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Thread Focusrite 8i6 Re-Amping

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1 Focusrite 8i6 Re-Amping
Hey guys,

I have a Scarlett 8i6, Logic X, Radial X-Amp and Orange TH30. I have all the recorded guitar tracks DI peaking at -6db. I have the DI track set to 0 and output to a mono track. I also have the Master in Logic set to +4db and the output #3 in Scarlett Mix Control set to the corresponding mono out in Logic. I have that output set to 0db (max) in Scarlett Mix Control.

On one of the threads I read that for Cubase it said to raise the input gain? Could anyone let me know if that is relevant to Logic and if so how would I do that. I have an OCD Fulltone I could use as a booster but not sure if that would colour the tone? I'm hoping that I'm just doing something a bit silly. There are loads of people who use the X-Amp and don't have any issues so fingers crossed it's just a matter of doing the routing correctly.