Bitwig Bitwig Studio
Bitwig Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Studio, General Sequencer from Bitwig.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Bitwig Bitwig Studio

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digital experience04/30/2014

digital experience's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Bitwig Bitwig Studio
In first please! The first review Bitwig! then it is a party and in advance: thank you for taking the time for reading ... :-)

- The top of the system: you put the CD, you selected the folder and when I think less than 30 seconds (sisi, made the test) is ready for you Bitwig or Bitwig is ready for you :-)
Installation as simple as her, I just said Congratulations all.

- Configure Bitwig is very easy. All is in the "click". Need to search folder in folder: here, the browser is right and obvious.
Regarding the Audio section, you click, you selected your sound card and you can start.
The hardware configuration (hardware) is the same ;-)

- No conflict meet, therefore, that happiness! (Tired of pinball each computer music installs software :-) )

-The manual is very detailed, black and white photos included software ... but: in English!
(A French version comes, therefore, the note "implementation" does not care about the manual)

- To summarize the situation: the best of what I've seen (and I is seen: its really nice to see a light software, which installs in 30 seconds and is easy to configure is: -))
1 point less for not putting 10: Installing long enough samples (yes, I know, excuses can be valid, but I can not put 9.5 ;-) )

So note on the "implementation": 9/10 (9.5 for me)


Now about my computer, which is a computer Mr "touslemonde"

Windows 7 home premium
Intel core i3 2120
Nvidia GeForce GT520 1GB
6GB of DDR3 Ram

To do this, what better an example? I want to clarify that I'm talking about sound "Trance".

-7 Instrument tracks, each including an equalizer, compressor + 1-3 effects (Filter, Delay, Reverb ...) My darling vst: the Synthmaster in version 2.6
-5 Audio tracks with the same effect chain
-1 Drums machine with the same chain effect, but this time if, on each track drums (x8)
-1 Pieces of ten minute on each track with automation March-April parameters and arrives at:

49% utilization Ram with no latency, crash and I do not know what ... So Bitwig manages :-)
(Of course, my vst are not greedy! See you with vst in Spectrasonics Trilian kind who loves eating resources ...)

So with my vst my configuration, the style of music that I did and my computer:

this is a 9/10 for the "Suitability / Performance"


I use Bitwig for 1 week. And yes it is can, but I Live 9, so its exchange all :-)
Before you begin, here are the software that I used:
7/live Reason 9.1 / Presonus studio one 2 / sonar x3

What about bitwig? Many believe this is a Live 9 but not friends, it is much more than its ... hehe

- Already, just slap the interface simple, which does not break my eyelets off the evening light. - The top? window "scene" next to the window arrangement: how to say ... huge.
- All is intuitive "click to pay"
- The music creates easy with this software, because you do not go back ...
- The stability of the software while it is only version 1.0.7 ...
- Future functions will monstrous beings
- Modulation of soft super easy: a pure happiness
- Creation of its own instrument with "layer instrument"
- LFO, step sequencer, fx ... all is
- Handling audio easy, easy ... bounce
- Preset in two clicks ...
- A workflow breathtaking (at least with Bitwig in 10 minutes I already have a pre mix that hold the road)

I stop here, because there are still many things to say.
So who is this software? He well I would say to everybody, but to me, the electro is clearly in the spotlight ...

I'll go further than those who compare Bitwig Live:

You mix Reason 7, with 9 live, and you get: Bitwig. (Personal opinion :-) )

The top software: amazing and confusing workflow modulation! OPEN ...
Flop of the software: inability to customize the display of work (Part taken to provide 6 modes views)

For the rest, let's do the time, but this software is already huge with 1, and saw more ... (look at the official site)

For the price: it is right. Given the gear I recommend. (No one will even know how beings upgrades and when I see the price of the competition: I prefer to trust Bitwig principally made in terms of innovation)

In conclusion: if you want a stable open source software, with a workflow and a huge modulation blend of reason and live: dive.

Note the overall rating: 9/10
Average Rating: 9.5/10
star rating: 4.5 / 5

Thank you and the next.