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Perfect Mask 12/03/2014

Line 6 POD 2 : Perfect Mask's user review

«  Simple and effective »

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Line 6 View website.
Missing connectors (no HD output, for example), the effect settings, no screen to view what is rule, etc ...
But that POD is no longer young and do not cost much, you can not have everything!


Archi simple and intuitive. Highlight of the device.
Soon was the sound that research or we easily approach shortly.
Edition simple sounds, turn 3 or 4 buttons on backup and hop around and played.
I bought the used device, without notice, and it does not lack for we find settings quickly and alone.
Obviously, it does not ask too much!


Clear sound: a little cold, but pretty accurate. Qqs effects with the correct sound is rendered.
Crunch sounds: no comment, it's not the lamps but even qd very correct. Lack necessarily dynamic but makes it all pretty well.
Overdrive: broad palette of sound rock (clean and precise) in his dirty kind Fuzz (greasy and not accurate at all!). There's enough to have fun.
For my part, having an ENGL Powerball head to play "for real", I juggle at home or sometimes in rehearsal between Modern High Gain and Treadplate (simulation of a Rectifier). These are two typed metal sound, precise and warm enough, the sound is pleasant.

I'm not fanatical user of effects.
I mostly use, delay, reverb, chorus.
Simple effects, basic settings.
Sounds not exceptional but adequate.


I use the POD for 2 years in a home studio and repet.
It sounds good almost everywhere plugged into an amp head; live on a sound system or live on a sound card.
This is certainly not the high-end and simple adjustments necessarily imply a lack of precision but enough to send her in all circumstances without taking the head.

I have used several types of POD but this model is for the moment the one with the best sound for that price (especially secondhand) and such simplicity. I says, I did not like gas plants like POD XT or POD X3: too complicated to create a sound tjs not pleasant (if yucky ....)