Warwick Thumb NT 4
Warwick Thumb NT 4

Thumb NT 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Thumb NT series.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 11 reviews )
 9 reviews82 %
 2 reviews18 %

chab5's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb NT 4
Made in Germany in June 1997
So warwick bridge type two-piece
Neck through wenge / bubinga 7 part
26 frets brass (brass)
Bubinga body (therefore rather heavy)
volume / balance / bass / mid / treble
The hooks are embedded in the bass, it's dunlop straplocks, I tried not to go with warwick fortunately I already had a dunlop strap. The hook side bridge is not in the classic position but a little higher, it probably improved the balance, it does not sting.
The body has a curved shape conforming to the can: D


The neck is super nice, its profile is in C and not in U as some warwick I've tried (in fact I have two warwick and they are both C profile). So do not take offense at the sleeves warwick log etc etc just to specify when ordering or getting the right neck profile on a secondhand.
Weight, well it is quite heavy, heavier than my corvette 5 string, but me personally I like the heavy instruments, they feel good, and then usually heavy on a rich and grainy sound wood on the bottom spectrum (not necessarily as muddy shovels mahogany Gibson eh!)
Access to acute is excellent, with 26 frets are easily reached the 24th.
Very comfortable to wear due to its excellent ergonomics (body shape)
Easily obtained a good sound, but beware a very distinctive sound ... lower as a result


The sounds are very rich, with low most granular mediums I know.
This bass with well dense and heavy wood will naturally lean towards more serious sound, this is why the config microphones is shifted towards the bridge together, which gives the final midrange sounds, but the medium "thick" .
The only slight flaw I can find this bass is the treble, I'm used to much snapping and biting with my corvette doublebuck.
I play on my stack Ampeg SVT classic + 810th concert and rehearsal or a small stack TH350 Aguilar SL112 + baffle me.
This low when put in config pickup clears the finest mediums that I've ever heard, this is probably one of the best candidates for Unshrinking (a luthier huh).
Jeroen Paul Thesseling uses passive fretless Thumb NT 6 mounted Bartolini, and frankly what a pity that Jaco did not live long enough to hear the sounds of the thumb!
In fact the final this bass is a little very grainy side but with a musicman warwick grain growing and a thicker sound mediums.


I use it for about a month. Basically I was gone for the opportunity to research a streamer or a Spector NS 4 USA or a bongo, not streamer on the horizon, bongo there was only the nine too expensive for my budget. I tried a spector europa, not convinced, the strings were my age ... not whether or not it was good and I liked the preamp NOT dutout. Then among warwick shelf there were two thumb: a BO 4 strings period end 2000s, tried, handle not nice U unconvincing tone (I am also very demanding I admit), and then there was the thumb NT 4 to 97, the ropes were rinsed, but knowing these basses, I have tested to evaluate the low mids, and that even with rinsed strings I could feel the great potential of this bass and comfort.
It cost me 1700 euros used, but I'm pretty happy new it cost 3500/4000 euros anyway.

I think I do it again this choice when I'm in the NT but for a 6 fretless passive thumb in bartolini to feed me one of the most outrageously beautiful its existing fretless!

SYL6's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb NT 4
- Made in Germany hand (model de1990)
- 26 frets, 5 strings
- Bubinga body
- Channel wenge / bubinga 7 ply
- Key wenge
- Electronic 9V
- Micro EMG J x2
- Bridge warwick
- Nut a nut juice: former model, each string can be set separately
- Channel crossing

Precision construction warwick:
Until 1996 warwick wenge used for sleeves and EMG until 1990. In 1990 there are models with EMG and the first models in MEC.
Since 1996 warwick uses ovangkol to handle and ebony for the key.

Having tried the two types of construction, for me there is a big difference between the two. Detail in the next section.


The handle is nice yes! The handle is slightly asymmetric models before 1996 bcp and its thickness is more pleasing to my taste than the ovangkol handle. The strings are spaced less on older models and the space between the strings and the body between the neck and the neck pickup is smaller than the new models important to know for the slap.
I prefer the old short sleeves! In addition, she is 23 years old and the handle has not changed a bit.

