tibo67 09/27/2004

ESP KH-2 : tibo67's user review


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I think the KH faitent are in Japan but I'm not sure.
Channel 24 frets alder body EMG81 Floyd Original, 2 volume knobs and 1 tone.
The handle is even flatter than the other ESP of this kind.


The handle is a pretty incredible discipline it is almost too flat in the center (compared to my MIII).
But it is the walk either to the rhythm or solo.A ask how we can make a solo LP, lol.
Access to acute is easy.
It is fun to play regardless of the registry.
There's a level just plug it sounds close by against better to avoid the sound clean without rebidouiller with effects (it is super dry forces EMG)
Mine is a limited edition by Ouija against what I find surprising is that my MIII Deluxe sounds even better (especially the feeling is better). But it's all good for 2!


If we take the ESP is not playing Kyo!
Especially the la.C is to the top of the metal or even the neo (even if everyone takes for PRS ca)
Even before I got the Mesa has the ring of thunder so now ...
The distortion is great power and precision to ca nothing beats against EMG in clean ca claque mal.Maintenant not through effects I get a soften while keeping the momentum.
Apart from a clear direct output of a Marshall has no effect there's nothing wrong (if we make the nag and the clean sound is not omnipresent and still depends on the style ...)


I ais purchase there's more than a year and am delighted even though I prefer my other ESP.
The characteristic I like most out of the config is the decor Ouija!
There is nothing I dislike about this guitar.
I already have a MIII since QLQ months before buying it so I had to buy encourrager (the guitar of my dreams this limited edition!)
The value for money is indescent so I board made a deal (but it was an opportunity).
With the experience I buy as much as I can, lol.Franchement is expensive but this jewelry is frankly the ca!