Zoom 1010
Zoom 1010

1010, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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All user reviews for the Zoom 1010

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 11 reviews )
 3 reviews27 %
 3 reviews27 %
 2 reviews18 %
 3 reviews27 %
Value For Money : Excellent

PuppetXeno's review"Still lovely after all these years"

Zoom 1010
Once bought as my first effects pedal and having used literally hundreds of different pedals and multi effects units from various manufacturers since, from time to time I keep coming back to this little gem.

The pros:

Standalone, it offers a limited but useful chain of effects, suitable for the basics in a band setting. Simply set the pedal in EDIT mode and use the foot switches to turn the distortion, modulation and delay/reverb section on when needed.

In combination with other pedals, it functions as boost pedal, noise reduction, compressor, wah (with proper expression pedal, unfortunately doesn't work well with a generic impendance curve), equalizer and has a neat retro modulation and delay/reverb section. I'd say the chorus is really nice, and the room reverb provides a nice layer of fullness if set correctly.

It has analog distortion circuitry. This feature is actually what makes it still relevant and even excellent to this day. Merely for this fact, this pedal is worth getting your hands on! It offers eight very different (and each one useable) distortion types which all come with optional amp simulator for d/i use.

Has a built in tuner (this is my excuse to bring it along on my pedal board :-D )

It uses standard center-negative 9V adapter.

The cons:

It is mono.
It does not have tap tempo.
It has no battery operation.
Factory patches are all over the place, this is no good advertisement if you want to get a grasp of this pedal by testing the factory patches.
UI is not modern - no turn knobs but push buttons to change parameters instead.
Outdated technology obviously makes it limited in options.

Wrap up:

The compromises made in designing this pedal were clearly well thought through, and yielded a product that was amazingly versatile and it has helped out many guitarists low on budget to give them access to compression, wah, distortion, modulation and reverb/delay in one go. Zoom understood something, and today's Zoom's multieffects show they only expanded on that understanding.

Analog distortion options alone make this is really nice choice for the experimental guitarist on a budget. From fat fuzz to simulated cranked up tube amp - it does it convincingly. The modulation section is retro but the chorus is nice enough.

For todays prices you can't go wrong on this pedal - you will need to fiddle with parameters to get the sound to where you want, obviously, and there's more than just the 3-4 knobs on a regular pedal, so there's that. Despite it's great ease of use it's more versatile than you might think and some patience is required. Well, patience pays off!
MGR/Pat Sommers12/17/2003

MGR/Pat Sommers's review"Zoom 1010"

Zoom 1010
I baught this Zoom 1010 effects unit on Ebay for 50.00 dollars,I needed a unit cause I was tired of using stomp boxes

The unit is really good....i have heard people say things like the distortion patches are No Good..but i like mine..i use this with a Laney 50 watt head and a 4x12 Cab....If i wanted real distotion i would used my own,But in my opinion the Distortion patches a real good....You can't turn you amp up all the way and then put on you zoom 1010 and use distortion...it is too muddy...you have to use a clean channel on your amp no matter how much power your using and then the ZOOM 1010 sounds Great...

I have also read people say you need to be carefull with it that the pedels pop of and What Not...well....I have not had that problem at all....but then again i don't Kick the thing around like it was one of those Metal made somp boxes from the 70's.

I just wish it ran on battery's also

The construction is like anything eles...Be good to it,and it will be good to you....

It is just as well made as the other lines on the market

Bottom line...i think this unit holds up to any other effect unit around...i own other ZOOM products and I think they Are GREAT!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/stringbender's review"Zoom 1010 Effects Pedal"

Zoom 1010
i bought a zoom 1010 pedal from musicians friend a few years ago.

i liked the sounds it has and the parameters you can set. also the four pedals give you enough flexibility.

i wish i had bought a pedal with a foot volume and wah control. also wish it ran on batteries also.

very rugged and withstands a lot of abuse

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Blatniczky J11/18/2003

MGR/Blatniczky J's review"Zoom Player 1010"

Zoom 1010
I bought this Zoom 1010 i think in 1993 in Hungary, where I live. In that time it was 30.000 HUF which means that it was double price of a simple Boss Compressor pedal. So it was fantastic cheap, if you see all the effect types it includes!!!

Lots of effects, small size, and very easy to use, easy to program the patches. Very good tuner it has! Very good Noise Reduction! Absolutely hum-free operation!

The types of the distorsion sounds are little bit similar to eachother. It would be much better with at least 5 sectioned pedal switch plus a Bank up and down switch, becous that 3 itbhas ar not enough on stage. And I miss the pitch shifter!

This unit has 16 types of distorsion- 8 of this are amp simulated - and it works also! You can find all the important effects, like chorus, flanger, reverb, delay, a good EQ. You can program 12 patches and store them. But even you have a lots of (30) pre-programmed sounds in preset patches.

This is a very good made unit. I've never had a problem with it.

