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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 18 reviews )
 7 reviews39 %
 10 reviews56 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent

yoTrakkz's review"unique sound"

Truetone H2O V1
This is an interesting take on delay pedals. It basically is a digital delay. There is a single input and output, which are both 1/4" instrument inputs. This pedal is not capable of being edited with a Computer. There are also no MIDI capabilities and there is no way to rack mount this pedal.


This is one of the more difficult pedals I've had to try and use. I find that quite often when I'm reviewing some pedals, I remark at how much I like the ease of use, and how I find the manual unnecessary. I had the complete opposite experience when using this. First of all, the manual doesn't explain anything, which would be fine if the pedal weren't so strange.


I don't really think this is my favorite delay. There are times when I love the tone that I get out of it (A nice, wet delay, not one that is marred by excessive echo, or one that sounds too huge). However, it seems as though the pedal robs me of volume as well as tone when I have it on. Beyond that, when I need to get loud, this thing is NOISY. I really can't have that as I tend to have enough noise problems as it is. Using a noise gate doesn't even seem to work well. Since I play rock music, and need distortion, I can't crank the noise gate up too much without robbing me of serious tone. However, that's exactly what I need to do in order to even remotely tame this thing. It's very frustrating. However, I will say that beyond the noise, this pedal has a unique and interesting sound.


I have found that I don't really need the sounds that I can get out of this thing anyway, which is why I ended up selling it back. I was surprised later to find that other people had reported having good experiences with this pedal. I would say that if you are interested, definitely try it with a power supply as opposed to a battery. I would also recommend buying a noise gate in tandem, so that you can tame the noise. Not every gate is going to work with this guy. This pedal is a risky purchase that probably shouldn't be anybody's first foray into delay pedals.

iamqman's review"Nice combo effects"

Truetone H2O V1
Visual Sound make some great effects pedals for the gigging and recording musicians. This is a cool little pedal if you need two effects combine into one small little unit. Basically this is a chorus pedal along with the delayed tpedal in one. You have 2 foot switch stops on the box as well as a separate side for controls for each of the two effects. This is a cool little pedal that has stereo outputs and has a fantastic tone for any setting.



Normal/Lush switch on Chorus channel
NOS BBD chip
Speed control
Width control
Delay Time control
800ms of analog-voiced digital echo
Echo time control
Repeats control
Effect level
Two output jacks
Use effect channels separately or together
Diecast aluminum housing
10 million cycle switching
Easy battery access
Circuit protection


The chorus tone is very lush and watery which sounds very good and clean setting. You have a switch for normal and lush which allows you to dial in a little bit different voicings for the chorus tone. On the other side it has a time, repeats, and the overall effect volume level. It also has a short and long switch that allows the repeats to be staggered or repeating over a long period of time. This is a pretty good up pedal for the money but it's certainly not to be a high-end pedal either. But really, who gives a rip about high-end pedals, I think the most pedals over 400 or $500 don't really do much anything different than some of the hundred dollar or $200 pedals. Pretty much tone is in the hands anyway so if you get this sound that you're looking for for $150 for $200 that I suggest going with that.


At new you can find these pedals for right around $190. That's a pretty good price for two different effects in one pedal. So it doesn't take up a lot of space on your pedal board as well. I recommend this pedal to someone is looking to free up some space on their pedal board and doesn't want to spend a whole lot of money to do it.

Fireguy8402's review"Nice Tones on Both Sides, but with a Boost."

Truetone H2O V1
The Visual Sound H2O V1 is a “home plate” shaped chorus and echo pedal. The pedal has a solid metal housing and two sturdy switches. One switch is to engage the chorus and one to engage the echo. They can be used separately or pressed together. The unit has a single input, but has outputs that can be used for mono or stereo. The chorus has three knobs to hone in the sound; speed, width, and delay time. The echo has three knobs and a switch; delay time, repeats, effect level and a switch for short or long delay times. The pedal can run off of 9 volts of battery power or a power supply.


The idea behind this pedal is great; two pedals that are commonly used in conjunction with each other that can be used simultaneously or independently housed in the same pedal. The pedal seems to be built very well from the outside, though I have had issues with reliability with this pedal. The echo side of this pedal has never let me down, the chorus side is another story. I had used the pedal one day during a practice session, and the following day the chorus side of the pedal just would not work. Signal still passed through the pedal and the echo side worked fine, but when trying to turn on the chorus side there was no effect to the tone whatsoever, even though the LED was turned on. My first impression was that it was a switch issue, but after talking with Visual Sounds customer service I found out the issue was probably something with the board. The people at Visual Sound were very helpful, so there is a plus on their side. Though I bought the pedal used and had no warranty for the pedal they were willing to send several emails and schematics so I could check a few things on the pedal. In the end I sent it to them and for a bench fee of 25 dollars they were able to get me back and running. Not bad customer service for an old product bought on the used market. This may have been a fluke with my pedal, but at least if a Visual Sound pedal goes down you know you’ll be able to get it fixed without having to buy a new one.


