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Thread Saffire Pro 40: How do I use it without having a firewire connection?

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1 Saffire Pro 40: How do I use it without having a firewire connection?
Hi folks! Good to be here. This is my first time posting here. So here we go!

I have a Saffire Pro 40 which I've been using on my Dell Inspiron 1525, and which has a built-in firewire connection. Now I need to buy a new laptop, and I won't buy a Mac, otherwise it would be easy because the thunderbolt connection works fine when being converted to firewire. I have plans to buy another Dell, but the problem is that non of the new models (not only Dell) comes with expresscard, eSATA or anything that can be well converted to a firewire connection as recommended by Focusrite. The fellows from Focusrite don't recommend using a Firewire X USB 3.0 adapter. I actually don't know if it works fine or not.

I would like to know if you guys have any suggestion of equipment, cards, adapters, laptops (Windows) that could make it possible for me to use my audio device with a new laptop model, without losing transfer speed or any other data transfer problem.

I also would like to know if there is anyone who had the experience of using a Firewire X USB 3.0 adapter on a Focusrite Firewire audio device.

Thank you very much!
Hi Alex,

In our experience, there are no Firewire -> USB adapters work with our Saffire units unfortunately.
In case you end up looking at a laptop that has an expresscard port, please do check our article regarding compatible Firewire cards here:


I hope this helps, please do contact us if you would like any other information.

Best regards
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support