Line 6 POD XT Live
Line 6 POD XT Live
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All user reviews for the Line 6 POD XT Live

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rhnelson's review"Low review for great hardware and poor user interface and manual"

Line 6 POD XT Live
Subject says it all. The stomp pedals are simple to understand but things you can do in EDIT and in non-EDIT mode are confusing. Have to drag out the manual to make a simple change to REVERB. This is why some people like individual pedals. They are easy to "see" what you have. Also they do not cheap out using one "button" to handle multiple functions.

themaddog's review"Excellent tones, extremely useful live"

Line 6 POD XT Live
The Line 6 POD XT Live is a multi-effects board that models amplifiers, stompboxes, and effects. It has a 1/4" inputs and 1/4" left (mono) and right outputs. There is also a 1/8" input for CD or MP3's player at line level with adjustable gain for that channel. There are also MIDI connections which can be used with a sequencer to change patches. There is also a connection for the Variax guitars, whose one tone patches can be saved into each patch bank for easy switching.

There are large buttons to switch on and off the amp, stompbox, and effects for each patch. There are also two buttons to switch between patch banks, each of which have four buttons to change between the patches of each bank. The patch information is visibly displayed on a screen on the floorboard. Each patch can be named.

The amp, stompbox, and effects models can be updated by purchasing patches from the Line 6 online store.


Editing the patches is very easy. The manual is extremely helpful and offers further insight into how the POD XT Live operates.

The preset sounds are pretty each, and each of them are around 80% of the way there but will probably require some tweaking to meet your individual needs. Many, many factors can be edited on each patch, including the type of microphone that is being emulated as well as its placement in front of the synthesized speaker. The amp models are EXTREMELY close to the originals in most cases.


The models being amplified are EXTREMELY close to the originals in most cases. Many like the sound of the POD right out of its outputs and simply record that. I only use my POD XT Live for practice and shows, and prefer to play straight through my Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier for recording. If I needed some kind of specialty patch or live effects in a studio recording environment, I would probably implement the XT as it is definitely usable. I have used it in the studio to record scratch guitar tracks.


At this point, I couldn't do it live without one of these wonderful Line 6 products. My only gripe is that when switching patches, if using a delay the delay is cut prematurely, with no option to continue the rest of the delay when switching patches. The original POD and POD 2.0 did not work in this way, so if there was a 2 second delay set on one patch, it would continue with the rest of the delay when another patch was punched up, making for a seamless transition. That being said, I don't have any other problems with the XT Live, and that one thing is only a minor annoyance. The consistency that the XT Live is able to provide me from show to show is tremendous and prevents me from fiddling with my amplifier too much before each performance.

iamqman's review"Good for the Floor!"

Line 6 POD XT Live
When I first tried this unit I was not happy with it at all. I was playing a Vox Ac30 and wanted to get some good amp simulations and stomp boxes with effects in an all in one unit that could run into my clean amp. So let me try and dial up some Slash tones or some Zeppelin or even maybe some VH. Not only was this thing not capable of even coming close but it sounded so bad that I almost gave up on it. So I went out and bought a JCM2000 basically getting me the start to that Marshall tone from the bands I mentioned above and just stuck with using the unit as an effects processor for modulation and delays. That is where this thing lives. They claim to have good amps sims and stomp boxes but both of these features lack tremendously. Now if your accustomed to tube distortion then this is a miss for that feature, but if your looking to have some cool delays and flangers then this is a perfect setup for home or live situation.

Another thing that I would prefer in this unit is real stomp boxes buttons. I don't know what they are called but the shiny clickers that are featured on most stomp boxes. The pads they use on this unit to me can break or get sticker if you spill beer on it. I don't feel that this construction will be built to hold up to the road as much as regular Boss pedals go.

Another cool feature is that you can run a line out to a recording booth. I did not test this since I don't personal record at home. I heard that Lincoln Brewster uses this unit for his live tone which is surprising. He actually uses this to achieve his amp and cab simulation going out to the PA mix. Either way most tube guys would never do this, but it is available if desired.


Extremely easy to use if you have ever used a POD operation before. If you are new to the POD world then it may take you a couple of minutes. But everything goes in sequence as if it were a real amp, cab, compression, stomp box, modulation, delay, and then wah. So it goes in series order as if it were real units. So I would recommend taking the approach of normal amp and cab and then fill in the effects accordingly.

Like all Line 6 products the manual if very helpful. They explaining set up preparation and operational understanding. They guide you through the set up for your individual rig and give suggestions for other ways of hook up. They have a good informative manual that is very helpful.


For me it lacks in the stomp box feature and the amp sims. Though I don't expect an amp sim to sound anything like the original. So that point is probably moot. What they do very well in my opinion is the delays. I love the delay sounds and various types and styles of delays available. For me they sound good and give my tone the color or effect that is needed.