The ergonomics of the bass is very good, the rear is widened as the streamer and spector for comfort.
Against by weight, this is not it. The thumb nt 5 is heavy and yes the balance is not great. Some say that if you play it goes up more than it did not bother but the fact is, because of the small body, it tends to spike head and I find it boring for this low quality.

If you like playing with the handle perpendicular to your body it will pass without worry, if you like the handle rather play near you very statement is already more difficult. It feels less about the new models, the weight is a little less consistent and therefore the balance is a little better but this is not the best either.

Access to acute is very simple even 26 th rope Si


The sound of the Thumb is the Thumb! It is a sound of its own and that is why we love him. It can growl like no other bass.

One can easily get a vintage sound and very sharp compared to what you might think. For my part, I have no equalization medium because I am still under the old mail.
What also impressed me is the sustain of this bass is really good.
You can get a sound varied but always with the grain of its own.

Recording sound is also nickel.


I use it for six months after having tried several versions. I tried a fretless 1989, a thumb nt 5 of 2006, a thumb nt 5 of 2009 and my choice fell on a thumb nt 5 of 1990. The top was to find a model between 90 and 95 with micro dude, 3-band EQ and 18V power supply as on some models.
I tried thumb and streamer stage 2 in 1996. I almost cracked the streamer but especially the thumb side won.

What I like about warwick is that it is reliable and good sound. For example, all the screw holes are threaded iron, it seems not important, but it is reliable over time. There are many settings (bridge, microphone, nut)

I think for a low over € 3000 new Warwick should find a way to balance this low because everything else is great.

I remake this choice, but for a model as shown above.

Postmortem's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" when the trees start to groove"

Warwick Thumb NT 4
_Warwick German, good mine is not comparable to the current, it is 88 ', made in West Germany.

_ Bubinga body, all-round Wenge (yes slightly different as I said)

_ 26 frets, active electronics both bands (not arf mediums) but we forgive him ... but no EMG pickups MEC assets (much better).

_the bass looks solid, it is older than me and is doing better ... ahlala.


COMPARED _Alors if I stick to that of my 5 string bubinga corvette is quite similar except in the treble, there is more rounded and quicker.

_l'ergonomie énormissime is the comfort. The bass is heavy but it's no worse than my corvette.

_The Her ... hahaha go under. ;)


_I Am bassist in a group of death / thrash metal. I split fingers, slapping, percussive tapping and conventional, a little mediatore (sooooo much).

_as My corvette at any time she did let go by ... against me I could let go indeed. ^ ^

_This Is fabulous with this bass is that you do not know or is its limitations, it can do everything and if it can not is that the guy who does not want to scratch.

_Moi Personal with my corvette as I researched a lot but growl sound that pierces the mix and especially the media who keeps to support all the bins. Well I found bingo except now it's more than a musicman growl at mediatore.

_Alors Name D *** the EMG is right as MEC, MEC as it pierces, it growle as MEC, but it is infinitely more POTATO, the dream of every metalhead.


_The Low in my life I think we will see over time. In any case it was the century of secondhand that's certain.

_The Report qulité price is great knowing that this bass was already 24 years.

_I Do it again this choice.

skizodeadman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb NT 4
Low factory in Germany in 1991 for me
26 frets, active MEC pickups format jazz bass
Bridge Warwick 2 pieces
Settings: volume, balance microphones, bass / treble
Channel crossing (or it's the same driver): 7-ply WengBubinga
Body: Bubinga
Key: Weng


The handle is the best I could jouil which allows any type of game and frankly has nothing to do with the recent rounds of Corvettes (you know the round square not even finished when we arrive in the treble).
Access to acute parfait.On I think is a 26 frets (We say goodbye to Jazz bass ^ ^) and the last remaining super accessible (if you have to play better on Zon).
The ergonomics are very good notemment thanks to the fact that the body is sculpted to fit the shape of corps.Et when they put it high enough, you can feel the vibrations of the bass in our plecsus It's very nice ^ ^.
As against the bass is heavy enough and that's his only flaw (we have something for nothing) but with a good strap ca without problems, there has been even heavier when.
This gives very good sound easy but it is the sound Warwick.


