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  • Gibson Explorer II (E2)

    Gibson Explorer II (E2) - "The timeless Explorer series" has images


    You're bound to either love or hate it. It’s heavy and conspicuous, not the kind to leave people indifferent. Two series: 1. Gibson Explorer II : made of either American walnut or maple. You’ll easily recognize its side chamfers and colored bord…

  • Gibson Explorer

    Gibson Explorer - "A Classic Lives on in both tone and quality"


    The Gibson Explorer was introduced in 1958. It was an outlandish design for the time, and as a result, low demand caused only 100 to be made. These are now incredibly collectible, sometimes fetching 6 figures on the auction block. Gibson shelved t…

  • Gibson Explorer Traditional Pro

    Gibson Explorer Traditional Pro - "Perfect Explorer"


    Exclusive to Guitar Center. Gibson's Explorer Traditional Pro features a solid mahogany body, 60's slim taper neck, and a rose wood fingerboard. As for electronics, the guitar has a '57 classic in the neck and a burstbucker iii in the bridge position…

  • Gibson Melody Maker Explorer

    Gibson Melody Maker Explorer - "Simple and sweet!"


    Made in Nashville, TN, USA Body Species Maple Body Type Slab Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50 Neck Species Mahogany Profile Melody Maker Truss Rod Traditional Adjustable Joint Angle 1.75° (+/- 15 seconds) Adhesive Franklin Titebond 5…

  • Gibson X-plorer Studio

    Gibson X-plorer Studio - "Nice studio model"


    To Gibson Explorer guitar is a great hard rock. Looking guitar and it certainly has that hard rock tone as well. If you've ever played any type of Gibson instrument then you know that has a nice deep rich thick tone that translates very well into roc…

  • Gibson Melody Maker Explorer

    Gibson Melody Maker Explorer - "Subpar"


    This guitar seems to be another attempt by Gibson to lower the overall quality of their products. This is the Melody Maker Explorer. I dont know why anyone would buy the regular Melody Maker and this is no different. The quality on this guitar is bel…

  • Gibson Dethklok Thunderhorse Explorer

    Gibson Dethklok Thunderhorse Explorer - "Death Metal"


    The Gibson Explorer is definitely a unique looking guitar. It has almost a star shape that really lends itself to the hard rock and metal players. I don't think I've ever seen this guitar use by country player or anyone who plays a clean bluesy style…

  • Gibson Explorer

    Gibson Explorer - "Nice and metal"


    The Gibson Explorer guitar is a very fun guitar if you like weird body shapes. It has a distinct tone but goes right with the rest of the Gibson products. If you've ever use a Gibson Les Paul or Gibson SG and you'll be very comfortable with the neck …

  • Gibson Explorer Faded

    Gibson Explorer Faded - "Stripped down Explorer... oh yeah"


    The Gibson Faded Explorer was introduced by the company to round out their "Faded" line of guitars which take the traditional Gibson designs and bring the costs down by offering thinner finishes that only consist of pore filler coats and a couple thi…

  • Gibson Tribal Explorer

    Gibson Tribal Explorer - "Would be cooler without the tribal stuff"


    This Gibson Explorer is part of the 2009 run of limited edition guitars. Gibson came up with a new gimmick guitar every month for this series and in my opinion the Tribal Explorer and V were the best guitars to come out of that run. The Flying V and …