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Boss ME-80
Boss ME-80

Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss belonging to the ME series

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Thread Comments about the review: Versatile, powerful, and priced to sell

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1 Comments about the review: Versatile, powerful, and priced to sell
Versatile, powerful, and priced to sell
For years, Boss has been one of the leading manufacturers of self-contained guitar multi-effects floor units, and the ME-80 is its latest effort. Less expensive than the flagship GT-100, it's nevertheless a very capable and fully featured unit. The ME-80 gives you access to virtually any kind of guitar effect, a range of preamp sounds, an expression pedal with many effects choices, and even a built-in looper, all in one unit. Let’s take it for a test drive.

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Do you have any experience with the old ME-50? How would you compare the two?

The ME-50 is the only multi-effects pedal I've ever owned but I'm curious to hear if there's any true difference in quality or if it's just a few more pretty little buttons in the ME-80...
I don't have first-hand experience with the ME-50. I can tell you from comparing their features that the ME-80 has eight dedicated footswitches for turning on and off individual effects, as opposed to only three on the ME-50. It has more effects choices for the expression pedal, as well. It also has the USB port for audio and the patch editor/librarian, which the ME-50 doesn't. From a sonic standpoint, I can't say, not having the two to compare. I would hazard to guess that Boss has improved the algorithms for its effects over time, so it's likely that it sounds at least somewhat better, but I can't give you a definitive answer about the sound. If you're really curious, I would recommend listening to the ME-80 at a music store, and bring your ME-50 with you for comparison. Compare them both through an amp and through headphones. One interesting thing to check would be whether the effects they have in common sound the same or different. You should be able to get a pretty good idea of the sonic differences by the time you're done. Good luck!
Very good Review.
I need to choice between AMPLIFI FX 100 and ME 80. Could you tive me an advice about me future decision?
I think LINE 6 allow i creste mostrar possibilities to use differents amps. But I see me 80 is most reliable.