LES PAUL CUSTOM BENEDETTI, LP-Shaped Guitar from Jacobacci.

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salome.sebastien 05/10/2007

Jacobacci LES PAUL CUSTOM BENEDETTI : salome.sebastien's user review


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When did you say or it was made, no idea! What matters is that c is with me and I will not say !!!???? the number of frets 22. The type of bridge no idea, me and technology, coooooonnnnnaaaaiiissss not only the sound m interested !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The regulation of this bomb are always perfect and nothing was wrong, one of the highest skyscrapers in all styles, that what they are!! Moreover c is a guitar active when you inflate the drummer, simply touch the little switch and you cleaned without putting the knob thoroughly! SURPRISING? not just Jacobacci!! I think the handle was a copy ibanez satriani 1000 for the series and more heat from the wood and combines the clean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The handle as I have already mentioned is of great accessibility and maneuverability amazing! Yet with my hands lumberjack, in fact I am, it invites you to further the handle!! J forgotten my hold hands with this guitar! Treble call you! Can not stay on the bottom of the handle, it was not even desire to smoke when it is in his hands! A great look and ergonomic super pleasant highs reached al! You become solo! The shape is beautiful and sweet, it requires not by name but by its forms certainly is a name c Jacobacci! And is a legend in the guitar and yet possesses j; ten great name, but is superior even to an American legend of which I will not name, due to continuing, you never know? laugh!! I own and yet my heart and my instinct is to it! The weight c is a heavyweight like Tyson, an uppercut on dorsos; the weight of a chainsaw that good flow has donf !!!!!! Normal view of the wood used, even a vacuum is a limit folk and c is that for a guitar!


My style of music: Led Zep, mike olflield, deep purple, acdc, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix, Guilbert, Pink Floyd and Joe Cocker not forget, I know that offends but hey! and frankly it meets all the requirements that are musical! I play marshal 4203, JCM900, Valvestate, Mesa Boogie, Fender and Carvin nomad 112 1000performer but without any effect I love the relationship pure and simple guitar / amp as simple relationships between humans! in sound setting everything is possible: both the style electro acoustic, like blues, hard, jazz or even and especially in the trash classic! Switch to light bulbs on an amp and it is with David Gilmour! ACDC no problem, of Led Zeppelin and even j in the process! it has its sound, the sound!! on the contrary to other guitar that I have I do not hate!


I used the last 20 years, yep I know it's been a while but for anything I do not give up! even for a chick, c is tell you! Purta And the girls are the seeds of rock n roll, what the inspiration! c she is there no name of female stars who exceeded! The particularity of this guitar I just say everything in the texts that I know I've ecrit.Je shaving when I say that I love! Only add a detail c is that when I bought the, the microphones were not all n Benedittis! Benedittis A, Di Marzio and a seymour duncan, all mixed with the wood, c is the ecstasy! Special particulieremnet particularly: incredible number of switch to mix the three microphones!! of the bomb, c is simple! its HIROSHIMA! The value for money is quite honorable, finally al epoque 3000F d occasion!? No bargain is not it! sure to find its site prixsur c is not obvious! but I think mine is a bit devalued relative to their microphones and it remains that no one in original post!? Finally, it s not care the price, the sound is!! j sorry I forgot the question before! No no I have not tried before a lot of instrument from a guitar in rotten "laissepaultranquille" copy in poor low-end with a handle at Harp and Company, I remember the brand and for good reason to take a harder that of heading an ax, you know the kind! an old yamaha also in the same kind only the color was beautiful! aps But the sound! stops on this day you inflate it n is not in bernard pivot, or bernard richard m it escapes! hello good will to all those who read this and good scratch!