Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Geddy Lee series.

zoboromok 02/14/2008

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass : zoboromok's user review


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Japanese-made pieces US. Polyurethane finishes irreproachable. Good gloss (beware of scratches and cleaning products)
Used acquired (almost new) 850, 38 prs prices in some new traders beyond the Rhine we taira with 3 year warranty ... That alone
Geddy Lee Signature ct mcaniques ???? why be so timor show the guy who contributed to the design of such a low ???
Microphones VINTAGE US. No active: finally a non dnatur its natural as we love them. No frills is simple and effective
Leo Quan Badass II bridge for better sustain
The mcaniques are basic but it works
Rglages 2 volumes + 1 Tone: it is simple and efficient (can be a bit feeble neck pickup !!!), but hey that's saying something ngatif
technical specifications in FENDER website at: http://www.fender.fr/products//search.php?partno=0257702306
9/10 because of mcaniques


The handle is the strong point of this bass. It is very late. Mapple all floors with under vernis.Ils painted inlay could have put pearl inlays for rhausser the line as the MARCUS MILLER.
The handle is underlined black sides of the handle. It has the mouth
The handle provides exceptional touch which allows good fluidity of play. Lorque I bought I tried low 8 marks e whose models DIFFERENT MUSICMAN, GODIN, VIGIER crack and I ' I tried the GEEDY LEE, c'tait fold in 10 minutes. I could not unhook me. The fingers glide naturally and you find yourself trying techniques that are less facilemement mastery.
The access to acute (desti- nations most recently frets) is not easy nor difficult as other low ... but this is a JB: including 20 boxes ... Who plays on 21me 22me me and even 24 boxes ???
The ergonomics are excellent with a reasonable weight, it is less heavy than MARCUS MILLER and much more balanced (no heaviness in head)
The sound is very round and has nothing to do with MARCUS MILLER I had before (inrglable without SADOWSKY and very average or dcevant due to active electronics which is "drooling" sound ... YUCK !!!!).
Small point, the sound is a bit too mdium my taste, but that's subjective.


Once apprhend the mix of neck and bridge pickups (5 minutes), the sound is Introduced and continuously without weaknesses
2 volumes + 1 Tone and send. We send the bass and treble to max to create the mdium and refined.
I for rules 2 3/4 microphones and ditto tone, it gives a good percussion string (SLAP ideal, funk ...). From this rglage if we trslgrement change the volume of one of the microphones, the sound changes dramatically (large round and severe).
Under only feature of a good amp drrire which will offset some simple rglages bass, all styles are possible with this bass.


5 days and I never left. I do not sleep with my wife's sake but if I could.
The look is fabulous: black and white, it's simple, vintage display (no color rainbow and other colors drooling). White plate is a little cheap (not in quality but in color), I'll replace it with pearl pickguard (pearly white or black that will bring out the fine line and launches the beast.
In my opinion one of the best value / quality price FENDER since 1998. It is better than a bad one Japanese Mxicaine why the quality is randomized.
If I had to change something ??? Nothing but the pickguard for the look and mcaniques by HIPSHOT (though I have gained at LOTO).
Note 10: 9/10 for excellence does not exist except in the virtual world of bassists.