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MGR/Kirk Hammit 02/01/2002

ESP KH-3 : MGR/Kirk Hammit's user review

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I ordered this custom made from the ESP custom shop. They gave it to me for free if they could make replicas of it and sell them for thousands of dollars.

I like the strings, thats about it, this guitar sucks!!!

I hate this thing! Especially the EMGs! They suck so much and you even need to replace a battery in the guitar!
This guitar has a tremolo and it sucks and so do the inlays. I suppose thats my fault for requesting such crap inlays but you need to replace a battery in this guitar!!! The knobs suck too and did I mention that you may need to replace a battery in this guitar???

It was from the ESP custom shop and it has survived 5 years of gigging, but I still think it sucks.

This guitar blows! You need to put a battery in it!

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