Korg ElecTribe Ea-1 MkII
Korg ElecTribe Ea-1 MkII

ElecTribe Ea-1 MkII, Groove Machine from Korg in the ElecTribe series.

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Document02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg ElecTribe Ea-1 MkII
We are dealing with a small two synth tracks well spare, by a squenceur.

gnration for its:
two oscilloscope, modes: addition / sync / ring / cross, a filter, an abortion envelope for the filter, a non-adjustable distortion, chorus and flanger time limit. the first tilt is replaceable by an external input.

the squenceur is basic, and more notes can vary a parameter.

cot making a sound output per channel (or a single jack is plugged into any kind by a single channel), a prose headphone ports noon.

Default for the MIDI channel by channel, by CONTRL are against the three CC groups, two to indicate The argument that changes, and to give the caleur parameter. moral and it can not easily change custom settings from an external sequencer.

The finish is clean and solid.

Transformer for power supply spar.


Setup is a breeze, even without a manual. The potentiomtres are sufficient in number, short, very easy to configure, intuitive trs.

a parameter can be automated loop, and this intuitive Fawn ultra short, happiness.

BMOL one - the MIDI signal .... Cf.plus above.


At first it feels like a limitation on sound tech trs classic, but by digging it draws trs diffrent sounds, until such bird noises and running water by adjusting the time limit and the flanger at the same time.

Cot grain for low sound is quite INTERESTED. For the rest for that matter, but often with t by the bass synths, I wanted to mention this part.

In gnral ringing sound can easily mtallique. I really like, but try before you take, you can not fit in any style of music.

I put a 10 dtail prt: the tilt deuxime dtun can be compared to the first, the fine is not enough of rglage is trs Hard to fall just a frequency drives the cart wish.


I use it for eight months, mainly squence or a keyboard, so especially for the synth and not as a squenceur via the / mode groove machine. I love the grain, the lower it out the cot mtallique of Sonora. The time limit is trs cool too, and the possibility of replacing the first oscillator by an external signal can use the machine just filter / effect.

The available memory is more than enough to store lots of pr-rglages.

My great regret is the code used the MIDI SETTING THE frquence of the deuxime tilt is not fine enough, and no function "pot pickup" when we pass from one track to the another, the sound drgle if the knob is not hair cell to the right place.

That said, for a hundred euros in time, I do not regret this purchase at all, that I intend to keep and continue using it.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg ElecTribe Ea-1 MkII
Same as the prcdents users. Data sheet available on the Korg website.


This machine is relatively simple to master. Someone possdant a dj Electribe mkII can do without the manual. In my case, I had the Es1-mkII before it.
As it is often said, the Electribe are very quickly fads perfect condition make rgulierement. This becomes very spontaneous in a live, effect, sound comes immediately to hand. This is a very positive point.
I have so far not opened the manual; however, for a beginner with this kind of hardware, it is very useful.


The sounds integrs suit me perfectly! These are not only good sounds originally, but in addition, if want, to can be modified very easily grae oscillators among others, the grs desires and the same musical genre.


I use this machine for about 2 weeks. I am very happy and I think never Sparer me, just for synths sounds, it's great!
I have other Electribe [er1 - es1-mkii], but I do not know if you can really compare because it serves as a synth. They do not actually have the same function.
I bought this used machine 100, it is around 120 ct used on average. I think it is a very good report qualitprix.
I find that its price is also the new hit (224).
Xperience with, I would do this choice. For dbuter, it is downright perfect and the price is correct. In short, very good buy for the lctronique music.
le mutan ki parle russe04/24/2006

le mutan ki parle russe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg ElecTribe Ea-1 MkII
CHARACTERISTICS As I would say it's a small synth because you can only have two sounds per pattern,

A little 8 / 10 because there would have been able to have other effects since it is a new series of home korg (mk2 )........


SIMPLE, ACCESSIBLE (+ simple as reading the manual used ...), paramtrable Any time a rgal rl.

quite a bit of a automation dc does.

the delay as we like!

the sequencer is just a short hair (4 x 16).


The ITS is nice, is not to complain,


For my part, knowing the animal is the tool I needed to do the style I like Zik and for the price ........ 10/10

breed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg ElecTribe Ea-1 MkII
Connectivity classic synth 2 outputs 1 headphone, 1 audio
Midi in / out / thru

256 recordable patterns, two oscillators, cutoff / reso, several types of modulations (sync, ring ...)
Small area of ​​effect: distortion (very nice), delay and flanger (these are average ...)

Squenceur classic 64 steps (TR mode)


Strength of the machine, everything is simple, accessible, the manual is practically useless!


