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Irv Kurzbard 02/26/2017

Line 6 POD 2 : Irv Kurzbard's user review

« Great for gigs »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I have used my pod since 2007 for many gigs. We are a blues, classic rock band. I found the pod much easier and reliable to lug around with a medium solid state amp. No maintenance, utterly reliable and great sounds. Primarily set on a clean bassman or tweed, clean with very little distortion and reverb. The amp is set neutral and merely amplifies the pod. I am old school and was used to tube amps and pedals, but this setup is so much simpler, compact, tough and sounds fab. I have critically listened and played tube amps versus my rig. I agree that a tube amp is better. However, the pod is quite a good alternative and once setup to your liking can emulate with some of the best. Fellow musicians praise it. So do audience members. Used for about $100 coupled with a good solid state amp like a Peavey or Roland=watch out!