Boss ME-70
Boss ME-70

ME-70, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the ME series.

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All user reviews for the Boss ME-70

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 26 reviews )
 12 reviews46 %
 9 reviews35 %
 1 user review4 %
 1 user review4 %

ironbull's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" do not understand ....."

Boss ME-70
then there is good-everything you need for the guitarist, while for the 150th ...... yeah, y-a fishy.


apparently it's simple, but nothing works logically, you find that you have too much you lower midrange and midrange, logic, except that here it is as if we touched the frequencies of all the effects enclanchés ... .. as if instead of having each separate effects had only one chip that does everything .... do not understand, not logic .... unmanageable logically.


rotten, pfff not understand, it is all here strongly colored, synthetic super cold, dead .....
the worst is the lack of transparency, plug vf1 here after (reputedly cold) and you will understand that means transparency.


here is everything is cheap, there-is no miracle.

kriss2567's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss ME-70
See carractéristiques techniquesCon Site Boss


Config very simple (pedal kind)
Manual clear.
Editing sounds very easy.


Very good individual effects for a multi, especially modulation.
I play LP, SG, Flying V, Es-335, EVH Special and Stato U.S. Marshal with a DSL 100 and Hugues & Ketners Statesman Dual 50 4x12 Celestion Greenback W. Cab or Cab 2x12 Vintage 30.
Choose to put the multi rather than live in the loop.


Use for 3-4 years.
Very large practicality.
Very good value (especially used) report

Sylvain1123's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Average"

Boss ME-70
Much effect but the order of effects is fixed. No possibility of 2 OD after two or modulation pedals for example.


Yes, very simple.


Personally, I do not like except for one or two OD and chorus. Suddenly the multi-effects takes a lot of space for some effects that I like.


4 years. I traded against analog OD pedals and Zoom BT100 for modulation effects, delays, reverb and other amp simulation. I do not regret my choice!

Tom_the_cat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Versatility and quality ... but digital!"

Boss ME-70
There is a multitude of effects available, ranging from the simulating amps EQ, compression, distortion, fuzz and other modeling and delays ... Just look at a picture of the beast to see all available effects!

Well of course it is digital, which obviously has consequences, but given the versatility nothing serious. And then you really have driven to realize ear!

All plugs jack. Possibility of a stereo output jack for two outputs.


The general configuration is very simple! Turning two or three buttons, one can find the sound you seek without wasting time. To be honest, I have had to consult the manual to learn how to memorize the sounds that I created, but it is so easy that I do not know where I put the manual so even know the beast is easy to use . However, in my memory, the manual was very comprehensive and detailed.


To judge the quality of the effects, a single word: it is the BOSS.

Not only was there a lot of effects on offer, but also they are all of good quality (at least in the ear of a beginner or an uninformed listener). This is a pedal that I find very generous for the price (even new!) Because it opens up a whole world of possibilities. I use it for three years now (if not more!) And I consider under any circumstances to part with.

Certainly it is digital, so those who have the habit of his "lamp" will necessarily be disappointed with the amp simulations. I myself no longer used for a long time. But other effects are very usable and in all styles of music you can imagine or create.

I'm already used to play covers with my band and it is a very useful tool because it is easy to create the sound you search and memorize it.

I am a follower of the Big Muff, I must say that the fuzz effect does not suit me at all, but this is personal!


As I said, I use it now for about 3 years and it is a pedal that has never disappointed me. Before I had a small effect in multi Zoom, but frankly it does not face the weight BOSS ME70.

Pros: quality effects, ease of use, ergonomics, expression pedal ...
The -: amp simulations too "synthetic".

Frankly, for a price not so excessive that it saw everything the beast in the belly, it really worth it, especially if you like the sound without having to grind 47 foot pedals!

With experience, I would do without hesitation that choice, it's so convenient!

GrueZerstorung's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good product."

Boss ME-70
Found on this pedal:
-A bank of pre-recorded sounds
The varied-distortion (blues / metal / core etc ...)
The effect-like phaser, chorus, harmonist, tremolo etc ...
A loop-stage
A pedal-in which is embedded a Wah, a voice, a whammy.