Sounds right for me, I do the tech, and c perfect for a. This little mono synth 2 parts is a good job on the bass line and leads. Sounds good as long as you go a lil derrire multi effect. I use a lot of distortion that is trs aggressive. A little research can get very fat sound, aggressive and not sound bad!


I have for several months, it is a simple machine access, no CHRE and that sounds good at the trs bass line. The ratio quality price is excellent, I would do without this choice problem, I use it all the time.
Klark D03/19/2005

Klark D's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg ElecTribe Ea-1 MkII
Ben veiled later. I give my opinion on the ER1 MK2, now co tour
the green, the EA1 MK2:

C then a synth modeling Analogik, ki dj allows a lot of variations
Młoda sound and, despite the fact k'il is only quip of 2 parts.
Well, for me, as beginners, ca good enough for me for now ...

Nivo connections, like c ke the ER1 to the south, say c, an In / Out / Thru ...


Confi gnrale is low on the Electribe Otres of so super simple c

With the use ki, I selected an interesting point, well lets ki s'clater:

function keyboard: by activating this function and pressing the rec mode patern and it
Just press play and I play the notes on the keyboard. Then register your
Młoda such kel! The BALL! and the motion sekence, ki is available on Otres
Electribe ossi, you can register on any ground movements kel knobs to
modify the / parts of the synth ...


The sounds are not bad but the original pattern, are by far all in. Excellent.
For my type of sound (tribe, hard tek ...) well i fo edit its reasons, but once again,
eg do we really sore inch dj thing (and especially for the price of the machine (approx. € 300!)

In 4 / 5 days I dj CRER patterns and change my pattern A01 A04 entierment!
(I recall I ke ... beginners)

I almost forgot: the distortion: s'clater also allows much ....! of pure bomb!


I'm all by my conk EA1/ER1 MK2, ki for the price of the set, allows djbr /> bocoup of things!

The use of these machines is really comfortable, limits dconcertante !!!!...
The report kalitprix of all is correct, even if I did not pay the list price
(I have returned ...) ki is 350 € for the EA1 MK2, and so is the ER1 MK2 ...

They are worth it, and indeed for connoisseurs, these silent machines used by the group
Metek (and also full of ur ...) ki used most of Krog's Tribe!

neoclash's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg ElecTribe Ea-1 MkII
Well well I just bought at the price and nine mkII ... I do not think it changes much from the previous version except for a solid feel more blatant.

The connectors are complete for a machine of this type:
1 audio in (to use her as an oscillator)
2 audio out (Part I and Part II)

Midi in / out / thru

1 headphone stereo

In short everything you need and more for a machine of this price.
As against the power supply is external (= boring to walk transformer)


Super easy to handle. I was so excited that I read the manual a bit and I hacked right away. After it is advantageous to wrestle the manual for advanced functions, but it is very readable despite some shells.


The sounds are synth sounds since it is an emulation of good quality. At first I did not use the effects included, and I found a few limited opportunities. The effects can even reach the ground the ethereal style CosmoGIRL Free VSTi for those who know.

Finally I put the 9 quality / price ratio. Indeed, there could be better but much more expensive.
A small regret, however, not in the sinusoidal waveforms of oscilloscope, which seems absurd.


A good little machine to wait very affordable (like myself) to a synth bigger. A small problem, the parameters like MIDI sync (enslavement by an external sequencer for example) are reset to default when the beast off. It's stupid, be repeated at each re-start. Apart from that there are not too many defects.

I would advise anyone wishing to sound very Appliances and want to tweak in real time.

tricostik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg ElecTribe Ea-1 MkII
System: Analog Modeling
number of parts: 2
Memory: 256 pieces patterns_16
sequencer: 64 not by partie_enregistrement pottars movements (motion sequence) _650500 events (which is too little, the better sequence-ea1 mkII from an external source only problem =).
3 effects on each part: delay, chorus (two each PARAMETERS (eg speed and depht delay mode)) and a distortion.
2 oscillator with 4 curves each modulation oscillator them with 3 types of modulations: ring, sync, cross_possibilit use of an external signal as oscillator, l-ea1 mkII then acts as a resonant filter.
A filter: cutoff, resonance, decay, eg int
Connectors: PHONES: stereo jack
OUTOUTPART1/MIX, PART2) mono jack x2
AUDIO IN: mono jack x1


The general setup is super simple like all electribe!


The name indicates the "analog modeling synthesizer" = c is to modulate the sound, a nya k 1 in the machine.


I lay for three weeks and and is so easy to use: a regal! Sounds that emerge are "made in korg" warm, round / fat, I'm short conquis.Ce n is certainly not a "virus" but will see the difference in price, this small-ea1 mkII is well worth its weight in gold! Ca c is on!