The chorus side of this pedal is very lush and warm sounding. It can handle swooshing and swirling sounds to make a clean sound very lively and dreamy, or it can do an almost vibe pulsating sound. You can cope several different styles of modulation out of the chorus side, but it does a very smooth Pink Floyd type chorus very well. The echo side of the pedal does around 800 ms of analog voiced echo. Since it’s trying to sound analog it’s a little on the warmer darker side of the spectrum, so you aren’t going to get those crisp clone repeats like you would from a Boss digital delay. I find it to be very natural sounding with a nice taper in the decay. Slapbacks or medium length echos are available, but the pedal is not capable of super long delays. This doesn’t bother me because the pedal is right in the range of delay I use. The one problem I have with the sound and the pedal as a whole is the volume boost I get from the pedal. There is a very noticeable boost in the volume when I use this pedal. Though it is less noticeable with different amps, it is still apparent


Overall this is a nice sounding pedal if you want warm liquid tones and short delay times. The volume boost on these early pedals leave the pedal useless for me at a gig, but for use during an entire song or recording it wouldn’t be bad. If I had it to do over again I would not buy this pedal, especially at a new price. I like the idea of the two in one pedal for using the switches, but as your tastes in sound change you might end up using only half of the pedal and it takes up a lot of pedalboard real-estate. I feel it’s a little over priced and the volume boost is just ridiculous at this price point. I believe it has been addressed in the new versions of the pedal though. Visual Sound as a company earned some points with me through their help with fixing my pedal, but this pedal is lacking in areas that have made me turn to other pedals.

darkwolf291's review"Amazing Chorus/Echo"

Truetone H2O V1
This is a great pedal. It contains an echo and a chorus effect. Each effect has it's on footswitch so you can turn on one of them or both of them. It also has a switch on the Echo side to switch between long and short delay trails.
It has three knobs on each effect to sculpt it to your tastes. It also has an effected out, and a dry out.


This pedal is easy to use. Just plug in, figure out where you want the knobs set, and play.
It can take some tweaking to figure out where you want to set the knobs though. The chorus especially.
I can't comment on the manual since mine was second hand and I wasn't given the manual.


The chorus on this is VERY good. It's a nice, thick, lush, watery chorus. It can easily go from subtle to alien like warbles with the turn of a few knobs. I mainly use it too add depth and to thicken up my cleans, which it does VERY well. It does color the sound a bit, but I don't mind it, and actually like it a bit.
The Echo is decent. It's not the greatest echo in the world, but it's not the worst. It works well for what I need though. I mainly use it with short delay time, and long repeats to thicken up my leads and cleans, which it does well.


This pedal is great. This is easily one of the best choruses I've tried. Thick, Lush, and watery. The echo is decent. A bit dark, but still decent. I got it mainly for the chorus channel since I'm not much of a delay guy.
I think it was well worth the one hundred and ten dollars I paid for it.

VishNuRoXoUt's review"Solid Chorus"

Truetone H2O V1
The V1 H2O is a fairly simple and very manageable chorus and delay. The chorus is analog and the delay is an analog voiced digital effect. It has mono in and stereo outs and a 9VDC adapter. Very heavy duty pedal, feels like it could withstand a hurricane. It's not very large, but it certainly isn't a space saver. The switches are close enough together that you can turn both effects on and off with one step, which is very convenient.


The controls are very simple on the pedal. Chorus has a speed, depth and delay time knob and the delay has an echo time, repeats and effect level knob. There is a switch for the delay side to make the delays short slapback delays or long trailing delays. It's fairly easy to switch with your foot which was really useful for me. I found that I wanted a bit more repeats from the delay of this pedal.


The chorus can be very subtle or you can get it more lush just using the controls. The delay sounds nice but lacks repeats. No self-oscillation or anything fun here. With that said the delay side still has it's uses and is still very nice sounding. This has been one of my favourite chorus pedals that I have owned.


This is a very good pedal if you are looking for a good chorus and delay for relatively cheap. They can be found for a very good value used. The build is strong and the effects are truly nice. Very, very lush chorus. I would recommend this pedal to anyone looking for a decent starter or intermediate chorus pedal with a bonus delay feature. I just wouldn't recommend it to someone looking for a stand alone delay. Very nice pedal for the money.

moosers's review

Truetone H2O V1
Visual Sound's H20 is a chorus and echo pedal that I have used with electric guitar. While I believe it is designed for use with the electric guitar, like all pedals it can be used with other electric instruments if you so choose. However, since my experience with the H20 pedal is with electric guitar, this review will focus it's attention to this application alone. The pedal contains 1/4" connections for input and output, and requires a power supply which I believe is of nine volt power. It isn't a rack mountable piece of gear being that it is a foot pedal.