Easy to use, however, it will nevertheless an hour to familiarize themselves with the pedal and the large effect used (such as phase loop for example if we had never used before)


Very good quality for a pedal, it certainly has nothing to do with a pedal unit (eg metalcore pedal will obviously a much better simulation of core integrated pedal sound) I currently use with 4 guitars a jackson king V for melodic death sounds rather access a jackson kelly are rather heavy for a gibson SG sounds blues / rock as well as a Dean razorback 7 strings.


Here is a little over two years since I use it, I is not got nothing to complain about so far, it is both very versatile while maintaining sound quality for each distortion / effect imposed. Very good quality / price ratio. If I had to go back again I would reiterate this pedalboard.

Paul-Henry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A small gas plant! But fun ;)"

Boss ME-70
Some features:

A / D conversion: 24 bits AF method * AF method ("Adaptive Focus") This is a proprietary method from Roland & BOSS that vastly improves the signal / noise ratio (S / B) A / D converters and N / A.
D / A conversion: 24 bit
Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz
Patch: 36 (user) + 36 (preset)
Simulations preamp EQ, amp, effects of all kinds (distortion, overdrive, chorus, phaser, flanger, comp, Defretter booster hum / single coil, delay of all kinds, reverb, tremolo, vibrato, harmonizer, octaver, wah wah , whammy, tuner)
EZtone function that I have never understood!
Output Impedance: 2kΩ
Power: DC 9V, Dry Batteries (R6/LR6) AA x6, AC adapter (BOSS PSA series, optional)
Consumption: 130mA
Estimated useful life of the batteries under continuous use: Alkaline: 12 hours Carbon: 3.5 hours (These figures will vary depending on conditions.)
Dimensions: 384 (L) x 229 (D) x 74 (H) mm, height: 384 (L) x 229 (D) x 100 (H) mm
Weight: 3.5 kg (including batteries)
Accessories: Owner's Manual, Dry Batteries (Alkaline: LR6 (AA)) x6, Sheet "Roland Service"
Options: AC Adaptor: BOSS PSA series, Footswitch: BOSS FS-5U, FS-6

So much for those below! Good lot of stuff incomprehensible to say that it is provided; except that there is no loop, it could be useful.
The looper is a little short I think, but given the number of opportunities available is not very serious.


Well it is a true multi effect pedal so it should be clear: we must learn to use it! Takes a little while to try.

After use is quite fun is provided: We all front panel controls what is practical and fast! You turn it changes.

I used it in front of a tube amp (contrary to what people think, it gives very good sound so well mastered), loop and the Return preamp. For my part I think the sound is better on a lamp that warms the thing pretty well.

The expression pedal is solid with several features (Wah, Voice, Whammy, Delay Level and Volume) that make it useful, addictive limit!

Everything is in a metal case very nice and enjoyable.


Then it's very diverse!

+ For me:
- Delays (numerous and of good quality with a wide range of delays)
- Chorus
- Flanger
- Octaver (if not too triturated)
- Tremolo (can be a bit steep)
- Disto / overdrive (when mastered)
- Comp abused without
- Double Converter <-> Single coil
- Reverb
- Wah wah
- Preamp EQ

The -:

- Whammy and Harmonizer really too drafts, especially harmonizer that even monophonic share in c *** lles times when it's her job!
- Simulations amp lame for me, I hardly use the preamp EQ with distos
- Phaser too far
- Some distos that puke too (eg Core)
- Modern Fuzz (not a negative review but a warning)
- Slight dissatisfaction with the length of the loops (30s), but it is generally highly enough!


I since 2011 (I know specifically) and he just fail so I replaced with a Blackstar HT5 for the apartment so I used my usual pédal board :)

In my humble opinion this is a good product that makes many services (especially in the apartment with headphones) and that is good! We must not expect EXTRAORDINARY things, we must bring what it is and its price. In its category I find it very good :)

Hope to have helped!

