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All user reviews for the Korg PX4D

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 10 reviews )
 6 reviews60 %
 3 reviews30 %
 1 user review10 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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Rodito's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg PX4D
Everything has already been said, so it is full and complex, I'm not a great connoisseur of digital technology, but the preloaded sounds and rhythms are very friendly and the range of effects is very important.


The manual is not very clear on the record sounds, I've never been able to remember. So the rest, I do not even speak ... Well, I put 5 because I know I'm not stalled at the digital level, looking for a little more maybe I could use it better, but I find it less easy than having to zoom a.


So now, you should know from the outset one thing, it is a device for playing on speakers or with headphones. As soon as you push the sound into an amp, it does not hold up. It is very plastic, the sound is inconsistent. It is not made for that. On low volume speakers or with headphones, it's great, the sound is realistic and there is plenty of fun effects in addition to a variety of rhythms.


This is a very good device in addition to its compact size (can fit in a jacket and hang on to a belt), but be aware that it is for individual use. If you play in the apartment and you can not push the volume, or you travel a lot with your guitar, this little gadget is perfect for you.

Timo_SW's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good travel tool!"

Korg PX4D
It includes several small Pandora PX4D amp simulation / HP, and a bank of effects rather generous for the size and value of the machine.
Simulations & effects are adjustable directly on the machine only, which is not a problem in itself, given the usefulness of the machine.
The input and output connectors are Jack.


The machine itself is simple and intuitive, easy to use.


All sounds is correct with respect to the machine.


I use this little box for 3 years now, when I'm traveling. This is a nice little tool to work when his plans guitar amp is not possible (traveling, backstage ...)

legwenosor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" well ... for what I did!"

Korg PX4D
see on the net!


overall it will be going out but I've always had trouble with this type of product ... long live the manual!


I only use it with headphones and pandora with my MP3 player.
in this usage it's going well, in all the sounds go well .... I'm happy for the price .... although the first POD is not more dear and probably better!
the device is compact and travels very well.

it has a looper ... but hey .. I have trouble with!

the only time I used it with an amp .. I found the sounds not that great ...


I've had it 6 months, I use it on the move and I'm happy.

it is small in the suitcase and I play with headphones without bothering people ... there is impecc.
It "eats" the batteries therefore provide rechargeable batteries!!

if used on a multi-effects amp there are probably better and more convenient ..

lse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Practice for playing with headphones"

Korg PX4D
Everything that has been written so far is true of course, is a sort of Swiss Army Knife


I am surprised that draws its easy to find, the Pandora is an authentic gas plant.
This is normal given its small size
The manual is strictly required when you want to go beyond the "ON"


I do not use multi-effects but as for playing through headphones

In this context it is very comprehensive (simulation amp pretty well, tythmes box, tuner ...)
The headphone (I play bass) the sound is pretty good.
I do not ask me this little gizmo credibly recreates a sound together, it said, but it lets you practice under excellent conditions.

As a mult ieffet I guess he should not be giant, that said, Santa Claus does not exist .. the widgets to 100 euros by the job costing 50 times more racks either ....


I use headphones so regularly.
As an auxiliary input you can connect a standard MP3 player (in my case it was my phone).
So the lack of features like memory card to store MP3 tracks or slow is not a problem (there are good apps for that, I'm on Mac Amazing Slow Downer and I use)
To think about when purchasing: providing a set of short cables (60/90cm) because to work at home, have a tiny thing and a huge pile of cables is not super convenient.

Today I headed instead to a Tascam GB10 if I lost the Pandora, but I like him, he slips into the pocket of the cover of my bass and lets me play or cushy home in moving from excellent condition.

Mera77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg PX4D
To see the reviews CHARACTERISTICS previous ones ...


So we have to do a very complete multi effect above that price about 150 euro nine ...
However, the use is very clear, but so huge for a novice like me I admit they can not say the know 100% but it will come ...
If not with the manual if you not understand what we want to do this seems to me wrong.
To edit the sound effects ect ... is very simple but it's better with the manual to know the "language" of this device is not widely known.