The make up of the Visual Sound H20 is generally consistent and easy to understand. The pedal is split up into separate sections for chorus and echo, each having it's own buttons to engage their sound. The chorus section contains parameters for speed, width, and delay time, while the echo section has some for echo time, repeats, and effect level. The delay also has a switch to choose between either a long or a short version of the effect. I haven't seen a manual for the H20 pedal, but don't believe that one is necessary to use the pedal anyway.


The Visual Sound H20 overall has a pretty impressive sound that is clear and quite luscious. There is definitely a reason that they call this pedal H20, as the chorus can definitley remind you of running water at times. I've used the pedal for recording sessions, mostly with a custom Fender Stratocaster a '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb, but we did do some mixing and matching with different guitars and amps to try to get the sound that we were after. While I like the chorus sound more than I do the echo on the H20, both a formidable effects that are worthy of use. Chances are that if you like one of the effects on here you will like both, as they do share a similar type of quality.


While they now have out a new version of the Visual Sound H20, known as the V2 H20, I've yet to have a chance to use it so I can't really compare the two. However, if they have succeeded in making a better version of the H20, it must be a very good pedal. The good news about the H20 is that now since they have the newer one out, this pedal can be had for a considerable amount less than before. While I would certainly understand wanting to go for the latest and greatest, the original H20 is a high quality pedal in it's own right. When compared to other pedals in it's price range, the H20 seems to have more versatility and definitely has an admirable sound even when compared with the best. In my opinion, you can't really go wrong with the Visual Sound H20.
MGR/Boom Boom11/06/2001

MGR/Boom Boom's review"Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus and Echo"

Truetone H2O V1
Purchased from Musician's Friend online for $130.00 (US). After I borrowed a rack fx box from a friend, I fell in love with the chorus and echo for both guitar and vocal work. I wondered what it would be like to have better thicker chorus and more control for my vocals, so after reading a few reviews I thought about the H2O, and I emailed the company to ask if they had tried vocals. They responded promptly that they knew of someone using it for vocals but hadn't tried it. I decided to give it a shot.

It's very simple to use, and it inspired me to play for several hours from the moment I plugged it in with my guitar. Worked fine with my mic, and I was able to get some very spacy vocal sounds.

After playing it for a few months now, both the effects sound a little "canned", just a little. When I first turn it on there is a loud ringing sound, so I have to turn it on before the amp if I don't want to hear it. When switching on and off both effects, there is a slight pinging sound, so I wouldn't want to use the swithces live on the fly (which sort of defeats the purpose of having foot switches).

When it was only a few days old, I pushed the unit across the floor with my foot and two of the rubber "feet" fell right off. There was enough glue to stick them back on, but now I have to be careful, and I'm sure they will fall off again, and I will have to glue them on with something better than what came from the factory. The body of the unit is very solid; knobs and switches very sturdy and smooth and look and feel as if they will last about fifty years.

All in all this is a pretty nice box and the effects are fine for live performance if you don't mind the slight ping (or don't use foot the switches). I have done some interesting recording with it, and I want to like it more, but they really need to improve on some basic things in my opinion. I might trade mine, I'm not sure yet.

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-Livingroom-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a beautiful chorus"

Truetone H2O V1
It is in the same box analog chorus and digital delay. It works by jack for guitar. is analog, so not editable.


three knobs for each effect, nothing to cry foul :) if there is a switch to make "long" delays (it is short, you expect to 30 seconds of delay, he's a echo in the mind ) or short slapback kind.

It does not get lost in the settings, and the sound comes easily!


effects are effective, the chorus is distinctive and very beautiful, can get kind leslie effects, it is very "aquatic" in mind. It is only for the guitar, with a low all the charm of a chorus is lost. pushed in, all right, this is the reign of noise and experimental.

As for the delay in slapback is a treat, it is very warm.


4 years now, it may not appeal to everyone, but it's really good I think! I have not tested the v2, but v1 is robust! I tried many insipid chorus before but this is the chorus to my foot! It is expensive for an effect of this type, but the price is worth it!

I would do this choice to test the v2!

WiR's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good Pedal, Especially Excellent Chorus!"

Truetone H2O V1
A digital and an analog echo chorus.

Alim classic, or 9V battery.

A second output for unprocessed sound.

Pasted to the previous opinion, everything has been said on it no worries!


Very simple configuration:

Delay: Delay Time - Feedback - Effect Level Switch with a short delay to spend long! In short everything has already been said about this in prior reviews.

I still give my opinion on the robustness of the case of the pedal, it has fiercely strong air, printed to look good in the shelter system in there!

