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All user reviews for the Korg Ax1000g

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MGR/etune's review"Korg 1000G"

Korg Ax1000g
I acquired this unit from a local store in my of my friend purchased this unit
& he convince me to buy this unit.I paid
$ 400 for the unit.

I like the rich tonal character of the unit very much.Functions of the unit are also easy & user friendly.

I don't like sample & play facility because its time is limit to 8 sec only.

The construction and quality of the unit is
good because it is user friendly and easy to use.

Overall the performance of the unit is best
and I don't find any drawbacks about the unit.And I finally want to say EAST OR WEST

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MGR/AMAN CLAPTON's review"Korg AX1000G"

Korg Ax1000g





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MGR/Paul Ortiz01/26/2003

MGR/Paul Ortiz's review"Korg AX1000G"

Korg Ax1000g
This corker was a present! But had I shelled out for it myself I would probably of expected to pay around £160 for it at the time. This particular model is most likely going for alot less than that now though.

First of all it's solid! It must be built using tank armour or something (or more likely die cast metal!) but in either case it takes a heck of alot of abuse. It has a clear backlit display with up to 8 black characters sitting atop a rather attractive tangerine screen, as opposed to that nasty red-on-black 'Casio watch' business you would find on the Zoom pedals. All the controls are rotary, so editing a patch is simply a matter of bending down and twiddling a knob. No sub menus and fiddly buttons here. The sounds themselves are superb. 11 Cabinets are on offer to you, (courtesy of Korg's REMS technology) ranging from small 1x8 open back practice amps, all the way up to closed back 4x12 monsters. The effects are of equally high quality: Flanger, 2 types of Phaser, 2 types of Chorus - mono and stereo, Octaver, Pitch Shifter, Modulation Delay, Autowah, Auto-filtron, Tremolo, Sample-n-Play, UniVibe, Filtron, Wah, Talkbox, Ringmod...and I'm sure I missed a few out but you get the idea. Plus the reverbs are some of the highest quality I have heard from ANY multi FX pedal, and even show up some dedicated digital reverb units out there!

Yes there are a few gripes. The expression pedal cannot be manually assigned to an effect parameter. The 'gumph' for this box states that there are 22 types of effect, when actually, around half of these are just the regular bunch of effects, but duplicated and assigned to the expression pedal block. It would of been nice, for example, to set the pedal to control drive amount, or reverb mix for example. So you are a little limited in this sense.

The preset banks are okay...I guess. But I would rather they had just given me an additional 40 blank patch slots, rather than throw me 40 average sounding presets which I'm never likely to use.

There is a rather noticeable delay when switching patches. Thankfully you can get around this by using the 'individual' mode to turn specific effect blocks on and off, as opposed to switching patches entirely. And I'm aware that this is a problem which plagues many effects units. But still it would of been nice had they fixed this little problem. It also rears it's ugly head when returning the expression pedal to full-back on the RingMod. Again, nothing major but it is noticeable.

The EQ is also a little simplistic, offering only rather crude 'bass/middle/treble' controls. Although I'm sure this is the case on alot of similarly priced units, it does leave alot to be desired.

As said earlier, the quality of the unit is fantastic. The actual body/chassis is made of metal, and could probably take a good stamp or two before it showed signs of giving. Whether or not the flush-plastic display would fare so well is another matter, but then why would you want to stamp on it anyway?!

The rotary controls are made of a rubber/plastic compound so you can always get a good grip on them even towards the end of a gruelling performance, and safely make all nessacary changes with your sweat soaked mits. Similarly the expression pedal offers plenty of traction by means of a rubber grip plate.

All in all a great piece of kit. It has served me well both in live performances, and more importantly, in the studio. I have access to some of the finest amp/cab modelling software out there but I always end up going back to the Korg simply because it's so quick and easy to use, and you'd have to try pretty hard to make a bad sound come out of it. The range of tones on offer is limitless, so whether you intend on playing some Benson-esque licks, or chugging away in a palm muted nu-metal frenzy, it's all there at your fingertips. Sure it's not perfect, but heck if you wanted perfection, you'd probably be shopping around for studio level rack mounts right? For £160 - scratch that, UNDER £160 you can't go wrong. It's durable, versatile and intuitive. Do yourself a favour and check one out now!!

**Note: The Korg AX1000G has been re-launched as the AX1500G. The features are the same, but with the addition of 2 channels per-preset, solving the patch switching problem, as well as additional storage space for your patches! Sadly...I do not own one.