I used this with a Vox Ac30, Marshall JMP, and a Marshall JCM2000 going into a vintage Marshall 4x12 with Blackback speakers rated at 25 watts. In each amp the unit sounded fantatsic. Especially the Marshall's. Since I was using the natural OD from the Marshall, the effects from the POD were very nice in different applications. I was using a Strat, Tele, and a Les Paul in each situation. I'm a Marshall tone kind of guy so I spent most of my time playing around with those amps using the delays, flangers, and phase of the POD to achieve my rock tones. I didn't like the chorus affect as much as the others but I don't use that much chorus anyway so it didn't matter to me much.


The thing that I would change would be the the foot clickers. I would like them to beef up that so it would be more road worthy. The thing I really enjoyed was how sweet the tones I could get combo-ed with a Marshall in the the effects loop. Saving patches for certain songs was a breeze. Having my set list there with one click of a button saved through the midi operation was so easy. This unit can be found for around $250+ or - so you won't break the bank to much. Plus Line 6 Pod units seem to keep a lot of their value so if you didn't like it you could probably let go of it with out a huge hit or loss.

I would recommend this to any gear head who wants easy effect operation to go with his current rig. It is not high end so if you wanted more tweakability then I would step up to the POD HD series or POD Pro.
Audiofanzine FR12/16/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review"Excellent but delicate to program"

Line 6 POD XT Live
Originally written by Koub on Audiofanzine FR.

I guess everybody knows the applications and sound of this product.


The manual is not very clear and Line6's humor is still the same: not the best...
However, you'll get on with it but it's clearly a borderline.

Configuring the multi-effects is rather easy but considering the complexity of the settings, especially if you want to use it live with a combo, I think it's suicidal to edit all parameters from the unit. Luckily, a small software (Line6 Edit) allows you to configure, in a few clicks, the whole device from your PC via USB connection. The GI is simple and very clear.


Most effects sound very good, especially the Tube Screamer emulation which is as good and essential as the real stompbox. You also get very good delay, fuzz and chorus effects.

On the other hand, I don't like the reverbs — they sound a bit dirty. Competitor products offer better sounding reverbs.

I use the product with my Variax and it's nice to be able to change the preset, the guitar and even the tuning with a single footswitch. This feature is amazing (if you play a Variax).

As usual with Line6, the amp simulations are awesome. Compared with the Pod (my old Pod 2.0 just got broken after more 10 years of use), the clean sound has been improved considerably.
While the Pod provided a Rectifier simulation which sounded much better than the other models for heavy metal, I find that on the Pod XT Live it sounds worst than the Marshall and especially the fantastic Soldano Solo 100.


I've been using it for one year.
Excellent product for home studio applications (I think Line6 is unbeatable in this field). It's much more tricky with an amp. You'll have to spend a lot of time editing the sounds.
I use it with an old Hughes & Kettner combo (Attax 80). I needed time to get an acceptable sound but now it's fine. Personally, to get the best result, I use the "combo power amp" output mode and I connect it to the return of my combo.
I also deactivate the speaker simulation since the mic emulation is automatically deactivated.
My tip to get a killer sound: fine tune the EQ settings. Luckily, the EQ is extremely effective with the Line6 Edit software. It allows you to compensate the response of your speaker and/or your amp. Boosting the high frequencies or the low-mids changes the sound radically. It is THE most essential parameter!
Once you understood this, everything goes fine: the product has a comprehensive set of features, is extremely versatile and sounds good even with my old solid-state amp.

I would buy it again considering that I got it for peanuts, including a flight case. And with a Variax guitar, the product deploys even more power.
Without Variax, the Zoom G9 is perhaps its main competitor. The second guitar player in my band owns one and gets an amazing sound, however not as versatile...

mooseherman's review"One of the better Digital Amp Modelers out there"

Line 6 POD XT Live
This is a digital amp modeler/effects unit from Line 6. It is a pedal version of one of its more popular products, the POD. This version is designed for live use, as opposed to the POD, which has an interface that is easy to use in the studio and set but not quick on the fly. There are 1/4" inputs and outputs, as well as a USB connection, a connection for Line 6's Variax guitar, which I haven't used before, as well as MIDI in and Out. There are computer and MIDI editing capabilities, as evidenced by the connections I just mentioned. This is not a rackable device, it's the pedal version.


The effects editing is really pretty easy. Setting up each switch to work the way you want it is pretty easy, which I'm a fan of, as I'll get frustrated setting up a digital pedal all the time. The switch time is really good, as it will instantaneously switch between two different sounds. The manual will explain everything pretty easily. It might take a little bit of time to get used to but ultimately it will not be a problem for most people to get the hang of it, and once everything is set it will be a piece of cake to use. Between the 11 switches (which have varying functions) and the expression pedal, there's a lot of tonal control to be had here.


I would say that of most of the digital effects I've tried, I don't particularly like the sound of most of them. I can deal with this one simply because it is closer to the real thing than most of these modeled sounds are, and even when it's not, it's still pretty decent. There are also combinations of amps and effects that are really different from anything that can be made with analog gear. While these sounds aren't always my cup of tea, even I have had my jaw drop at some of the sounds I've heard.


