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Thread Problems connecting Platinum Octopre to Saffire Pro 40

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1 Problems connecting Platinum Octopre to Saffire Pro 40
Hi all,
Ive been having some problems getting my Platinum Octopre to work with my Saffire Pro 40 lately.
I have both units connected up using ADAT Lightpipes and up until last week they have been working fine. Now however whenever i turn the units on, the system 'LOCKS' however all the channels on the Octopre are shown as clipping at 0dB and are unusable. This comes up in both the Mix Control software and my DAW. The signal is going into the Octopre without problem (the signal lights light up when something goes in) it just doesn't seem to want to work with the Pro 40 at all.

A screenshot of Mix Control can be seen here:

if anyone has any info on whats going on here and/or how to fix it i would be most appreciative!