It is suitable for all styles that ca be very groove or not.
I play it with an SWR Config (Sm900 + Goliath III + Son of Bertha JR)
I get the sound Warwick has every time so its a big boisdirect and everything goes very receptif.En dessus.On all settings sound possible, but with the signature at each fois.C Warwick is a very low s dot a peculiar but amazing versatility.
I like the sound: it boosts the mids and it grooves, but a force ... (a from the time we can play well on), the harmonic sound very clearly and they sound boosting toutes.En severe and acute, the rumbling ca, ca ca growl and slap it right: sound demonic!
I hate the sounds: no, if the sound does not please me is that I have not done the right settings and it has not correspont what I play now at all.


I use it for 6 months.
What I like most is the comfort of the handle, the very particular sound and at the same time allowing an extraordinary versatile, so that I would like to use it for everything I play but I can not for tuning problems.
The solution: two Thumb bass ^ ^
I've had mine for so oocaz report quality price is not bad but it's true that nine is very cher.Ce I do not understand the difference is so great with the model Bolt-on . Just the kind of neck and body wood (for NT Bubinga, Ovangkol for BO) justifies a price difference of almost 1000 euros?!
I do it again this choice without hesitation.

ferrisL's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb NT 4
My thumb is an Old Thumb made in Germany, 1987, just before leaving the new thumb.
Thus, the bridge is one piece, not two like on the news.
electronics, where I bought it (used), consisted of a preamp-type sugar with a low EQ / treble knob on the same (stack bottom), a balance between the two pickups (EMG dd) and volume.
I did change the electron by a very good luthier (whose workshop is in the hole of the world c. ... it is fitted with an electronic "EMG BQC Control" which allows for an equalization HIGH / LOW a button, a parametric mid on the middle button, and finally a button (stack, push / pull) which provides the overall volume, the balance between the two pickups (duncan hot Semour Jazz bass) and allows to switch from active passive mode of the equalizer.
With this configuration, the sound palette is huge.
For 20 years I practice the bass, I never find as versatile bass (the only one I tried, which had a very close range but less hot, was a Musicman Sterling).
through the handle and driver is good vibes


The handle is very nice for me. besides, I do not understand the reviews I read about it ...
defects: - I think the frets (jumbo) agree a lot, so I use dish net ropes, which accentuates the roundness and reduces the effect of the frets.
- The weight of the beautiful (or beast) is therefore wood density has much to do.


I currently play at home on a Peavey TKO 75 ing I just repair the cabinet avit who took a shot of moisture (I replaced the foam membrane located at the magnet by a fiber washer that are found with small portable grinder accessories and Miracle ... the sound grain but more saturated). Before servicing this combo I connected a head harkte HA 3500 VX 450 and speakers of the same brand (which I welcome as Polly).


In short, this is three years since I played this bass, dreams (considering the price) came true and I have not found better (I no longer there ... sniff).

madballnyhc4ever's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb NT 4
Instrument trs high quality hand made in Germany, finishing irprochable.
Channel driver Micro Mec assets.
To say it's good stuff!


The sound is exceptional, we find easily what you search


I use it for 1 year with a Hartke HA5500 amp and a baffle 410XL
We will appreciate the easy to find the sound idal.Pour to punk, hardcore cgnial!


High-end instrument, the price is extremely polyvalent.Certes dcourager but be aware if you want to pan a sound or sound warwick ...

nibla's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb NT 4
Manufacturing top, trs good wood
Wawick trs always puts the bar high!


All we can do with a possible low, even things that you would not have thought (I tried the bow top dj, top it with the distortion. ..)


All styles of music can be addressed, especially if you like a low well forward with a large grain nasal + +
something I do not like: the active mode, too loud my taste, and I know I will offend aficionados warwick but I do not use in passive, where it retains an extraordinary versatility, which n ' is not the case for many low-active, often rotten in passive mode ...
Note that even when a low acute guides, and I prfre precision if my big fat dub well ..


