Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Geddy Lee series.

larrytron 10/13/2004

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass : larrytron's user review


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The Geddy Lee is made in Japan. vintage look resolutely (reedition model 72) is the signature model bassist of Rush, progressive rock.
The body is alder and the neck / fingerboard 20 frets maple veneer is a pretty black binding adorns the handle and the rectangular inlays (also black) are used as landmarks. It reveal what are simply a layer of paint under the varnish, I think it is good but limited esthetique.Pickguard white.
The bridge is a Badass II which is very good, very yes!
Eslectronique part is very simple: two volumes, one to deal with Tone 2 fender jazz pickups USD.
profile of the handle is excellent, the sleeves thinner than usual Jazz Bass D with a flattened shape, a highway!
Oh I forgot a set of mechanical vintage Fender. I put a 7 because of the mechanisms that are the real stews ... a change immediately after purchase!


Comfort level of play, this bass is a killer! It is his weight, like all jazz but it's still more than adequate!
This is for low slapper stick thin can do anything he can do on a bass. It is what one expects from a jazz bass. Playability, comfort.
a very good Fender. The handle provides perfect better than a US feelings for my taste! Even if it is varnish, which may not appeal to everyone.
10 for the round that kills!


The sound is definitely that of a jazz. The two microphones and a donf is paradise! The pickups are a bit feeble and in dire need of especially low bridge pickup, but the amp quickly corrects these small defects.
From a fan of Marcus Pasto through Larry Graham (or even Geddy Lee, if so!) All sounds are arranged. After all it's a Jazz Bass so it's going to sound like a warwick ... You can do everything with: Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin ...
She is branch, at home on a GK 700 RB and A 4 * 10 I have everything I want sounds like, well fat on the neck pickup, full with two microphones and very articulate on the micro bridge.
This config micro proven, and you plug it sounds!
9 for microphones for improvement


I use it for more than two years, I changed the mechanical after a week they were so rotten, I also changed the pickups for Villex, which in addition to a higher level of output and offer the possibility of serious squeeze mediums thanks to a dedi knob and while passive! If Mssieur! I also put a black pickguard, which improves the look in my taste, very classy!
So it's a very good bass! Handle of a dream of good features like the Badass bridge which provides more sustain. a very good sound.
For me this bass is the best that Fender has released at qualitprix it has nothing to envy to a US (far from it!). It takes about 1000 euros for the beast, at least in Germany /.
This choice I would do without hesitation.