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All user reviews for the Tascam FW-1082

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 2 reviews22 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Tascam FW-1082
The Tascam FW-1082 is a digital mixer and audio interface combined.  It is firewire based, containing eight channels of faders and inputs, and four built in microphone preamps.  It also has two MIDI channels and 1/4 inch outputs for stereo monitors and a headphone jack.  Each of the channels has a fader, a gain knob, as well as solo, mute, and selection buttons.  There is a three band assignable EQ built in, which can be applied to any of the channels, as well as built in panning.


I find the Tascam FW-1082 to be quite easy to use, as you've really only got the basics to work with here.  This unit is aimed at making it user friendly, as there isn't anything more than what you would need to do some basic recording and mixing.  Having said this, it still has a lot of features to work with, and it will take a bit of use to understand everything and to use everything to its full potential.  However, the typical function are right in front of your face and easily accessible.  Unless you're a beginner with interfaces and mixers, I think everything can be figured out on its on for the most part without the use of a manual, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have it around anyway.


The sound of the mic pres on the Tascam FW-1082 is about average, and while it will definitely get the job done for small home studio recording, don't expect all too much from them.  They come through pretty clear, but they are bit too transparent and lack the depth that I would look for in a set of good pres.  However, considering this price and the overall make up of the unit, I would imagine that users aren't looking for the world when it comes to the pres.  The EQ is of course assignable, so it doesn't actually make any sound without linking it to a plug-in.  For building a small home studio around and getting some demos and basic recordings done, the Tascam FW-1082 will certainly do the job...


Recently, the price of the Tascam FW-1082 has dropped in further than it was in the past, as it looks like they are trying to get rid of these to make room for the newer products that Tascam has to offer.  This is definitely your gain if you're in the market for an audio interface and mixer combination, as this is a great deal as of right now.  While it does not have the best sounding pres in the world, if you're just looking to get started making recordings and want to build a home studio, this would be a perfect place to start in my opinion. Definitely a unit worth looking into for those who want to start up a small studio...

kossilate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam FW-1082
I find it very well I only have one cares, when I put it with my PowerCore after a few minutes, and I have no sound and I do not separate my two veus


The perfect





halotrail's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam FW-1082
I use it for 2 years, it serves to all! I record all my repeat, make my demos and certainly my album will be mixed in the studio pro thereafter.

The control surface is very complete (I regret a few incompatibilities with SX but quibble a bit, there are ways to control it all)

The connection is sufficient for a home studio application.

I regret the number of exits but it can easily create an effects loop with spdif.


The config is simple, I did not need to open the manual, the driver interface is very clear.


The sound of the converters is really enough for home recording, you can honestly get a quality result in the coupling to a good microphone preamp. (The built-in preamp is good but not sufficient) Linking to a good multi purpose card or external such as the UAD-1 and you get a config that exceeds your expectations for less than € 1,000


What's more, judge for yourself by listening to a piece done on cubase entierrement fw1082 and with a multi-purpose TC electronics on
Dj furtif03/23/2007

Dj furtif's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam FW-1082
I have almost a me and I lacated the control surface too deadly
I compose mostly hip-hop with CBase Reason and the management of logiciles done well, the faders are quiet and precise can manage 32 tracks is a very good place to have a good convetisseur Calita for n months time dj is the compagon ideal for multitrack recording, no fuss, it is fairly simple and complete entry-level output.


I tested with REASON3, Cubase SX3, Sonar 6, Ableton live6, Nuendo.

in each of the automation software is impecable, mackie mode
to sonar can put the plug but to engage with equa and other natively is dead.

if not can a Program mode controller.


Very little breath, very simple job without fuss as I already said


To me that does all computer terrible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ludovicloco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam FW-1082
It has everything I need


Setup and easy installation on Macs, all functions are accessible except Eq Favila I'm looking for yet.


The console is clear, just a little buzz in the monitoring (appears on mine).
the preamps are okay and nothing more. Worse than a MOTU 828 for example.


I've had three weeks. The interest is a soundcard which control surface and MIDI inteface, there is also the number of entries: 8 + two audio SPDIF.
rapprt very good value for money.

frankdunord's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam FW-1082
We use it as a sound card - mixer in production models and made a sound coupled with Cubase LE (included) and a rather old PC with XP.

This is the day and night compared to our old equipment.