Trs good investment, a really good instrument, and given that its design dates from 1986, is applauded even more!

Jackbass6's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb NT 4
Made Allemegne, or rather on the Czech border since the move of the German mark.
The thumb is now made a series of low, but it remains an outstanding product in the same way as those made in the late 80's that they are pure products of fine stringed instruments.
It is mounted in MEC pickups, and the handle is always the driver.
Bolt version of thumb is the thumb bolt on (logical) but she did like it that the wood, because the sounds are quite different.


The handle is nice for little that we have large sleeves mains.Les warwick are certainly not the easiest to play out there, but is on c, c is the solid.
The access to acute and the number of cells give very quickly want to take to Victor Wooten.La quasiement thumb is a single cut, and handle driver, also facilitates access to the treble.
The body is rounded, making the placement of the bass on the body more natural (it even more obvious if you have a little belly!).
The sound is, c is on!!

C is actually a bass that makes you want to play for hours and hours.


The body is made bubingua, which is close enough acajou.Du the cup, the sounds are quite round and serious.
The MEC pickups are very well to bring out the treble sounds, suddenly, everything is very well balanced.
The most amazing thing about this bass in fact, c is the fact that the notes very serious (eg on a string so) are all the same sacrament punchy, ca and c is a beautiful success.
Most of this low relative to the rest of the range warwick, c is primarily the violin gives grace to sustain a neck-extraordinary, is undeniable c) and the full roundness of punch.
However, metallic sounds are just as easy to obtain, but are not really in the spirit of this original bass.


C is a low that I do not own, but that I've been trying very long time, and many times.
C is for me the most comfortable in low warwick.Il enough to get the handle of the brand.
sound and playability of this bass is really an instrument part.
The price is the black spot in the table because it is very expensive, but the equivalents are equally.

short, a very good bass!

Polly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb NT 4
Model of 87 Allemang then made the traditional way, with wooden African beauty.
26 boxes with fret and nut acastillage brass.
Chevallet Warwick one-piece head Scult, 3 knobs acute bass, balance and volume, mache driver with wood species prohibits lutterie current (environmental forces)
The body is like spector cad curve.
Micro EMG active bass.

The only snag is the weight.


The neck is long and TRS provides access to acute impcable and a wide range.
Chorus and slap privilgi. The sound is very trs prcis sustain and the sound is trs wood.
The difficulty the long handle request an adjustment period.
Ergonomics is not as good as the brand and the weight is prtend consquent.
The sound is of great quality and plays a rle lutterie Determines the resulting sound. What makes me say that this is low value.


It should all styles, it remains all the same modern and less grainy than a fender for example.
I play on Ampeg or Gallien Krugger and sound fits perfectly. It will compensate somewhat for the qual for having a large slap (bold)
removes the lctronique lgrement dynamics to the sound which has sound makes it easier.
Versatility is the appointment


5 years of playing on Warwick, and the relationship is passionate. I love the ide what is rare and therefore research, its beautiful wood, hard to find lutterie of quality original and also CHARACTERISTICS. I divide my time between my fender and JB Warwick us and I can not get enough.
I exprience with this remake much choice ...

hugobassiste's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Thumb NT 4
It has 26 frets germany with 3 EMG active. 4 pots volume, bass, Midium, who raised treeble to switch to passive.


Channel rather fine, good position of the grip.
access to the treble is amazing
the shape is very enjoyable it is well in hand over the handle driver is very pleasant in the high


It is suitable for all styles of music from jazz to metal.
I jous mo'bass swr on a sound exeptionnel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one can obtain a variety of sounds fairly Varr of extra gas at the right crystalline metal.
I located the well in his fender jazz bass type.


For 5 years I jous above.
I adore the sound slap exeptionnel
Obviously this is not a low n bring everyone's f 24000 mini.
if I had the choice I n eSites under any circumstances.