Zoom 606 Guitar
Zoom 606 Guitar

606 Guitar, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom.

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Average Score:3.6( 3.6/5 based on 32 reviews )
 11 reviews34 %
 12 reviews38 %
 4 reviews13 %
 5 reviews16 %
Value For Money : Excellent

mooseherman's review"Cheap (and cheap-sounding) multi-effects pedal"

Zoom 606 Guitar
This is a multi-effects pedal made by Zoom. I had it for awhile but it was discontinued and I have since sold it. It has 1/4" input and outputs. It's kind of old so it doesn't have much in the way of MIDI or computer connections. It's a digital effect, and an old one at that, so it doesn't have the sophistication or nuance of today's digital technology. It's not a rackable unit as it's a floor pedal and needs foot control to bypass and use the expression pedal.


Editing this pedal isn't that difficult, it has an easy interface to use. It has a total of 35 different effects, though only 9 can be played simultaneously (which is admittedly a lot). The controls for these effects are somewhat limited, and it certainly takes some time to control them. As convenient as it is to have all of these effects in one place, the specifics of each effect are very difficult if not impossible to really perfect and tailor to your needs. The manual explains how to do it but doesn't really change the fact that it's still difficult to make any of the individual effects that good.
The expression pedal goes a long way in customizing your sound, and making it more flexible while playing. But dialing in the right tone takes a lot of time and effort and it really leaves you with little wiggle room.


Quite frankly, this unit does not have good sound. It has very cliche sounds and the tone of each sound gets really muddy, unclear, and dulled by this pedal. The distortions are very fake and cliche, and would only work as an effect in a techno or other type of poppy, overly produced type of sound. For me, that's not the sign of a good pedal. Considering you can use good pedals for those ends anyway, there's nothing really that great about these sounds other than quantity, but that's not really important when it comes to sound. I honestly feel I'm being generous by giving this a 4.


This isn't a very good pedal and I was glad to be rid of it. It has been discontinued for good reason. I'm hoping that Zoom has updated the pedal enough to sound good and perhaps have more controls, though I'm very skeptical. Basically I'd say that the best course of action for people who are interested in this type of pedal is to buy a better one, which will probably be more expensive. Or perhaps just buy individual pedals, which will pretty much guarantee good sounds, if not as many.
MGR/Kirk Husak10/25/2004

MGR/Kirk Husak's review"Zoom 606 Guitar"

Zoom 606 Guitar
I purchased my zoom effects petal at Ardens Music in trenton, ontario,canada, for 289 dollars plus tax. I thought i needed a new amp but instead bought a perfect petal.

I like how you have so many varieties of effects that you can change in to completely different sounds. The built in wha petal that that also changes volume and tones of effects is almost top quality like a crybaby or vox.

I dislike that it is a hassle to have to search so long for the right sound you want.

The black zoom 606 guitar digital effects petal is sturdely built with hard plastic and shows clearly what effects you have without looking through the manuel.

The effect petal is a great middle class petal that fits my almost every need on guitar. It is worth the money asked definetley.

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MGR/ben's review"Zoom 606 Guitar"

Zoom 606 Guitar
I purchased this pedal at Larry's music center.The reason i bought this was because my amplifier had weak distortion and I wanted a wider range of effects. i paid approxomately 110.00$

I like the wide range of distorted and clean effects they offer and I also like that you can edit your own patches.you can either plug it into the wall or you can use batteries to power it.

I had to take it in for repairs on the input jack. If you use batteries to power it the life is not very long and you end up paying more than you would like on batteries.

The construction and quality are both good quality.

This is a good professional grade effects pedal.

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MGR/Chantal's review"Zoom 606 Guitar Multi FX Processor"

Zoom 606 Guitar
At a Pawn shop, "Nearly New", (wink wink), for $89.00.

The sounds aren't too bad. Although the eq left much to be desired, the FX were decent. (Through my cabs, anyhow. Who knows how it will sound through yours!)

This pedal is way undependable. If you plan on playing out with this thing, don't. It is terribly unreliable. The two pedals gave horrible response, and didn't always switch when I stepped on them. The way they are laid out (flat) is not very ergonomic. The jacks also came loose.

The hardware sucks. It's cheap plastic and the expression pedal is stiff and sticky. Also, the jacks are practically floating around in the back of this thing, so if you happen to move at ALL when you play, you can count on cutting out.

I never played one show with this thing all the way through. It's continuously cut out on me at every show. Also, it tends to act up if it gets a little cold. All in all, I would definitely not reccomend this pedal to any serious musician that plays out alot. ESPECIALLY if you use multiple effects in a song and do a lot of switching or moving around. It's not worth it. Mine is getting sold on consignment and it is SO lucky, cause otherwise it would have been smashed with a hammer at my last band practice.

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MGR/Azizi's review"Zoom 606"

Zoom 606 Guitar
i bought it at city music near sophia road.the shop is located in peace plaza.its original price was around $200 but i bought it around $144(singapore dollars) because of the year end sale.

