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Yamaha FireWire/USB/mLan Mixers news

  • [NAMM] Yamaha AG hybrid mixers

    [NAMM] Yamaha AG hybrid mixers

    01/22/15 in Yamaha AG03

    Yamaha introduces today at NAMM 2015 a new series of hybrid mixers and USB audio interfaces for podcaster and mobile musicians.

  • [NAMM] New Yamaha MG mixers

    [NAMM] New Yamaha MG mixers

    01/31/14 in Yamaha MG10

    Yamaha completes in 2014 its MG mixer range with 10 models, 5 of which feature SPX effect processors.

  • Yamaha Audiogram Shipping

    Yamaha Audiogram Shipping

    10/21/08 in Yamaha Audiogram 6

    Yamaha Ships Audiogram Computer Recording Systems

  • [Musikmesse] Yamaha Audiogram Series

    [Musikmesse] Yamaha Audiogram Series

    03/14/08 in Yamaha Audiogram 6

    The AUDIOGRAM Series bundle together a hardware interface with audio inputs and outputs, software for recording and producing music, and a USB cable for connection to a computer.