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  • Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo

    Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo - "Great instrument Microphone"


    The Prodipe A1 was manufactured in France and it was created for home recording musicians that are on tight budgets (which fits most of use). The design of this microphone is very sleek and futuristic, I love the way it looked when I had it set up in…

  • Prodipe MC-1 Condenser Lanen

    Prodipe MC-1 Condenser Lanen - Kierkes's review


    The Prodipe MC-1 Ludovic Lanen microphone is a higher end model in French audio company Prodipe’s line of hand held vocal microphones. Before committing to that pigeonholing of the microphone into a purely vocal usage, I must comment that the MC-1 is…

Translated user reviews
  • Prodipe Lamp Studio Pro

    Prodipe Lamp Studio Pro - " lamp!"


    good, see below OVERALL OPINION then I found this super micro (especially since I just bought a 60 euros! yes, he was the possessor did not work!) Well, I come to speak of this micro because as I say I bought one for anything because the owner …

  • Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo

    Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo - " Useful for use without quality!"


    Purchased pair, cheap € 100 both. Loses its quality over time ... and fast! OVERALL OPINION In comparison with an older, new sound completely different! Well, well .. it's crap that loses its quality over time (very fast) TO AVOID REGISTRAT…

  • Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo

    Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo - " Of disposable"


    Small-diaphragm electret microphone for acoustic instruments taken (guitars, etc.) or battery, among other OVERALL OPINION Used one year, there a few times, then abandoned. The price gives the impression of a bargain, unfortunately, after some …

  • Prodipe ST-1 Ludovic Lanen

    Prodipe ST-1 Ludovic Lanen - " Instead of good quality"


    It is a relatively versatile microphone. Personally, I used it mostly on male voice, singing and rap. OVERALL OPINION I had the opportunity to use many microphones (among other brands: Neumann TLM103, several T-Bone, AKG C414, C214 ...). It seems…

  • Prodipe ST-1 Ludovic Lanen

    Prodipe ST-1 Ludovic Lanen - " Excellent microphone!"


    A microphone in the basis for the song, but that is perfect for recording voice or radio! OVERALL OPINION I use the microwave for 6 months now to my radio and some other recordings, and even with very few treatments (only software processing), I …

  • Prodipe STC-3D Ludovic Lanen

    Prodipe STC-3D Ludovic Lanen - " super off for less than 200 roro"


    I did that for four days and l use it for vocals, harmonicas, flutes, banjo and violin OVERALL OPINION Like my predecessors I can only say bravo for this microphone (the 6em I and not low end) I play mostly acoustic and singing and I'm thrilled, …

  • Prodipe ST-1 Ludovic Lanen

    Prodipe ST-1 Ludovic Lanen - killahbzz's review


    What technology? (Electret condenser ...) Cardioid condenser microphone. I think it has a little bump in the medium high medium, but the rendering is perfect for me. What kind of microphone? (Song, sound, mixed ..) Used for singing and for com…

  • Prodipe ST-1 Ludovic Lanen

    Prodipe ST-1 Ludovic Lanen - " Great to start a micro"


    It is a microphone that I use to make voice (rap) OVERALL OPINION I use it for 1 year and a half. Alesis IO2 soundcard on express and adobe audition. I tried a Behringer B2, and honestly nothing to do .. The above is prodipe. Even though 20…