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ESP Kirk Hammett user reviews

  • ESP KH-2 SE

    ESP KH-2 SE - "New Uglier Kirk Hammett signature"


    The main KH-2 signature guitar hasnt changed much over the years. For the longest time it was the only way you could get an M2 outside of Japan. The KH-2 has been around forever. No one remembers the KH-1 which was a flying V thing. When people think…

  • ESP KH-20 Kirk Hammett Signature 20th Anniversary

    ESP KH-20 Kirk Hammett Signature 20th Anniversary - "My favorite KH, but crazy expensive"


    This is a very limited model of the famous KH model. It also happens to be one of my favorite ESP guitars that the factory has ever produced. It's quite a bit different from the other guitars, and it's not really something that Kirk plays, but it's…

  • ESP KH-2 SE

    ESP KH-2 SE - "New finish but mostly the same"


    With the new year usually comes something new from ESP, and this is one of the things that Kirk has started using. In reality, this guitar is no different from the newer KH-20s, aside from the paint job. The guitar features an alder body with a map…

  • ESP KH-2

    ESP KH-2 - "The standard KH-2"


    This is the standard KH-2 that everybody knows and loves. Most people who are fans of Kirk Hammett have probably played this guitar. It's been his #1 for the longest time, and it's probably his most iconic ESP. In fact, it's probably the most icon…

  • ESP KH-4

    ESP KH-4 - "Harder to find KH"


    You don't see this guitar come up too often. Awhile back, during the Load era, Kirk made a guitar that's a bit closer to a strat. Instead of the normal pickups with rings, it has a pickguard on it. It also has a much less flashy inlay setup. Asid…

  • ESP KH-2 Vintage

    ESP KH-2 Vintage - "Awesome replica"


    Kirk Hammett has been a long time user of ESP guitars, and the KH2 is one of his most famous guitars. It's based off of the MII that is normally purchased through ESP. However, he has a model that he's had for ages. This is a replica of that model…

  • ESP KH-2

    ESP KH-2 - "Top of the Line Superstrat!!"


    The ESP KH-2 is made in Japan. The KH2 consists of a bolt-on maple neck; 25.5" scale; alder body; rosewood fingerboard; skull & bones inlays; EMG 81 active humbucking pickups; 2 volume & 1 tone control with 3-way slotted Switch; black hardware; Origi…

  • ESP KH-1

    ESP KH-1 - "Very similar to the JH-1"


    Kirk Hammett had been playing ESP guitars for a lot longer than Hetfield. I guess ESP decided to put out two Metallica signature guitars together with very similar features on each. Even though Kirk had been playing ESP guitars this was his first sig…

  • ESP KH-4

    ESP KH-4 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by yungsoo/translated from Audiofanzine FR) First of all, I don't own this guitar but I had the opportunity to play it for half an hour at a shop. ESP Custom Shop made in Japan. 24 frets with "Fuck You" inlay at fret 1…

  • ESP KH-2 Ouija

    ESP KH-2 Ouija - "ESP KH-2 (Kirk Hammett 2)"


    I'm a malaysian, i got my KH-2 from the internet. Paid about $1699 which was actually a great deal. I've only owned my KH-2 for bout 6months. The moment i layed my hands on the guitar i already fell in love with it. nice handling and the sound is aw…