The knobs are effective in black, they are easy to handle because it is very tactile. In fact, we feel the small bump on the knobs indicating where the knob is, so that even if you see nothing, you can still place it.

Unfortunately I think this is not the case in Version 2 of this pedal has replaced the more version1 produced today.


THE CHORUS: The chorus is superb! Very personal! It sounds extremely hot, extremely round and warm. It does not have this side "gniiii gniii" is meant in some chorus (I do not know if I made myself clear but the high frequencies on some swirling chorus).
You can spend a very vibe sound, a sound standard (Guns'N'Roses Knocking On Heavens Door, standard carcass what) a more distinctive sound (Police and 80's as Purple Rain) to a much more subtle sound for lead in the Mike Stern (when not abused too).
The chorus is as effective clean in overdrive!
Precisely overdrive it gives a real sensation aquatic agreements! How wonderful to open chords with chorus and good settings engaged. The sound becomes water and intoxicating wish!
BUT CAUTION: It is possible to detect a significant boost in volume when the chorus is switched, which can be very annoying or wanted!
This boost was much embarrassed me personally but I could master playing less strong when I enclenchais chorus, giving less dynamic shots or pick softer fingers.

THE DELAY: This is my disappointment, it is versatile enough (up to 800ms) but still it is too far back. Basically I had bought this pedal for the delay to "grow" my solos (yes it is quite absurd ...). Well, I was pretty disappointed:

The delay does not sound digital, it is darker, but I do not find her particularly nice color. In short, it does not add a great color to magnify solos, it is certainly too neutral. Some delay when used to magnify solos, emit some pretty subtle and very nice reverb.
Well I think it is not his case, therefore, I'm pretty disappointed delay.

So this would note:

CHORUS: 9/10 (haaaa without the boost of volume I would have put a big 10/10 well deserved!)

DELAY: 6/10



I exchanged it no longer against the Visual Sound Liquid Chorus (Chorus only actually) and Ibanez DE7 (delay pedal) because one of my groups demanded the use of a delay longer present, something my Visual Sound did not know how.

We will say that by participating in this exchange, I gained at the delay (the DE7 is biiiiiiiien better) but I lost in the chorus.

The Chorus of H2O is really beautiful, I love the heat it gives off, and overdrive I never tired of the trigger for the latest open chords! A pure delight!

The boost volume recorded on the chorus, however, is a fault not ignore.

In fact it can be very annoying in some situations, we do not necessarily want to boost its sound when it snaps a chorus!

And that's a shame, because this defect out there chorus is sublime.

A pedal tried before buying the extent possible, as always, but is no longer produced it will be hard.

Anyway, used it rotates between the 85 €, if you want a chorus TOP QUALIDAD (and boost the volume does not scare you) and a useful delay in coloring parts of your songs, then this pedal is made for you.

Then the next 2 1 is quite attractive given the sound effects available (it's not 10 in 1 multi-effects "I make noises and I love it!").

In short, it will still MY MODEL Chorus "Perfect"!
And yes I bought it for the delay and I eventually became addicted to the chorus, while the chorus I did not care, it is telling you!

Before_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" chorus excellent, but decent discrete echo"

Truetone H2O V1
An echo digital and analog chorus.
Alim classic or 9V battery.
A second outlet for its untreated
Bought secondhand got rolling because the chorus was wrong.
The seller (on this site) is dishonest and I should have stayed on the first seller finally that's life.
That I did repair, phew


Turning on tests we find what we need.
The manual is not clear at all, there are just some suggestions setting.
To know what is width and stuff, look for yourself on the web.
Two switches, one to activate the echo another chorus.
And a switch to go from short to long echo (manual change).


The chorus is really interesting, I have a small clone (reference) and a boss ce5 (the stuff that nobody wants to redeem yourself) ... Well it still sounds different!
This is whirling water (h2o eh), yum.
The echo is correct (after welding that I have to redo it works again this p ***** pedal has caused me many problems).
You can adjust the volume and repetition, and duration.
I personally put light volume to enrich my game without it becoming overwhelming.


I edit my opinion, I was in rage myself fooled by unscrupulous vendor (not to say a bastard).
After heating the amp, plugged the guitar and switched the effect .. there is happiness. I've had a two week what.
I have several chorus (what is the plural of chorus?) Home.
I did not echo (long hesitated with the space echo boss tested in a mate, which is great I guess, but tight finances) and no thunes or desire to slam 200 balls in a Strymon or other ( that sounds of thunder is ok but there is).
I would do a choice? bah the extent or range is rather riqueraque in the field and those rates, so I would do the choice, it is a good alternative that the h2o that is no longer manufactured (I can already see the ads: vintage, rare, is no longer manufactured to justify a sale price shameful in some time).
They also have very big but the prices are too, so why not one day, in the meantime, I'll try to find settings that suit me, it's job, because the chorus is very responsive and rich.