I use this little device with a Start HSS and a blues junior, I find that I made of the effects could be tested very nice especially when you see one of delay pedals can easily cost as much as the multi purpose, ca cepandant will not be the same quality but with my ear I find nothing wrong beginners exept if you ttoufer too much breath that produces this product under your belongings agree.
After speaker for simulation I find that Russian with lamp and my amp for amp simulations at beginners I found it really sucks but I learned all this well and I rgler t be surprised with such a style very saturated amplifier with gain + background effects pedals overdrive ca does in any case low volume I have yet to try very hard.
In addition, this small object can decrease your volume of the amp, for example me with my blues junior and the distortion is warm even at low volume while I put the ba the distortion that I can and with the volume knob and master volume the PX4D I can enjoy my last evening 23h the lamps without interfering with the neighbors.
For I have not tested the headset with a headset so true ...
And it's nice to register ...


I object since 2semaines and I strongly advise people who want auc too invest or want to discovering new effects, ca will never be worth the analog pedals or lamp but is ca d splits well and I think even if I would have all these famous pedals intrssant would remain as it has so many effects ...
And quality is still the place was not in the branch SERIES 158 pedals on his amp ...
The value for money, should not even talk about it because it's so versatile ...
Again if you really want the beautiful reberbe, distortion, delay, ect ... take "real pedals."
To go and buy this PX4D emergency with patience you could redo the possibility of discovering the versatility of the guitar and what a lot ...

Binuts's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg PX4D
All-marchbr effects of />-Technology numrique
-You can use a single purpose both, if they are shuffled from any fawn ...
But we can modliser a type of amp, cabinet type, a dynamic one and a delay rverbe, ALL amlangeable. No connection unfortunately, but fortunately the price has Allgemeine (^ ^)
-Connection: between instruments, amplifiers or line out, among the. to connect a player.
Modl-cell fits in a pocket or gadget thanks to a guitar strap.
-Tuner with or without the guitar sound (which if Submitted is the one that comes out of the scratch => no effect)
Phrase-trainer: you record what you play with or without rhythm or box then from Audio as a player (AUX.), you record the ac PX4D, and you put in a loop, you can also turn the bass sound the song recorded by TO.
Box-rate: the classic mtronomne up riffs various battery trs. We can even have bass riffs for which you can select the Tone.


Configuration-trs simple, two levels: 100 all effects STRP ffacables but not editable on time. 100 STRP mofidiables and effects all recordable possibility to change the name.
Trs-Manuel clear with everything to edit and s'clater
Casing-Plastic, be careful year transport.
-Too bad we can not connect a switch, which would have made it less portable, but certainly more practical for a concert.
He must get used to what to run as a button as it applies diffrent values ​​depending on the effect.

There is a rtro lighting orange on black super cool if you push the power button background is gnial to play alone in his bed ac headphone closed.


I use it mainly with headphones, but even 100W amp on it here must not screw up the ears, careful adjust the gain of the distortion not to cover the sound of the instrument with a spat distorted.
-The effects are effective and many, in fact the two levels of 100 presets, each time from 0 to 69 is the guitar and 70 for the low 99's. However we can use the ac guitar and bass effects bass guitar effects ac.
Effects-ralistes enough, I'm not ing but I find his Russia, I ador no such effects for the low Offspring (Americana album "Have You Ever" end of the song) and the guitar fuzz and wah-wah that Ragit force scraping is a standard for both a synthtiseur is great for making sounds or psychdliques video games ( Super Mario is feasible as the bass that the guitar, for it is against the polyphony for the synthesis report does note that a mix of both (like the white stripes the octave))
-My prfr its effect is in fact always alone, the compressor while the phaser and flanger are tripe. The worst sounds are probably those of mtal covering the sounds of the intrument. Check-in phrase trainer leaves DSIR, the quality worsens with the length of the riff.
I use it with my guitar and bass, you can also put a micro but I still ssay.


I use it for a week and I must say that I'm not, I do not get tired until you have enough money to buy me a better (^ ^)
-The particular feature I like most is the fact to have everything on hand
-The one I like least is the absence of switch, but ultimately I do not know if it would be more convenient since there are 200 presets, if we put in against his personal presets the Then, in concert would be playable.
"I ssay multi-purpose ZOOM B2 Bass, I have no aim. Nothing else in the same budget but can be cumbersome and the lean BOSS trs not rich, but must be of good quality.
Good quality-price, but it should provide the adapter (oh yes, it works thanks 4 hours walking normal batteries.)
-With the experience and the same budget, without a doubt, I would do this choice.

dapawan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg PX4D
A box of conventional design. Adjustment gain, bass, treble, and six groups of effects chain, with more than one active group effect: dynamics (compression, autowah, etc..) Amp Simulator (guitar or bass), speaker simulator, modulation (chorus, flanger, pitch-shifter, etc.)., delay, reverb. 100 user programs. A drum machine and synth bass, non-programmable, but with a reasonable number of patterns. Function "jam" to play a recorded loop. The box does not connect to a computer.