Finally just to finish a nice little sharing site settings to be able to inspire and find tracks:

tiston's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love the almost limitless possibilities of sound"

Boss ME-70
NOTE: Very good.
Comprehensive and robust pedal.
All types of embedded preset effects either original or by manual adjustments taking into account different amp in the settings. Effect with Standard settings as preset to return to the classic effect forgetting all personal mods (EZ)
Has 4 assignable pedals each with many different storages all foot switchable to change effect during the same song on an additional pédale.Une same progressive pedal to make more settings (sound level or wah or effects .. Other
Wah can do better but troubleshoots.
Many modeling preamp + Grave / M / Treble settings + Power Output
Small memory loop Loop (30 sec I think). This is a bit limited on this point.
No connection PC / Mac to my knowledge.
Screen control only a number: deserved the opportunity to return to the known text memos for example.
Not mount model and floor standing
No light either. Cf file for the connection BOSS available on the net.


NOTE: Very good.

OUi use is rather simple.


NOTE: Very good.

Nothing to say, effects and amps are up.
The settings buttons are obvious and sound mod


NOTE: Very good.

1 year approx. Already used ME-25 not up + as many individual BOSS pedals and Marshall.
The compact and complete side of pédialier is really good.
I remake that choice.
OCCAZ this choice is very affordable.
ivan totoche09/28/2013

ivan totoche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What fun"

Boss ME-70
Go see it on the record, it will go faster.
We find all the classic effects with a pedal modulation (theft, wha-wha ...)


Simple and multiple possible settings.
Clear and sufficient manual.


Effects a little cold perhaps.
Used with my Godin LGXT and my amp Mesa Boogie Mark IV or in tune with headphones.


I could have not been around for over two years that I have.
I do not do together.

I love the possibility to put the batteries, plug in headphones, take my guitar and go play outside in a field in front of a nice view.

The multitude of effects and adjustments to be busy for long hours.
There are sites with given by each and other settings.
Records of presets are easy and can put a good package (see instructions)

Not being a pro, I like it. I did not find much "my ultimate sound" but that's because I do not play enough and do not have the opportunity to try a whole bunch of stuff!
I think it is a good approach to start which was my goal.
I alternate, especially for recording with effects on my PC with a sound card.
I do not regret my purchase one second.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not bad at all"

Boss ME-70
digital multi effect
see characteristics above
note the absence of a transformer is OPTIONAL ...


very easy to implement
with a tube amp c is not bad, but the bulk of the use for me c is the direct sound, and c is very convenient for repeat.


the effects are all very good
the preamps a little less
crunch and clean sounds are convincing, much less the distos (boss what ...)
I love them enough delays, reverbs
I love the modulations and less distos


used for 2 years, I had to add the transformer because the batteries, c is a joke in my opinion (imagine dead batteries full set ...)
Avoided it my break my back repet
to dub, rock or the experimental ca fact, the metal is not good c

if c was a remake today, I think I would choose again

davyto's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent price / various sounds"

Boss ME-70
Everything has been said


Use in "pedal" without saving presets. I use both in rehearsal than at home or in concert with a couple fender strat U.S..

The settings are really simple and amp models useful for working with headphones and adjust and its effects in either. on the other hand, in concert, if you play on a good amp on stage (I have a blues junior), modeling sounds really not that great, especially for clear sound.
The case is really solid for two years, I have not abused badly in concert and répéition and no scratches or knobs lost!
It's solid!

Level playing comfort, and partly because I am a singer guitarist, I would have preferred that the expression pedal is to the left of the pedal which would give more comfort, or you get tired quickly whether to use this pedal throughout the song.
The headphone jack is a normal, but hey, it makes sense when you play with headphones to use a real headset and not the headphones from his smartphone!


The sound is good, it's a Boss's what!
The od / distortion are good, they sound aggressive, even if the metal does not sound distortion quite like a metal zone.
We can have fun with all available effects and discover her to refine her. And unlike zoom effects, we do not like playing with modeled effects, but with effects that sound "real" and with which we can play live.
Note the effect "solo" that allows one-click to get a good boost in and out easily mix during solos without having to touch the volume knob on his guitar or use the expression pedal .
The delays are quite varied (I use mostly analog) and sound really good. That was one reason for my purchase and I am not disappointed.

on the other hand, the wah is used sparingly, especially because of the position of the pedal. And since I bought a cry baby I used most of the wah me 70.


If one wants as was my case with the purchase, the power play ac / dc, of u2, hendrix's, funk, reggae, short play in a lot of musical style, but also to refine knowledge and mastery of effects, the I-70 is perfect.
After some might say you can not get the sound. But hey, everyone is not the Edge either!