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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
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-Livingroom-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a beautiful chorus"

Truetone H2O
It is in the same box analog chorus and digital delay. It works by jack for guitar. is analog, so not editable. I did not notice the nuances of sound with v1, if not the lush knob which will be discussed.


three knobs for each effect, nothing to cry foul :) if there is a switch to make "long" delays (it's still short, you expect to 30seconds delay, he's a echo in the mind ) or short slapback kind. And another that changes the chorus into a kind of tri-chorus, basically it increases the depth.

We do not get lost in the settings, and the sound comes easily!


effects are effective, the chorus is distinctive and very beautiful, you can get kind leslie effects, it is very "aquatic" in mind. This is only for guitar, with a low all the charm of a chorus is lost. pushed in, all right, this is the reign of noise and experimental.

As for the delay in slapback is a treat, it is very warm.


This is very typical so it will not please everyone, but at least it has an identity and a warmth not found elsewhere. V2 V1 is like this little switch and more, it's expensive, but it is the price of quality (even in secondhand found easily). Today I'm using more than in the studio, but it saves me a rack for the same sound made.

alextazy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good but not great"

Truetone H2O
analog chorus and digital delay




the chorus is .. water ... it is aptly named!
but I'm not a fan of chorus
the delay is simple and produces breath unless you have a super power supply
Remember the stack, these things consume too
delay the lack of opportunities, it is at first but you get tired


I quickly exchanged against a good delay (nova repeater, which I love) because I did not use my chorus and I liked the delay
this is a good product for those who want not to bother too but in my opinion it is much better.
Echo tango06/21/2010

Echo tango's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" back to analog!"

Truetone H2O
Delay & Chorus in one pedal. Footswitch on / off for each effect, the 2 being cumulables.Switch "normal / lush" for chorus and "short / long" for the delay. Chorus: reglada speed / depth / delay. Echo length adjustment / repetition and level of effect. Mono jack input and output pseudo stereo.Alim 9V battery or transformer.


did not need additional math 'to use the abestiole (otherwise it's simple: buy it)


Nothing to do with Boss DD3 and CE3 who eventually get tired. Here there are the side heat echo and a wide range of sounds next chorus. Chorus discrete sounds that are reminiscent of the Electric Mistress, a real pleasure to explore the capabilities of the beast. The echo is more analog, without the sharp edge of DD3 (excellent machine but moreover it comes to sound and we always swim fast subjectivity) Personally I love it! In addition to the activation effect causes a slight boost that comes good point for solos. My set up: CryBaby Wah, Dist-X Blackstar, Blackstar HT Dual, Visual Sound H2O, Boss TR2 Tremolo, Tuner Korg DT10. Guitars: Ibanez SZ 320 (fitted with Seymour Duncan SH4 SH2) and EX401 LTD. Laney GH50L (Retube for my taste) and baffle Framus 412 (rewired and blocked). I was a little neglected by the chorus but fatigue was here a beast that deserves attention


2 months of use and I discover each day chorus sounds interesting. Solid construction like Visual Sound can do. For the price I made a big deal. Nine is still not given. Before the next election, wait for me to tire of the vehicle.

pierrelaforge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Truetone H2O
Same characteristics except that the V1 2-3 details:
- Slightly smaller format, raised rear to protect the knobs
- Upgraded footswitches (supposed to resist any longer)
- Added a switch norm / hush for the chorus.

It has a chorus and an analog echo / delay up to 800ms (not exactly a delay, we will see later) analog-digital.

9 / 10, it would have been nice to put an additional footswitch enables / disables the two effects at once, and a stereo output (here we have an effective wet exit and an exit Dry void) .. . But hey, I do my difficult.


The use is very intuitive ... RAS.


On clean sounds, the sound of this pedal is superb: you get a sound liquid, syrupy, rich & warm. For the arpeggio is the ideal, we forget to play disto!

On overdrive: the echo works fine, we get a delay typed "vintage" sound with a little deaf & quite round the Gilmour / Floyd a bit.

Of the leads: the echo also works well, but beware, it will not suit all uses. For example Malmsteen playing with a big delay very present in the foreground, we prefer a 100% digital delay (Boss or Digitech). There was a delay in the background, beautiful and very hot, but discreet & vintage.

10/10 for clean sounds (magnifiques!!)
9 / 10 for the overdrive
8 / 10 for leads
Average Rating = 9 / 10


Super pedal to the musical styles "softs" (Police / Dire Straits / Pink Floyd), it excels especially for clean sounds & the crunches / overdrive. The sounds are warm & round. 10/10 for that then.

For the big rock and big leads very powerful, the delay does not necessarily agree, to try. I put 8 / 10 at all, because the pedal is not necessarily ultra-versatile.