Boss ME-80
Boss ME-80

ME-80, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the ME series.

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Editorial review
  • 07/02/14Review of the Boss ME-80

    Review of the Boss ME-80 - Versatile, powerful, and priced to sell

    For years, Boss has been one of the leading manufacturers of self-contained guitar multi-effects floor units, and the ME-80 is its latest effort. Less expensive than the flagship GT-100, it's nevertheless a very capable and fully featured unit. The ME-80 gives you access to virtually any kind of guitar effect, a range of preamp sounds, an expression pedal with many effects choices, and even a built-in looper, all in one unit. Let’s take it for a test drive.

Users reviews

chrisalex95's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Impressed"

Boss ME-80
The effects are more than complete compressors, auto wah, volume pedal (/ wha management / OD gain, freeze, Solo boost .. OD, distortion, chorus, flanger, delay, preamp ... short

Digital Technology
Type pedals
Connectivity: USB (for editing sounds via free, direct recording sound card) headphone output and output mono / stereo


Perfect and simple configuration because everything is done as a knob on pedals
Not need the manual to get the sound on
The sound editing is very intuitive, I used only in live mode, not preset.


While the effects of modulations are at, I use chorus, delay and reverb, and they totally what I expected! The feature freeze on the pedal broke me well (maintaining an agreement indefinitely, allowing the game over) Whammy: OK. for wha it's funny but I'm not an expert so ...
In part Comp / FX1 I use the solo function, EQ / FX2 in EQ.
For OD / distortion: the booster and OD nikels (ditto front of a lamp), distos are loyal to BOSS, never 100% fan boss distos so I'd say that's pretty accurate ... but The preamp section is worth its weight peanut, would not that for the "drive" and "stack" !!!


I have the 3 weeks ago
I had a zoom (G7.1ut) of Line6 (POD HD300 and 500X). I had the BOSS ME70 which was really good, but did not have the USB output or the possibilities of live mode on this model (all effects can be activated via swich)
What I like most is that this pedal sounds, we will not pass three take ages to find his (her) his (s), it is used as a gaggle pedals without the disadvantages (cables , power supplies). The effects are top, it perfectly also used in the loop of an amp to add reverb / modulation / delay / EQ / boost. The tuner is accurate.
The preamp section is top (these saturations "drive" and "stack" !!!!), less fan distos (the OD section / DS only). It utilsera as front of an amp in the loop, or a sound system. I also like the fact that HP simus are automatically activated via USB, or plugant jack 3.5 headphone output (the amp outputs will be affected by Sim). Which is a big plus for me, but that will be less for certain is that this simu HP is not adjustable and suddenly we focus only on the EQ to its sound.

Finally, I will say that if you're more oriented modern sound (ENGL, Mesa), type in the line6 (if you like to take your head with the settings) If you are like me rather marshall / 5150 and plug and play, it me 80 is for you.