One thing I don't like about this pedal is it's price, while it's not the worst I've ever seen, it's definitely pretty pricey. I could theoretically buy two analog pedals for the same price, but they'd be top quality and I'd have consistently great sound. Thus buying this pedal comes down to this; would you rather have a few great sounds or a ton of less-than-great sounds? If you think of the latter, than this is definitely your pedal. I've played a lot of these things and I don't really dig them in general, but I'd say I'd make an exception to this one.
MGR/Carson Heath01/10/2007

MGR/Carson Heath's review"Line 6 PODxt Live"

Line 6 POD XT Live
Hey, my name is Carson, I play in a classic rock "cover band" and I have a band that plays christian songs for small or new youth groups . I play lead guitar for both and and I've been playing for about 4 years.

I bought my PODxt Live at Guitar Center in Charlotte, NC, for $380.00.

One of my favorite things of the PODxt Live is that you can hook it up the PC and download tones of your choice i.e.-van halen, zakk wylde, etc... Another thing you can do is take one of the many presets and change it around it call it your own. There are many other things you can do on your PC with Line 6, like
download Line 6 edit or Line 6 monkey, those things make everything a WHOLE lot easier when your downloading tones. Line 6 edit you can make your own tone and save it to your PODxt Live and even give it a name! There are many other things you can do with the PODxt Live but if I explained them all you would be reading this all night.

The only thing I don't like abouth this pedal is that you can't plug in a second guitar (for fun).

The PODxt Live is shaped in a rectangle and it is black. The screen and stomp pedals are also
lit so it makes it easier to see in the dark.

If you have been playing guitar for 1 year or 100 years I strongly suggest the PODxt Live, but if want lug around your big half-stacks and 3 billion pedals thats fine with me! But having it all on a 1x2 pedal is ALOT easier

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ricou8312's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good compromise."

Line 6 POD XT Live
Large range of effect available on the Line6 site.
Editable via PC and USB connection.
Known full tick (Jack, noon, USB ....).


The grip is relatively fast.
Be careful when changing game to equalize the volume if it hurts the ears.
Obviously the latter is common to many multi-effects.
We found the manual carefree French on the Line6 site.


The effects are good for this age bracket.
It is far from the picks.
The simuls distos are not too bad, especially with maiśc.est modulation and delay that multi stands.
Utlise Jazzmaster with a Les Paul and a TV.


I have this multi for two years, and I'm very happy.
Although I want to separate myself to go to the dedicated effects, I do not regret my purchase.
Perfect to get an idea of ​​the effects that appeal.
Before I had a Boss ME50 which sounds much worse.
Excellent value for money for a Swiss Army knife that troubleshoots and well suited to live.
I would do this choice without worry, knowing that the new models do not reinvent anything.

Rocknweb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Epatant!"

Line 6 POD XT Live
Swiss Army knife, there is everything can dream every guitarist in this machine. No effects loop but an important asset a start / stop here to look stupid but many pedals do not ...
Half of the Carpathians are locked even as many other brands, it sucks!


I'll get right to it, if you go out and play the product out of the box, it does not come out much like all pedals of this type. After 2 years of Digitech RP, thanks to Line 6 edit software in two half days I already have a 20aine patches that take the road through notament sharing customtones.
Configuration by the LCD screen is already warmer there not see much. Wha a little hard to trigger.


Excellent for you can take the trouble to look for the right settings ...
It was the sound of thing very quickly it still must go to the trouble to set everything here from its material, if you adjust the sound output in a Telecaster with a TSA15 here will not do it for a strat into a Marshall once we understand we work here we see the equalization changes radically if the simulation result is not.


My config TSA15H Ibanez with his cab Ideally, it is neutral in clean so no coloration of sound or very little and four vintage guitars, so I have to twicker when I change my guitar and I would say that c ' is a good sign it means that the sound that comes is respected.
There are many effects that carton and saturation for all tastes, the simulation of the cab in Greenback is excellent. I find this amazing product and frankly I would not do the math of what it contains virtually means ...
theo.fi08/09/2013's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Boff Boff"

Line 6 POD XT Live
Full effect, is its map, editable, easy to do so ... but what's with the digital sound? These are are anything but realistic


The manual is too complex but clearly explains all the same, very simple editor that can be used in the studio and live at home ... well everywhere. Its use is very convenient


The sound quality is very poor: half are of poor quality, half the remaining half are unusable, and the remaining parties is drinking or nice used: the whawha, delay, reverb, chorus etc. are nice ... nbe but not rely on distortion, fuzz and other


I used two years, this was my first model ... digital is over for me now because of the sound quality, I pass pedalboard

Nico76210's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Line 6 course! ;)"

Line 6 POD XT Live
Is there anything that must be it!


Need a little tweaking depending on what you want but it's a simple configuration.


He made his taf!


I just spent the hd 500 ... Xt live but should everyone!