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Line 6 Guitar Amp Simulators user reviews

  • Line 6 POD 2

    Line 6 POD 2 - "Great for gigs"


    I have used my pod since 2007 for many gigs. We are a blues, classic rock band. I found the pod much easier and reliable to lug around with a medium solid state amp. No maintenance, utterly reliable and great sounds. Primarily set on a clean bassman ...

  • Line 6 POD X3 Live

    Line 6 POD X3 Live - "The most sounds in one pedal, period."


    The POD X3 is an amp sim/multi-effects pedal from Line 6. It uses all digital signal processing. Getting started is as easy as plugging in your guitar and headphones, then stepping on the foot-switches to jump between presets. The software applicat...

  • Line 6 POD HD500

    Line 6 POD HD500 - "Flagship Amp Sim"


    The Pod HD 500 is the flagship effects pedal from Line 6. Getting started is as easy as plugging in a guitar and headphones to start picking away at a preset amp model. Tweaking the internal processing of the pedal has a learning curve if you haven'...

  • Line 6 POD XT

    Line 6 POD XT - "Not horrible...Not awesome..."


    OK, the PODxt is a comprehensive beast....Below is the TON of info about it...Since it models so many amps, cabs, mics, etc. it has a lot of specs...It doesn't such about the Line 6 Edit software but that is the GREATEST PODxt feature known...There a...

  • Line 6 POD HD

    Line 6 POD HD - nickname009's review


    22 HD amp models 100+ M-class effect models Up to 8 simultaneous effects POD HD Edit software editor/librarian (free download) Fully routable signal chain Dual Tone functionality Dedicated top-panel knobs for Drive, ...

  • Line 6 POD HD400

    Line 6 POD HD400 - "takes a beating and keeps working"


    This is a digital amp modeler. I don't think that it can be edited through a Mac or a PC. It's also not MIDI-controllable. The knobs are all on top. It's a completely digital technology. there are basic 1/4" connections. UTILIZATION These digita...

  • Line 6 POD HD Pro

    Line 6 POD HD Pro - iamqman's review


    This is a great unit for effects only. The amp models and distortion are simply terrible. They don't sound natural or real at all. I like POD stuff when using only effects. This is a great unit for that purpose only. Here are the amps models that are...

  • Line 6 POD Pro

    Line 6 POD Pro - "Not bad."


    Amp Models 32, customizable Digital Effects 16 Factory/ User Presets 36 Headphone Out Yes Digital Out 24-Bit AES/EBU and S/PDIF Direct out Dual-Mode XLR Power N/A Configuration Rack - Mountable UTILIZATION This was my first "serious"...

  • Line 6 POD 2

    Line 6 POD 2 - "It's a staple unit."


    Features Amp Models based on*: '64 Fender ® Deluxe Reverb ® '59 Fender ® Bassman ® '68 Marshall ® Plexi 100 watt Marshall ® JTM-45 meets Budda Twinmaster '60 Tweed Fender ® Champ ® Budda Twinmaster head '65 Blackface Fender ® Twin Reverb ® '...

  • Line 6 POD Pro

    Line 6 POD Pro - "Great first edition"


    I am a little biased towards all things Line6 when it comes to effects units....not amps. I have used the POD live, POD rack mount, and the XT unit. There is a common operation that flows throughout the POD series that makes effect tweaking pretty ...