MOTU Digital Performer 7
MOTU Digital Performer 7
Random? 03/08/2012

MOTU Digital Performer 7 : Random?'s user review

«  What I wanted. »

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No installation problems.


I have an iMac with 4GB of 2010
I never reached the limits, I do not use virtual instruments at the moment and I am very frugal on the plugin.
I mainly mix sessions of music and I never exceeded 40 tracks of treatments. I should redo this notice in the future.


I use it for a year.

I tried protools, I know how to use it but I feel really uncomfortable over, I put it down to ergonomics.
Same for Logic, deemed easy to use, I can not work effectively over.

Cubase merit that I plunged back there, I liked but I did not have time to get an idea.

I enjoyed Digital Performer when I tried it.
I think it suits me perfectly in its logic and user interface.

I blame him for just two or three things, the absence of the kind of shortcut to loop a selection.
The gas plant is listed as tiring in the long run, but it is common to all major software. If I could I would remove a lot of things but it's good, it's not really a problem in the end.