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Thread Hum/buzz issues on Scarlett 2i4

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1 Hum/buzz issues on Scarlett 2i4
So, I have a 1st generation Scarlett 2i4 and when I use my guitar at the instrument input, I have this strange hum that increases or decreases as I do some things.

For example: When i put the guitar close to my body, the noise increases (00:02). The same thing occurs when i put my bare feet on the floor.

When i lift my feet, the noise decreases (00:08).

When i touch the strings, the hum gets quieter (00:13).

When i roll off the volume knob a little bit, the hum have more bass frequencies (00:17).

I recorded the noise to illustrate what happens. The times stamps above refers to the things that i said: https://soundcloud.com/onehundredyearsonnothing/hum

This happens either with humbuckers or single coils in diferent guitars.

Is this related to the audio interface? Or maybe ground loop issues?

Can this be guitar related?

A DI Box can help with the hum?

My computer is not grounded

Thanks in advance
Been having the same problem with my scarlett solo 3rd gen, did u find any solution for it?