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mandie 06/05/2008

Line 6 POD XT : mandie's user review


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See below.
I appreciates noon (thus not owner format) that can connect any crankset pm (this case a FCB1010 home) and not their crankset to RJ45 or as I do know what.
Too bad it lacks a per line in between to mix quickly with a mp3 player, and possibly between an XLR (for a would resume UX2 or 8 ...)


I find it easy to use a stand-alone, with GearBox even more convenient.
Naviguation / edition ok for me, nothing is perfect, but it is fast is good.
The manual ... yes well, do their pub cool inside, everything is beautiful what.


I have an ESP M-II (non-active micro but well despite sings) I m'clate good with this stuff, especially in a mix, you come to believe it. Alone, has never got my worth an amp sound with good qq pedals.
For me the effects are good, diffrentes modlisations amp we choose the one that suits us. The galisations do not always have a very effective I think pushed through against the influence of the drive in general is very good and it is adjusted with care.


I've had a few months (bought Cygnus 160 via audiofanzine)
- Rpt in with my cover band varieties / pop / rock: directly into the PA system. I find a great practice. We must spend tps stalling its sounds. The other guitarist Variax a system, and I think we sometimes nice results. Again on the other hand, it does not replace the presence, life can have an amp. on the other hand qd made repeatedly, we can afford to try for each song to approach the original sound I like.

- Rpt in my Mtal Group: branch in the amp (H & K Attax first series 80): I do not know what to say. Like to work its sounds. PODXT offers parameters of rglage when one branch amp faade that allow many awesome sound. Well I'm just at the moment of this solution, but it is true that for this kind of rpt, I have a prfrerais amp p'tain, and this will be one of these I hopes to day!

- Recording on pc: for it is the top. The results are convincing, it was guitar sounds as much as we can while the headphones (eg register 03h00 in the apartment).

Qualitprix report good when buys Cygnus, a little expensive but not that different either a (margins should know everything !!) by well against any student in the system Line6 me, you realize that everything is locked and must always pay something extra to be able to broaden the fields of action. Example:

-I have a pod, works very well in a stand-alone, for I have to buy against the vst gearbox if I want to edit the sound later in my mix.

-I have a pod but I would also have XLR mic level: to take a ux2.

-the ux2 possde 2 among instruments: I tell myself great! I achte GearB vst and I can
play with my friends with 2 instances of gearbox! Error: can not be used between only 1 instrument I think it's a rip off, I '(dark pad on the 2nd story between, why not put a button?) I almost buy it but saw a time (they are not very explicit the above I think), so has not interested me more.

If I want 2 among instrumentals, it must UX8 or pod3pro probably all that you can not connect 2 PODXT at the same tps on the same machine. And the same must also purchase the share plugin if you want to make the ramp. Moreover it can be done with the PODXT alone (without the gearbox vst), but what is it since all the tracks are found rooter in the pod and are also treated ?? And if you cut them (keep the guitar tracks recorded signal untreated so), how evaluate the result in the mix ??

I remake that choice without hsiter, but I hopes to one day have a cellar me with a tube amp into it !!!