Connections are easy, implementing clear and well explained in the manual.
8 audio inputs, only one "guitar"
Phantom power necessarily related entries 1 to 4. (It requires not to use these four inputs simultaneously a micro condenser and dynamic - although possible if the symmetric and -)
Mode "monitor mix" difficult to take the whole orchestra if there is a battery, a singer, two guitar and keyboard.
Preferential use in "computer" to be taken home studio and management, coupled with cubase. It can handle 32 tracks on cubase moving from one bank to another.
No equalizer incorporated. The EQ fontions merely drive the equalizer of Cubase. Same for the effects and auxiliaries.
2 MIDI inputs and outputs
2 Wire-made fire-FW (What is the second?).
The FW is essential for qulité and speed of transfers with the computer and it allows management and the simultaneous recording of 8 inputs in cubase, or almost no latency.
Input and SPDIF output useful to record the audio tracks in cubase plugin. (It physically connects the input to output)

The great happiness:
It's beautiful material very close to the pro, clean. The rear inputs allow you to hide cables.
No noise
Automation of the 9 faders blameless
Everything works perfectly with the supplied Cubase.

I have connected to the headphone amplifier headphones (8 input headphones, € 45) behringer proamp800. It allows us to do our rehearsals in near silence in the apartment poorly soundproofed.

Connected equipment

Input an SM 57 for acoustic guitar or saxophone
2 SM 58 entered for voice and acoustic guitar mic 2nd
Entries 3 and 4 Beat Box MKII Korg
Inputs 5 and 6 Workstation Alesis Fusion 8HD
Entry in position 8 Guitar - Fender Strato or bass guitar

MIDI sockets for connection between the table and the Fusion (master keyboard)


As mentioned above, no advanced features but very pleasant to use. We do not use it yet MIDI driver (it can be a MIDI driver bank multi-mode "MIDI control") fail at this level a small LCD screen.

very fast, good preamps. The SM57 (connected to our input 1) is a little weak by design can give a false impression of low quality preamps.


Very low blows and yet it has to come from the headphone amp ..

no internal equalizer

no effects processors

Digital is the perfect for use in amateur home studio to produce specific models in audio noon, coupled with cubase.


Used for 2 months

We like the motor faders, simultaneous multitrack recording cubase, quality components, the absence of breath sounds and, Design, perfect coordination with cubase.
the price or we have acquired: € 499 (it just recovering to € 779)

We like least: One stereo output, a Phantom for 4 inputs or nothing, One guitar input. The small gain knobs and control Phones, Monitor.

Exceptional value for money for the FW motor. nonexistent elsewhere

This is the tool I was waiting for "détracasser" my little home studio. And it works!
The bub12/10/2006

The bub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam FW-1082
Complete connectivity for use in home studio: MIDI, 4 XLR (+ phatom genral), 8 jacks including a line (damage).

Least small: only one headphone jack, and especially a single output amplifier.

OK Automation Cubase (mode MACKIE EMU), correct latency (required to raise the buffer with plugins greedy).


Ideal. Very easy to use, all naturally. No hassle.

Only small downside: FireWire sometimes bizarre behavior. Chez Moi refuses any other ring road on the firewire port, and it is better to light the tascam before the PC for it to be recognized.


The sound made me look very accurate, it easily manages the gain, routing ...

No audible breath in my ear ...

For my part, I can not implement the EQ ... ?


Use for 2 months.

Use solo home studio, so I do not exploit it to 100% for now, but I won over a PCI card.

Use the interface to control the sequencer is a real pleasure.

What I appreciate most is the eight independent inputs.

What I like least is the lack of a second MAIN OUT for a second amplification.

The value for money seems excellent.

I definitely would buy this product.

unsurx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam FW-1082
See the chart builder.


This is the first device of the kind I use. APRs have read and reread the instructions you understand pretty quickly how to work (3 modes). I had to rcuprer ELSEWHERE in French on the TASCAM website before my purchase (thank you internet). It is less then lost when the device in his hands. Even when it lacks a tutorial documentation that these only explain the functionality of diffrent keys. A video of dmonstration would idalie.


The quality seems to be Submitted.
No apparent breath.


I use it for a few days.
It did not work right away. Installation was no problem Droulez but impossible to leave the slightest sound from the computer. Monitoring live inputs from operating against trs well. Before you cry foul, I tried it with a laptop. L while walking at first. I had supper on the compatibility of FireWire intgre my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-K8N PRO SLI). So I bought a firewire card and has since trs works well.
Being let go a little touch of the mouse to control it enjoyable trs. The automation of faders is nice trs.
Very good value for qualitprix audio / MIDI interface, a Controller for MIDI and an area of ​​CONTRL.
I would do without this purchase hsiter.

manux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tascam FW-1082
See site tascam

installs in 5 minutes


So simple (so simple a q m-audio)
perfect (adjusting the eq not great in cubase)
Manual gonna


No breath


I use it for a month before I had had no sound card as standard (without control)
In other words, it changes the life its a real pleasure to be able to control everything (especially automation) I had to take an m-audio but when I saw the price of the playback on FW 1082 (499 euros) j I quickly compare the two the tascam least 60mm fader complete against 100 mm on the m-audio, not adtat, and saw no meter but less than 650 euros for tascam?
The preamps are very good handling very simple really a very good product
then at this price I would do without this purchase hesitate