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jazzystochat 02/22/2005

Ddrum 4SE : jazzystochat's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
I use this drumkit for a year, I play a lot on it because it helps me to the ball, so between rptitions and accessories CHME it does not, in the strong nothing fault (except for the bass drum I return below), everything is mtal, cast aluminum chassis priori for the "boxes" with strong clamps.
The sounds are great if you know the choice, I mean by the number of sound is trs lev, since you can insert for example the sounds of your acoustic drum sample to find your sound while playing lctronique, "he is nothing" you say, but when you play or dance using modern sounds, you glad to have your kit specially d di, but if you use certain sound with donns BCAN you risk tearing your hair, on the CD there are sounds that a touch rclament totally DIFFERENT from others, you give a concrete example, while particulirement for the snare you may have with his gostnotes coming out very easy, c preque a real snare drum in feeling, but you will not hear of another qqchose that trs prcisemment by typing on the body, taking care to stick up the aussitt given the coup, to knit unplayable .. So choose your sounds good .. and get a rglage in sensitivity and dynamic with onions!
For a time against these choices are made you will find a box that sounds derrire ..! I personally use the sounds of pearl masterworks, it's a killer, the bass drum is standard, while the sounds are beautifully sample, when we think we can have a sound like no galrer microphones with 8 or 9 .. lol .. What a blessing
Now there are two things I blame the drumkit, THE FIRST is that touch is really to years of acoustic Lumire be aware that you will have to relearn to play the drums with a, but if you know a there's no problem, for against the big big problem is that this drumkit iusqfjherliuhrg bass drum ..!
THE FIRST held 10 minutes ..! I can assure you is trs solid C lctronique that the lche.
The second (which I have a Falam al remo) held ..... drum roll ........ .. 10 hours in the middle of RPET Lch.
The troisime (on which there was also a Falam), which has just snapped in my legs this weekend in full accessories required about 160 hours .. (prcission my PDAL is a bat with camco felt)
I remind you that I am drummer baloche with this drumkit, no trash mtal, so to play between 5 and 7 hours away do not hit hard ..!!!
For the moment the kick drum has changes each time t, and quickly, thanks my shop "guitars" mulhouse makes a great job and MRIT to be in such cit , but hey .. you're in a normal bass drum lche ..!?( For as often as the man responsible for the change in clavia me so quickly and asked to deal directly with me to the "future problem me "-it is said that the problem is known ..) Heureuseument I always stick my yamaha sensor pad before the bat when she snaps in the legs ..!
Now I think that has just been ddrum ratchet, when is he going to be of Service?
With the exprience I realize that we must choose what MODEL especially if you need acoustic sounds to more synthetic sounds good go for a multi-effect or look elsewhere .. . FYI I bought 3030 euros complte the rack but I find far too expensive for what it is.