesn't reject noise as well as the NTG3, but that's just me being greedy. We're talking about a 200 vs 500-600 dollar mic that use 2 different technologies.

There aren't many features on it, just 1 low cut... no pads

Value Vs Price:

I feel that for the money you get a great microphone and some good accessories not to mention a very lengthy warranty. Rode always takes care of their customers. The mic is built pretty nicely, it isn't too heavy, but it is durable. It fits very tight into the mic holder it comes with, a little hard to remove, but that's a good thing. Let's me know it's secure.

Sound Quality:

The NTG1's quality is really good,but we're talking about Rode here, when have they ever released a product that didn't sound good.

Some people say it has a little oomph in the low end, I think it sounds really natural and again that's my opinion
Other Shotgun Mics.

I have tried a few other shotgun mics before deciding on the NTG1, most being cheaper AT mics. If I could start over shopping for a mic I would have gotten the NTG1 (my 1st was an AT) because it's quality right out of the box, it sounds good and the company really sticks behind their product.

If you're looking good inexpensive microphone to use for field/foley work or even budget indie films, the ntg1 can't be beat.

wango92's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

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I have just acquired a NTG 1 to replace an ERM II-86 that produced too much breath. Today I was able to plug into a SQN4 the Rode and a 416 and a Sony ECM-XM1 mount on a Z7.
The result is no surprise.
Virtual absence of breath but very low medium rather presents this affecting the clarity of the voices. Can not compare to the 416 which has a much broader spectrum.
Pleasant surprise of the small microphone that Sony is doing very honorably, but that its directivity PCHE average compared to semi-guns.
For 150 is an excellent deal, professional users, but do not expect the same quality as microphones May 10 times more expensive.
For vidos on the net or stories tl is good, to avoid the fiction and documentary.