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Ddrum Electronic Drums & Percussion user reviews

  • Ddrum 4SE

    Ddrum 4SE - FP User's review


    I am very pleased with the features of this latest Clavia Ddrum kit. Even though Clavia has done a great job updating the pads with mesh heads and making the sounds available for download, the brain is starting to show it's age. The next generation o…

Translated user reviews
  • Ddrum Pro GC

    Ddrum Pro GC - " Trigger honest"


    Trigger cheap, quite effective to the extent it is not used in an optical "speed metal". The construction is of good quality. The price is a good average. Being now equipped axis, the ddrums do for me out of pre-history. …

  • Ddrum Red Shot Kick Trigger

    Ddrum Red Shot Kick Trigger - " Bad, bad, bad ..."


    I had acoustic drums pro tdrums and now I play on the axis. Please do buy these m ****, it is simply a disaster! Manufacturing is bad, efficiency is poor, unless you like the festival of parasites and double shots. At worst, to be tested with a mesh …

  • Ddrum 4SE

    Ddrum 4SE - " the electronic grandebatterie"


    this is a superb material outputs are separate and original sounds vraimment we do not try to copy an acoustic drum but rather create a new exiting new sounds, the concept is modern and novateur.cette drumkit have no equivalent and robustness of th…

  • Ddrum ddr 4800

    Ddrum ddr 4800 - fredo0411's review


    http://www.zzounds.com/productreview--DEPDDR4800 …

  • Ddrum DDrum 4

    Ddrum DDrum 4 - emeric8's review


    The perfomances of electronic drums are not yet at the electronic piano. However, the approach of Ddrum is somewhat similar to the Yamaha Clavinova with the sense that these batteries have no other purpose than to get as close as possible to the acou…

  • Ddrum 4SE

    Ddrum 4SE - valda888's review


    I have two DDRUM 4SE modules that I purchased in August 2009 and I use AT DDRM Roland pads and cymbals. Warning: to use the hi-hat controller with Roland and the ddrum 4 SE requires a Pintech adapter (https://www.pintechworld.com/shop/scripts/prodVie…

  • Ddrum AT

    Ddrum AT - tibstr's review


    I quelqun research that could help me find the electronic shmas this ddrum ... mine took a lightning, so it takes me shma the priority of the power board ... thank you in advance to all! thib …

  • Ddrum 3

    Ddrum 3 - angeyoda's review


    I use it since 1994! I like the "all in one", super pads, sensors super, super dynamic game, multi-zone pads, sampler option, easy to use, reliable (mine has more than 300 times and never flinch!), The PCMCIA cards! the best compromise yet profes…

  • Ddrum 4SE

    Ddrum 4SE - Coda's review


    <p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>- How long have you use it?</span> I've had two weeks now. <p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>- What is the particular feature you like best and least? </span> The +: The ism of this drumkit, I learned on…