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  • Jacobacci Royal

    Jacobacci Royal - " Exceptional instrument"


    1961 French guitar, this guitar is bet the family hollow body of the line "Major" or "Royal" as references. This guitar is made entirely by hand with a maple body, a rosewood and rosewood handle Alu 20 frets. Micro RV Tonemaster handle with volum…

  • Jacobacci Studio II

    Jacobacci Studio II - diabolomanus's review


    I hope I have more to present the creators of high quality guitars. Mine has been modified to correspond to a circuit Les Paul, the pickups are Gibson humbucker type also. UTILIZATION Handle very nice and accurate (Ebony), mine was refrétté and b…

  • Jacobacci JD 80

    Jacobacci JD 80 - diabolomanus's review


    JD 80, as its name suggests, began to be produced in Paris in the early 80s (see 1979) by brothers Jacobacci, the most famous French luthiers, after a trip to the USA where they brought the type humbucker pickups Alex Axe brand that fit most JD 80. O…

  • Jacobacci Les Paul Custom Benedetti

    Jacobacci Les Paul Custom Benedetti - salome.sebastien's review


    When did you say or it was made, no idea! What matters is that c is with me and I will not say !!!???? the number of frets 22. The type of bridge no idea, me and technology, coooooonnnnnaaaaiiissss not only the sound m interested !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T…

  • Jacobacci Studio II

    Jacobacci Studio II - icetease's review


    Listen, I did not know the name of the brand LAG. This guitar, more young trs, is made in France ... I intermdaire Discoveries by a collgue who has in his closet, family obligations! She Trenn many concert jou in full of all styles and locations!…

  • Jacobacci Studio II

    Jacobacci Studio II - chelmi's review


    In which country was it made? (United States, Japan, Mexico, France ...) In France, by brothers Jacobacci. How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration? What are the settings (volume, tone, micro switch ...)? If I remem…

  • Jacobacci Studio II

    Jacobacci Studio II - romuvert's review


    Made in Paris, the date of my 74 and I've had 86 the main feature is that the body is hollow, and the crazy Feedback is provided for almost all the notes: happiness if it is properly managed UTILIZATION The handle is really excellent (especiall…

  • Jacobacci Studio II

    Jacobacci Studio II - kdcobainson's review


    Made in France at Jacobacci (mine of 81) 22 frets, 2 micro Gibson in 1980 (replaced by a bridge Seymour Duncan TB-6 on mine) Quipp 3 of switch on / off -> bridge mic on / off; handle mic on / off; knob inoperan on / off knob one volume, another…