The effects are editable, but very briefly: grosso modo one-parameter effect - for an amp, a single setting, that of the mediums, for an enclosure, presence control, etc.. You can not specify the length of a delay in ms - must hit a key twice to indicate the desired range. You can adjust the volume of a reverb, but not its duréee or its color.


No complaints on this point the case is very simple and natural control, and I had to read the manual to make use of the function jam.


To register, totally inadequate. I like the sound with a lot of compression, lots of sustain, and just a dash of distortion - as little as possible, just to support the sound of a double-coil and make a little more singing, at the limit of its clear. Exactly the sound that it is impossible to achieve with this camera, regardless of the settings ...

Unless you waive treble and boost the mids with a bandpass filter, the distorted sounds are crisp, closer to a distortion pedal plugged directly as an amplifier. Compression is noisy and inefficient. The simulation of acoustic guitar is not too badly made, but the chorus or flanger effects are difficult to use because they can not set anything other than their volume. By pushing back the settings, the sound is closer to that of a jigsaw Marshall amplified on a transistor than to that of a tube amp ... In short, this thing is not at all what I wanted.

One can, of course, use it to work with headphones ... close to a restriction: in the "jam", even recording a single measurement, the sample rate is so low that the loop is barely audible so the signal is distorted.


Housing enough to work alone, with headphones, with a drum machine - compact, easy to adjust, but useless for recording, and therefore perhaps a bit expensive for a multi-purpose. If it again, I'd take something else.

lgdas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg PX4D
This is a handheld multi-effects for guitar and bass (there really are dedicated amps and effects on bass, it's not just a marketing argument).

In different ways, so we can shape the sound according to six sets of parameters:
<ul> Dyna: Dynamic Sound (compressor, wah, etc ...)
Amp: Amp Type (guitar or bass)
Cab: Speakers from 8 to 18 inches!
Mod: Modulation (chorus, flanger ...)
Dly: Time
Rev: Reverb </ul>
There is also a Noiseless.

In addition, we also have a drummer and a bassist capablent to beat a hundred paces. The drum machine is not editable, you can not compose their own rhythms, but a track of 16 measures is dedicated to the composition of a line by combining existing patterns.

Finally, the machine allows 30 seconds to register and to listen to a CD to play back play with the possibility to adjust the tone of it.

Well, in a small box, it&#39;s pretty amazing


This thing is a great working tool for string pinch

From my point of view because it is not a tool designed for live or recording: ergonomics does not intend to (you can not plug in the footswitch for example), and sound, a Once amplified, is not sufficient for a quality recording (there are more or less blows to the level of distortion in particular). However, amplified by a stereo, the sound is quite listenable. Through a guitar amp for cons, it is less good, especially the lines of batteries are terrible!

But this is not a criticism!
This is why it is, it does so well: to help scratch their instruments to work, to work their sounds, their hit, their phrasing, their rhythmic ... piss off the headphones and without the world
You can play in his room at 3am in the living room during the football game, in a car en route to Amsterdam, on the train, in the garden on Sunday morning ...

Operation is both simple and complex. Complex because so many functions to put in a little box, we must have plenty of buttons whose functions change depending on what is is now set. Simple because once we understand the principle, we no longer need the manual: one rule, there is a sound that suits us, it stores it in one of the 100 user presets, and voila!

Rythtmique section is well thought out: it is very neutral, so it gives the general tone of a style, no more, and it encourages improvisation and without constraints parasites, such as an unwanted break in the middle a solo. In return, it is not an original dirt ... but this is not what is asked.

The bass line is adjustable in pitch. Apart from the Blues presets (or bass plays the classic 12-bar blues), the bass repeats the same pattern on the same basic agreement (always this neutrality). It is possible to improve it, either by scheduling a rhythmic line on the track customizable (you can then change the agreement for each measure), or by changing the agreement directly with the small buttons suitable.

Edit: I found a computer version of the manual (Here (, page 96), which lists the bass lines is one of the things I would have liked to have before buying!


I said, the sound quality is quite good to work with headphones or a stereo, not to save (at least with my requirements), or to play live.

Considering therefore the orientation of the tool, the sounds are excellent ... almost too
The Pandora has everything that is done on the subject: amp in abundance, combined with many cabinets, and effects you want, almost.
In short, we can work very fine in all its sounds tyles: compressors are good, the modulations defend themselves (with headphones), the reverb is very average, but effective ... etc ...
Why is it too much?
Because if it is a tools, we do not need all that: a dozen sounds would have just typed. Well, it&#39;s not serious, who can do more can do less: The user presets are there for that.

