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Thread G-Major and Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 no SPDIF lock

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1 G-Major and Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 no SPDIF lock
Hi, My EMU 0404 pci failed (after 12 years faultless service) and my Digidesign 002 is showing signs of age so I thought I'd try the Focusrite Saffire Pro 14. The Pro 14 is an OK basic FW interface but the spdif input refuses to sync to the spdif output on the G-Major, both my other units never had any issues and the 002 still locks straight away.
Just wondered if anyone had any experience with these units or could offer any suggestions, thanks in advance :-)

Also posted on TC forum
Good morning,

Thanks for the post. Please can you ensure that the G-Major is set to an Internal Sync Source (it may be this by default), and that the samplerate is also matching what is listed within Mix Control.
Please can you also let me know what cable is being used? Is this a standard RCA cable (if so, how long is it?), or a SPDIF specific cable?
Often with SPDIF signals, a clock lock is not necessary over short distances, do you get audio passing if the Pro14 is set to Internal?

Let me know how you get on.

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support
Hi Simon, thanks for the reply. I spent the last couple of hours checking all the setting and trying different things (even tried chaining with the g-major in the middle) but no joy only receives “clicks”. The lead is a 20’ DIY cable using Neutrik plugs and good quality mic cable so maybe cable length might be an issue but as 2 other units never had a problem I would think it unlikely.

That said my knowledge about the workings of SPDIF are pretty rudimentary. I’m probably showing my stupidity here but I was wondering if the EMU pci card and the 002 re-sampled the SPDIF inputs thus hiding the problem? (I read somewhere that this allows audio to pass without lock?). I’ll try dropping the G-Major out of the rack(a real pain the way it is built in and connected) and using a short lead and see if this helps.

I’m getting to quite like the PRO 14, I dug out my old 1980’s CE-1 and while I never bought into the “Holy Grail of chorus pedals” thing it did sound lovely and warm di’d into the PRO 14 and messing about with buffer sizes got a respectably low latency so playing a sampled piano plugin in Cubase wasn’t the tortuous experience it can be on some FW interfaces… if I can sort out the SPDIF I might grow to love it :-).

Glad to hear that you're liking the sound of the Pro14, I imagine the CE-1 did sound great into it. The closest I have tested to that is a CE-3 (the attempted stomp box redesign of the CE-1) into my Pro24 and that sounded great too.
With regards to the SPDIF issue, if the 20' cable is simply an RCA/Phono cable, and not a dedicated SPDIF cable (there is an ohmage difference), then the length could be an issue. I would recommend testing a much shorter cable to see if this solves the issue.
If the issue continues, it may be more helpful to contact us directly so we can help find a solution:


Hope this helps.
Let me know how you get on

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support
Aaaah… Ohms! The first law and I forgot it (bangs head on desk for being a numpty) Will order a couple of SPDIF coax today.

I had a CE-2 (sold) a DC-3 Digital Dimension and a VB-2 Vibrato (both taken out by a rogue PSU). That was in the days when I used one of the early wireless systems, not for the freedom of movement or pose value but to isolate myself from dodgy venue electrics! Not everything vintage was wonderful. They all had their place, must admit the VB-2 was my favourite, in unlatch mode it was mega, but added loads of “hiss” not so bad live but didn’t win any friends in the studio :-) TBH I think part of the reason behind the CE-1’s cult status is its “Untweakability” in chorus mode you have only the Intensity knob to play with, so searching those vintage, clean chorus guitar sounds isn’t that difficult… turn..turn… Ahh! Early Andy Summers :-)
Let us know how you get on with the new cable.

Agree about the VB-2, it's one of my favourite pedals, it's on my pedalboard in unlatch mode, nice and extreme 'sea-sick' setting!
And I'm a bass player!

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support
Well spdif cable arrived… eventually, and worked first time :-)
Good stuff, enjoy your Pro14 :)

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support