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tarz200tdi 12/03/2014

Line 6 POD 2 : tarz200tdi's user review

«  For the price a good tool »

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amp simulator, of cabinets and effects ... The beginnings of the very public modeling!

In terms of rig, I first plugged into the effects loop of an old peavey studio pro 112 Transtube (first series made in US, my first amp!), Then I plugged in a Tech 21 power engine 60 (power amp and HP fairly neutral, or dull depending on the mood). on the other hand in the time I've owned, I do not have a group so that was the stuff apartment, so no relevant return to expect from my prose on a live or repeated use in sound and presence.

I leave Audiofanzine google and care to provide the technical, which I will give my felt user / player


Compared a current POD HD, the Pod 2 a prehistoric side on first glance parameters ... But things are not so simple:
> My Pod Hd I driver from the mac in three clicks Pod 2 ... well no, it's like an amp, so you turn the knobs, and is sensitive ... and when we ordered a preset at one end and the other preset at the other end, well, you can press the buttons a number of times. Also a lot of adjustable parameters are a little stashed (a knob used to something used for another trick when holding TAP / HOLD)
> Without pedal (at least shortboard, below little interest in my opinion) the animal is fairly fully exploited in a live location / repeat: no possibility to increase or decrease the fly delay and modulation, no access to the wah ...
> Pod HD made me lazy, but when I bought my mine Pod 2 in 2009, I would have appreciated since that time a USB

In short the manual (very comprehensive and quite funny in writing) I was very useful at the beginning


Sound ... wide debate, often somewhat sterile in my opinion ...

I generally hold my feelings:
> Quite difficult to have a clear sound ...
> Of course grotesque distortion simulations and synthetic, especially if in addition we do anything behind (full gain, eq V and others) ... Let's say that dosing, seeking and with patience we come a consistent sound on one or two simulations HiGain allowing to have fun and honestly Laying out
> Surprisingly very very very nice crunch ... it is in the range between "clear that twists a bit" and "crunch well hairy" that gear is the most convincing
> A warm sound pretty amazing ... my three successive Pod HD has many other qualities, but have never been against the warmth of his
> Effects of quality but limited settings and some stashed

The biggest flaw I found it and made me go to the Pod HD is not the relative ability of beans to take into account the dynamics of the game ... So, what is the most synthetic, it is less the sound itself that the gap between the attack and its variations in output which varies relatively little ... Somewhere it is even not recommended for beginners because between a hit and a good hit messed ben sometimes has a just the same refund ... the opposite of a tube amp what ...


This contraption I had flashed over in 1999 (it was still POD 1) when a mag Lyon was using it as a test headphone amp for guitars ....

10 years later I bought my POD 2 so I kept two years ...
So yes it is modeling that has aged, it is better today etc .... But firstly some sounds were downright endearing, secondly it's a great headphone amp, and finally I l 'I found a perfect reliability and robustness (unlike the Pod HD for example ...) ... It is not said that I did not crack again if I find a low price, because for service rendered, for me this bean is stored in the "good stuff"