Finally, we note, for fans of sounds from outer space, the presence of less common effects on the pedals: ring, etc. synthesizer ... We can do things quite surprising that no longer really a guitar or bass, but usable for example for the house.


With experience, I&#39;m sorry ... not to have had this box before

It is a décupleur work, which eliminates the constraints of the amplification. More reason to leave the guitar at home, starting with WE, not to play because the little sleep, or because you just re-connect!
The rhythm section allows for its range of far more enjoyable than a metronome (there is also a metronome for maso)

As multi-effects, it is much better and more convenient.
As a working tool is a must have total

From my point of view, therefore, the Pandora is for those who already have, and looking for a working tool carried anywhere.
Those looking for a multi-effects used in live classic and must find a tool more suited to this function.

Shlublu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg PX4D
It incorporates a drum machine with patterns "in the style of" rock, reggae, or 5 / 4 or 3 / 4, or other ..., it also allows you to mix bass lines "in the style of" also and in a tone that is chosen. For both, they are only preset patterns. You can not make its reasons, it is not made for that.

Finally, it simulates an amp and effects and store its settings, but also a loop sampler (oneself, a CD, or the release of its sound card for example), the play in slow pitch to work without a passage ...


You return it with your guitar or bass, and you leave on your PC or on a mixer.

The doc is well detailed, the product is surprisingly easy for the many things he can do. Purchased on Saturday, Sunday mastered effortlessly.


You will see that the product is great in terms of rated sound quality, but you have to put some flats. It is primarily a work tool at home.

As there is an exit line, you can enter on their PC with a sound very defensible, but that always sound a little "chemical". So it's great to get an idea of ​​what it can give "for real", for models on a sequencer type Acid Pro, but not enough to talk about recording.


I discovered Pandora recently. Not too expensive and not bad at all, to record at home ideas and models. History of a composite work or suggest things to friends.

For this purpose (and this use only), the size of a pack of smokes, and € 155 seems to me that the best available. In any case I am satisfied 200%.

barboiron's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg PX4D
This is a multi-purpose pocket (it really is in the hand) guitar and bass.
It includes many models (25 + 23 amp speakers) all possible combinations.
Facilities, a number of effects, a drum of 100 patterns, choice of tempo setting or tap with the option to add a bass accompaniment (with tone control for bass, the reverb, its volume ...).
Sampler (30 seconds from a CD player, MP3, MD or instrument), the playback speed can be slowed down without changing the tone and you can change the key of a song read up an octave higher or lower.
Connections: a guitar input, an input to an input power supply (4.5 V), output (to headphones or an amplifier input).


First approach quite intuitive, you plug ... it works, it fiddles with a little ... it works. To go further one must refer to the manual.
The manual is very well done, fortunately, because many functions are not easy to discover. But once we got it the principle is quite affordable.


I would not judge the accuracy of simulations compared to the original, first I did not at all the stuff to compare, and above all I care less!
I find the tone of the guitar and micro well respected, very good record of the dynamic.
(I have no custom shop at home, do you hear the difference between a maple fingerboard and a mahogany? I know and that's not the point)
It is a small tool, not to break the legs around me when I bump the guitar. And here is excellent, plugged into an amp or directly to the headphone listening.
Warning: rendering the headphone is highly dependent on the quality of it, but I was very pleasantly surprised by using it with good headphones. I recommend walkman type headphones because the dynamics of the guitar is great (and it is very well made), what you destroy eardrums permanently into three agreements!
There are a thousand times too many possibilities in my opinion, we chose one or two sounds you love and then stops there.
So yes, good sound quality in the sense that everyone will find a stamp that he likes.


I use it almost daily for four months. It allows me to take my guitar everywhere and work alone. For beginners (and others) is a very useful tool for working in rhythm: I choose a pace that suits me, perhaps the bass (tuned to the key of the song), I choose a guitar sound (amp , effects) and off I went for an hour or two to work ranges, wedge a piece etc ... very cozy and it's much more effective than the guitar in a vacuum.
In addition plugged into an amp does well here (less tiring to the ears as always work with headphones).
Only negative: 30 seconds sample is very short (-1).
It was not like good stuff to the scene but in a room in the car, a tent in the woods ... it's really a great tool which is quite myself.