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MGR/ray's review"Korg AX1000G"

Korg Ax1000g
price 600 $ au

it got a good finish and can take a lot of beating .it has 8 second of recording and can be played with a push of a pedal
its not as good as the digiteck proccessors
but worth its money

that 8 sec recording is helpful for leads
but once turned off the recording is wiped off

its a study built and i guess can take a lot of beating

a good deal for ur money

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MGR/Gunkster's review"Korg AX1000G"

Korg Ax1000g
I bought this unit from a local music store, I read about it on the internet and wanted a multi-effect processor, I paid $230.00 used.

The different delay effects are amazing, the built in tuner is very handy. The construction is very solid, you get quite a few distortion and cabinet configuations, I think this unit is well worth the money!

The only downfall to this unit is you can't use the compressor with the different distortion modes.

Built like a tank!

Great unit, well worth the money 8 out of 10.

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MGR/nappyhead's review"Korg AX1000G Multi-Effects Pedal"

Korg Ax1000g
I won the ax1000g on e-bay( in the box and brand new ) for $200. i had been looking for a descent multi-effect pedal because I like to be able to create a wide variety of moods with my music. I had tested alot of pedals from zoom, digitech, and boss and thought the digis looked and sounded too plastic like. I was really impressed with the boss GT-3 but didn't wavt to spend over $300.

The ax1000g is overall a fine pedal, sonic-wise and aesthetic-wise. It's extremely user friendly- if you can tweak knobs on individual stomp boxes you can figure out how to create the right sound for any atmosphere. The tremolo is wide ranging, the different pedal types are usefull, beautiful delays and im in love with the filtron and autowah.

I'm pretty much stuck with this pedal and I still haven't explored all its possibilities, but I have seen the Boss GT-3 now for $300 and i think it would be worth it to spend an extra $100. I'm annoyed with things like the lack of parameters for the wah pedal(none). You can't use certain modulation effects with certain pedal effects, and you can't change the chain order of the effects.

Korg still has great a strong sense of beauty in the design of their products and this holds true for this processor. It has a very sturdy metal chasis and it looks classy.

I do somewhat regret buying this when i saw it for $100 dollars cheaper than usual on e-bay. I like it, but I don't love it. I think I'd rather get the GT-3 if i could- it has a variety and better wahs that would make it worth it.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Korg AX1000G"

Korg Ax1000g
I bought this unit new at a local music store. I like small shops of this type because there is more emphasis on the individual. Those huge chain gear factories don't need my hard earned dollar to make the rent, whereas my $300.00 may carry a little more weight with a small store.

I was immediately impressed with the instant gratification i got from this unit. Unlike many processors, filled with impress the other guys in the store usless presets, i got some great sounds from this unit right out of the box.Fully half the presets are imminently useable, and with a little tweaking, you can get more sounds than you will ever need. Using a mid-priced over the ocean strat-o-copy and a small decent quality solid state amp, I was able to get everything from Godzilla-stomps-Tokyo crunch to Albert Lee chicken-pickin' clean from the presets alone. In my live rig I plug into the effects loop return on my Marshall head and proceed to peel some scalps back.

On the debit side, the manual accompaning the unit could be a tad more comprehensive. It took a bit of guesswork even after i read the manual to get what I wanted out of the unit. However, considering what you get for the money, this is a small gripe at best, as the processor itself isn't that complicated.

Durability wise, this thing is built like a tank and has a really solid feel underneath your foot, which is good, because a big ole corn-fed southern boy like me could put a hurtin' on a cheaply built floor processor. Seriously, i go 225lbs and i can stand on the thing. 'nuff said.

Bottom line, if u want pro sounding effects, but don't have a rockstar's gear budget, give this 'lil puppy a spin. I don't think you'll be dissapointed.

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nicodx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A bit old fashioned but it's Korg: simple, comprehensive and robust."

Korg Ax1000g
A beautiful digital multi-effect pedal very robust metal.

Many effects: Classic Chorus, Stereo Chorus, Modern Delay, Hold Delay, Stereo Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Reverb (Room, Hall, Plate, etc..), Flanger, Wah with expression pedal volume pedal, etc..

Simulation distortions (Classic, Tube OD, Seatle, etc.).

Amp simulations (Tweed 1x8, 1x12 black panel, etc.).

+ Noise gate very successful.
+ A
+ An effective and handy tuner.