This is my firts digital multieffect and I'm not that graet guitarist, who couldn't work together with a ZOOM 1010. If you want to have an easy to use, good quality, multieffect for not much money, ZOOM 1010 can be a good choice for you. And try to find a sound that you can like.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/vivek rao12/08/2001

MGR/vivek rao's review"Zoom 1010"

Zoom 1010
I bought my zoom 1010 from this guy who had absolutely no clue as to how to use it.I borrowed it for a day and figured the whole thing out......i bought it for a mere 120us$$(Indian Rs6000).......it's definitely worth the money:) I bought it coz i didnt have an effects pedal.

I acquired the 1010 about 6 months back and since then there has not been a dull moment with the guitar.....the kind of fine adjustments that can be made in the zoom 1010 coupled by the cost and fine look makes it a semipro's dream come true.It has all the basic effects like flange,chorus etc.....but the level of variation that can be made in each of the effects is phenomenal.It has 8 basic amp distortion's which can also be simulated....so an overall of 16 distortion's.It also includes in its list of effects a compressor, pedal wah input, delay, hall, room and an amazing equalizer with presence control.
There are 30 presets and 12 user defined channels in the zoom 1010.the zoom 1010 is a must-have for someone looking for quality and diversity in music.

Probably, the only fault with the unit is relatively less compression in comparison to the zoom 505 and zoom 3030.....and ofcourse a lack of autowah......that effect kicksass.....apart from that,it's cool:)

The quality of sound from the zoom 1010 is far better than the zoom 505 and the cleanest of tones can be achieved.i've got some patches which come as close as possible to some of the stuff played by steve vai(except for the sustainence).
The construction is no big deal.....it's the sound which matters......and the sound's great:)

The bottom line is that it is an amazing unit for the price you pay.........if youre looking for something affordable and kickass, this is the one:)

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Nick Singleton12/01/2001

MGR/Nick Singleton's review"Zoom 1010"

Zoom 1010
I bought a used Zoom 1010 effect pedal for about $60. I mainly bought an effect pedal because I needed a good distortion, because the one on my amp had way too much feedback and it was just disgusting. Turned out that the effect pedal I bought didn't help.

Not too much. I used one distortion out of the 6 cheesy ones there are out of the 30 effects, which are all basically the same.

Mostly everything. Too little good effects. No good distortions. Too many annoying sounds on this unit.

The only good quality about this unit. It was perfect size. It never broke, and it always worked right! The only plus towards the Zoom 1010.

Save your money up for Zoom GFX-8 or Zoom GFX-707, which has a way more variety of sounds to choose from. Zoom has made better!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Zoom 1010"

Zoom 1010
I wanted a floor multi effects unit.
I paid $100 Musician's Friend.

I was cheap and so were the effects.

It worked fine, but the effects were incredibly
cheesy! I got what I paid for! Check how many bits effects are before you
buy. If they don't say then you don't want it! Next time I'll buy 20 bit

Not as strong as Boss pedals, but I didn't break

What can you expect for $100.
I sold it used for $70.
Save up for something better.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

chaosbc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom 1010
Dj mentioned in the previous ones opinion ...
Base effects are l.
No publisher Mac / PC or noon (but given his age and price range that is normal)


Extremely simple to use, recommends beginners particulirement


This allows much pdalier apprhender base effects when beginners.
The quality is correct but infrieure between the end of today.
I have a hard time adhrer the opinions of others trs positive review!


- I possd this pdalier there ten years and have used until they die (of the sr pdalier well, mine is will have to wait a little longer).

Its advantages: price, ideal for beginners or (very) small fortune, easy to use, lightweight weight will forget during transport RPET.

Its default: it is ugly (but subjective), in terms of quality of construction: very fragile (but this price ...), it will not bear to be trs Malmen longemps . Finally when the battery backup will use the screwdriver it will play (no trap ACCS)

I had not tried the era of other models for beginners but if I came back to the '90s, I probably do it again but this choice today, with the possibilities offered by MODELS such as the current modlisation amp, the sound quality etc. .. (even in entry level), even if I beginners, this is not the choice I will
Couille de loup09/15/2006

Couille de loup's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom 1010
See above
PDAL complte with more expression pedals for


Extremely easy to use
The handbook (available) internet HERE (https://www.samsontech.com/products/relatedDocs/1010.pdf/url)

is quite comprehensive and comprehensible


So many more effects and split.
6 simultanment programmable effects.
The wah is trs apprciable especially with the expression pedals.
The package is available HERE ( )


Multi-purpose full and cheaply, has recommended!

Object's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom 1010
Multi effects pedalboard:
Tuner, compressor, wah, Disto, Amp Sim, EQ, Chorus, Flanger, Reverb, Delay.

In, Out,
Between pedals for expression.

a very complete multi in this range.


Super easy to use.


Well, we must not compare it to the pro stuff is clear.
But the effects are correct.

I put 7 because even without the pedal because the sound distorts a little


Well, ... it is clear that we must see this multi in its class ...

This is a multi-range effects of this award and it is really stunning.
It is super full, there is a tuner Intgr a plug for an expression pedals and sound quite right.

It is rsistant I have since I do not even know when (and yet I bought it used), I lug around everywhere and never had a problem!

For budgets (TRS) emissions, it is paradise.