Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo
Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo

Microphone A1 Duo, Small diaphragm condenser microphone from Prodipe.

stompboxjon 08/30/2012

Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo : stompboxjon's user review

« Great instrument Microphone »

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The Prodipe A1 was manufactured in France and it was created for home recording musicians that are on tight budgets (which fits most of use). The design of this microphone is very sleek and futuristic, I love the way it looked when I had it set up in my home studio. Everyone else loved the way it looked to. The Prodipe A1 is really flat 50hz to 2khz. It does seem to have some sort of a high end boost with recording but it doesn’t over do it. You can tell the boost in the high end when you listen to it in your monitors you will be able to tell how it brings it too life. But it doesn’t just boost the high end frequencies leaving a lot of fuzz behind. It still provides a natural boost without putting any hissing or loud high end annoying sounds with it. It has a very good bass response as well which will allow you to use the A1 on many different instruments, most microphones struggle with those instruments with a lot of deep tones. This microphone will sound great with almost any instrument you put in front of it.


I love the Universal ability of this microphone, it just flat out gives you a great sound on your instruments especially those low end instruments, even with low end brass instruments. The quality of sound recording you get with this microphone is really good for the price that you will pay. I loved the choice in using the A1 by Prodipe. I still to this day recommend this microphone for instruments to fellow musicians, and I still get the chance to use this microphone depending on where I go to record some masters at. It sounds great on acoustic guitars as well. I have used it as the main guitar microphone for years.