It is very easy to use, - 30 minutes was all inclusive. The manual is hardly necessary.

The knobs allow you to regain control of the amp simulations, or the many effects.

The banks are easily accessible sounds, it is easy to save a setting and simply press the knobs 4 and 5 at the same time down the banks.


The effects are general ways comprehensive (it would be almost too much) and very effective.

The only downside is on the amp simulations (it was early in 2000) and distortions.

The simulators are fairly realistic although they may suffice as needed.

And for distortion, they are often very powerful but often people see brouillonnent metallic.

It's ok for the very hard rock, but the crunch and typed blues is difficult to obtain.


I used well in the beginning but much less now because my amp (Roland Cube 30) integrates simulation amp + some very practical effects. I use it for specific delays or reverbs.

I used a Korg A5 before. It is without comparison.

This bracket is available used within 70 E. It is a bit dated but did a great job. For the time I bought it or I do it again the same choice and think soon buy a 3000G.

sydn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well, for the price range"

Korg Ax1000g
Multi-effects pedals:
- Amp Simulator
- Cabinet speaker
- Various effects divided into two sections: modulation (chorus, flanger, phaser, delay mod, octave, autowha) and pedal (which as the name implies manages the airship effects pedal like whawha, pitch shifter, the talk ...)
- Various echoes, reverb and delays.
- Training sentence
- Tuner
The rear connectors are sufficiently numerous. It should be noted that there is a headphone jack and aux.


Which has already affected a device of its kind, it's pretty intuitive. The settings are very many for each effect, so as soon as it combines a little bit of a request quickly fine tuning to find a good balance, but AVRC used it is fast.
For neophytes, editing and sound recording should take some effort. The instructions are here for. In any case, the user a lot of slots available to save his sounds: 9 banks of 4 sounds. There's plenty to do.


Therein lies the problem. This multi effect is old, very old now. And in the field it was sacred progress! However, the effects are pretty good quality throughout and can be used in concert on a good amp input range it does. on the other hand, if you connect it to a very good amp ... The definition of the leave hearing limitations, and synthetic aspects emerge.
Korg sound is relatively colorful but clean leave to hear the typocité your guitar (by adding its own color so). In distortion, it is much less obvious ...
Besides the distortion, especially modern, are not very reussies. If they have a good momentum, the sound is really synthetic. In concert or by repeating it makes filthy. But with good SETUP on the pedalboard and the amp have little something right.
The reverb are great, and the sound mixes are boring. There are also quite special sounds that I have succeeded in creating this pedal.


Since 2002. But I no longer use since 2011 because I acquired a line6 amp spidervalve which largely replaces.
If I still maintains this is because of the above mentioned that I have to do that succeeds on this pedal sounds.
So to sum up I would say that given his age, this pedal is doing well and at the price we can find today, it's worth it when compared to the inputs of current range.
Nevertheless, I recommend it to fans rather not have great stuff, if not all boundaries pedalier emerge.

quantat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quite correct"

Korg Ax1000g
Analog multi effect pedal.

We find all the classic effects, various simulations of amps and speakers.


Simple enough for someone who is used to this kind of product configuration.

The manual is necessary for the novice.

With this one in hand, everything is very simple.

With this pedal you can create and record your own sound banks and you can switch between four banks at once: very handy if you go from one sound to another within a song.

It is also possible to use other switches: to turn on or off each of the 5 selected "effects" (Amp type speaker + 3 banks with their dedicated effects such)


The preset banks are rotten, but I think it is very often the case: it does not matter to you to create your own banks.

Modification and editing combined effect is not difficult and we get very good results. (You just take the time to read the manual)

All effects are satisfactory: good enough for a public does not differentiate between these sounds there and sounds obtained with much more expensive pedals ... unless there is an experienced guitarist in public ;-)


I used this pedal for 3 years, before turning to individual pedals.
I plugged it directly into a PA (pass course 500).

I left because I wanted to build me a very specific sound. I now play on a tube amp and pedal gives a certain "color" that I no longer wanted.

But I've never resolved to sell: it is a good Swiss Army knife that can advantageously help me.

Pros: seems a rock solid

Sounds are very clean.

The -: The "spring reverb" is not a supply, though the reverb is very good though.

I bought 100 euros to a friend who had himself bought 3,000 French francs twentieth century :-) (about 450 euros)

I would say that today the right price would be between 60 and 80 euros? ... 50 euros is a bargain; 100 euros exaggerated ...

I do it again without hesitation that choice.