Yamaha Audiogram 6
Yamaha Audiogram 6

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Average Score:2.8( 2.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
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 1 user review25 %
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Skarpouet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Audiogram 6

2 XLR / jack

2 Jack (L / R)

She banche usb directly on the pc. It is powered by USB by PSU!
2compresseurs the power XLR / Jack, gain and volume setting for all the input.

Easy installation, provides a version of Cubase that supports it.


Easy installation, provides a version of Cubase that supports it.

Clear manual.


The potentiomtres it feels solid, I have no problem's with this card yet.


I purchased 4 months ago I used every day, and I confess that I had no poblme with. The recording on cubase is simple, we certainly can not save 6 voices at once, but a mini-PA for 4 intruder is fun! At the same time it's not a mixer but a sound card, at least you sold me as such!

Entirely satisfied I am!

ob-1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Audiogram 6


once we realize we can not make it very simple with multitrack


Yamaha continues its momentum, which is to kindly fuck of his potential customers with product could be as revolutionary

know that for the same price you can have a mackie vlz402 USB interface and a stereo that will perform the same functions but with EQ, and to a frame and quality components mackie
Brief: This is a big SCAM DO NOT be fooled

Philou13bis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Audiogram 6
PRMIA opinion on this Yamaha audiogram6
As the name suggests six entries:
2 XLR / jack
2 input stereo jacks
No EQ, just a gain for each compressor and the first 2 adjustable inputs, the 2 stereo inputs other gain is coupled to the compressor
The design is elegant, the boiboite plastoc but is looking "tough" connected to the unit via USB
No problem installing the driver you should download the yamaha site
The small downside is that the computer does not recognize a stereo input ... which is not very clear before connecting


Extremely simple configuration the card is recognized by Windows Vista before installing the specific drivers ...
with cubase and after installing the drivers the latency is 12ms (with a ladle of memory ..)
there is no manual is just a mixer with 6 inputs and one stereo output


No breath, no problem recording transparent


I use it for 15 days
I was disappointed with the purchase I thought I could use the 6 channels separately ...
So I do not see a huge interest to pay the price 50% + audiogram6 the audiogram 2
No MIDI ...
I hesitated between several audio interfaces / USB I bought it for its looks and the mixer because I was convinced that I can record 6 channels simultaneously.
Total points: ease of use, the look, the rugged side, the installation extremely simple, compressors incorporated .. The software Cubase AI4
Cons: no power midday, a single stereo output ...
I hesitated between an Alesis IO, a Tascam, the two being delivered with the same software and for the same price ... I did not know the yamaha audiogram and appearance of mini digital table .... I was embedded use the audiogram2 would have been sufficient for my use ...

The sound card is unstable with my vista computer .... such as not to run windows media player 30 seconds after the card crashes and sends a sound of shit ...
We must turn all the background (antivirus, windows open, internet etc to hope to see more run 10 minutes without crashing) No driver Corrette I feel that Yamaha does not care of the mouth of the world with this card. ..

nico77580's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Audiogram 6
Deja Vu


Trs easy to use:
_on Can listen via the PHONES tracks recorded in Cubase dj and listen over the short instrument with volume knob for everyone!
_on Puts the level was about 1 hour, you go up the gain until you hear perfectly with minimal noise, and then adjusts the signal compression (COMP) to obtain a subjective level reinforced .... APRS is for you to play!



The sound is niquel, a gaff, but not too up the gain, otherwise there will be the breath!
Almost no latency ...

Hic small, with my guitar and my amp plug into the little toy, I get her a mediocre but better to register in this case with a microphone in front of the amp (I have tested directly, by plugging Jack the entry out of my amp!)!


Trs good product, trs versatile!
Test with acoustic electric guitar, Synthtiseur, Micro and Electric Guitar!

Nothing to say, Bravo!