It is worth buying because it have 35 built in effect such as wah pedal,distortion,overdrive,acoustic,clean,lead ,choruses etc.and it cost cheaper that buying an effect.this product includes wide variation of distortion settings and flexible modulation effects.the product have a built in expression pedal so you can easily adjust the effect depth or volume during play.i like when i used the wah wah pedal because i can relly control the sound.whether you choose pedal wah or gutsy pitch bend,the range of available sound is on par with top of the line.controlling distortion type and intensity during a performance is made smooth and easy by using tzoom 606.Not only that,this product has a built in chromatic tuner.lastly you can use battery OR ac adapter for this product to function.for those who like using batteries,here is your dream product.it uses 4 batteries.you can also adjust the volume from the product.you can also make your homemake effect.you do not need to stick to the factory setting.

there is two things that i don't like.first it takes time for you to learn how to use the product properly.another thing is i dislike the digital led.it is very annoying to search the effect because it is shown on numbers,which mean i need to memorise the patch number for the effect.if only the product can spell so i can type the effect name for easier finding.

it is very smooth and has no sharp edges.it is strong and weight around 600g.the dimensions of the product is 233mm(W)x159mm(D)x54mm(H).it is made very a very high quality product.i would rated it as the best cheapest quality multi-processor in singapore.

it's really really worth it!you won't regret buying it,seriously.not only it is affordable,but it also contains so many effects.

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MGR/E. vogel11/03/2003

MGR/E. vogel's review"Zoom 606"

Zoom 606 Guitar
Bought in Holland (small shop) as an offer for only €150,--

Lot of effects for a small budget

Not suitable for stage performing i think

Well it is an computer made of plastic, but the sound of it rocks, so for home use exellent.

nice price for a lot of fun.

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MGR/anthony endsor09/29/2003

MGR/anthony endsor's review"Zoom 606"

Zoom 606 Guitar
Bought from from a shop called express in Solihull for about £100. Bought for the saving of not buying 20 different pedals or constant re-adjustment.

Versatility- span of effects as in you may create something totally unique. Variability on existing effects, Overdrives, Cleans, Distortions and even Acoustic Simualation. The tuner is brilliant, allowing any real tuning on any string.

Complex ways of selecting in play between a few effects. Hot a very clear display, and can be slightly to easy to make all your effects sound similar.

Plastic, so not the best, the occasional squeek included. However you'd be forgiven for thinking this is cheaply made although my mate dropped a Copy P. Bass and didnt leave a mark

Good fo applying effects and earlier work in your learning but they arent the real thing so you may consider buying a few specialist pedals based on what you like, i.e. overdrive pedals if your an overdrive person.

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MGR/Jacques's review"Zoom 606"

Zoom 606 Guitar
Brand new


Only reason I did this review is to give my one dislike:
You cannot adjust the Tremolo depth with this pedal, which sucks balls!


Buy it but get yourself a seperate Trem pedal if you need one (like I do)

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Dave Troland01/09/2003

MGR/Dave Troland's review"Zoom 606 Effects Pedal"

Zoom 606 Guitar
After having my rack-mounted Digitech Twin Tube GFX-1 suddenly lose the ability to display the selected patch during a performance, I decided it was time to purchase an effects pedal that could do more than make me sound like a Neil Schon wannabe. After nearly buying a lesser version of this pedal at Sam Ash my wife suggested we try Guitar Center. Imagine - the exact same pedal Sam Ash was selling for $99 we found used (but in the original box with original paperwork, manual and plastic bag) for $44. I'm a happy man.

First, this thing looks cool. It's got a nice gold/silver/metallic finish that looks much sturdier than the plastic it's made from probably is. The incorporated expression pedal for wah, delay and volume pulls this unit out of the typical on/off fuzzbox realm. With 42 internal memory patches available I can noodle around for hours and never get bored with the variations. And when I plug in my headphones and some batteries I can sit with this lightweight unit on the bed and only annoy myself.

Unfortunately the manual is written in a language no longer spoken on earth.

The 606 weighs about a pound and is slim enough to slip right into a gig bag. Yeah, it's plastic but all moving parts seem very sturdy and click solidly into place. Intuitive it is not - you will need to plug in and start spinnin' knobs and pushin' buttons to figure out what it can do. One of the coolest features is the built-in guitar tuner which is easy to see even while standing over the unit. I tried this after four glasses of Zinfandel and it was still quite legible.

You won't find it for $44 like I did, but even at $99 this is one mighty little tool to help you conjure up the guitar Muse. Each effect will inspire you to try a new turn of a phrase, a new chord, maybe even start writing again. And if not, hey, there's always Ebay.

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MGR/johnny's review"Zoom 606 w/ Expression Pedal"

Zoom 606 Guitar
i got this from long and mcquade, if ur gopnna buy this console buy it off the net cause i paid regular price, $175.99, the reason i bought it was b/c i didnt have a pedal to control clean and overdrive w/ my amp and i couldnt stop in a middle of a song to switch by hand.

i like the different effects, the fact that u can edit ur own sounds to ur own taste, the expression pedal i dont use to much just to control volume, and just the various preset sounds that gets u started and gives u ideas, cause u can improve them easily into good soundin ones, also the clean on mine that i made is really good o and it has an on board tuner

its plastic, really easy to break, i dont recommend u to use this in a gig where u get excited cause ull probably break it and another thing it eats up so many batteries, im lucky enough that i found an ac adapter at my house for it but i suggest u go out and buy one for this

its really light, bottom is a sheet of thin metal with foam thins so it doesnt scrath the floor, top is plastic w/ 2 knobs, 2 switching pads and a pedal, and a 2 digit display

i think its good for a begginer but now i feel that i wasted my money since i dont use all the effects cause lets face it u dont use too many effects often, i was told by my cousin that i will regret buyin it cause i wont use it to full capability but i was stuborn and wanted to try it out but all i need is a good distortion pedal. if u hav any questions or whatever email me.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com