Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 Live
Hallyd 07/05/2010

Line 6 POD X3 Live : Hallyd's user review


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Editable Mac / Pc I'm on mac Snow Lopard and no worries after installing the drivers available on the Line 6 website.


The manual is well, it is not a Chinese head case (Lol)

As for the edition with the GearBox software is simple but live on the same x3 it's not too complicated but I did the same to open the manual to see how I had to do !!!


While the sound quality !!!

When I bought the beast, rentr'm home and I direct branch marshall all my lights and I say !!! IEA horror impossible to have a proper sound and m Correct me is worse than a prciser !!! I wish I did not have my head amp to send / Fx so I branch directly into the entrance e guitar so the big disappointment !!!

So I say bah it's simple, I will do as my Vox THE I'll bipasser the amp simulation and must operate nickel Ben ??? re vamp the sound is still as horrible as per simulation dales Ts, Disto, Fuzz ... it's really foutage of mouth because really sounds Synthetic and compared to LE Vox there's no pictures on this plan is clearly ahead Vox Line 6 !!!

I tell myself what do I do now ??? Well I'll sell it and stay with my Vox !!! Anyway I'm going even try on my sound card which is a 800 !!! RME Firface and then I plug I notice that it sounds great dj mieux.Mais not really convinced !!! I do some research on the net (Youtube) and I came across a guy who explains some configuration and my link via its Site or its covenants available for both Xt, X3 live, but also for the Boss Gt 10 !!!

I go to his site and therefore tlcharge the folder for the X3 live and I say hat the beast rings and'm in heaven !!! Well it is about that in terms of taste it will certainly change some parameters but it is frankly a great base for what create his own sound.

For the one has intresse I put the site link.

My ratings will be only 7 because of a head without send / Fx ben x3 is the big poop !!!

As of 7/7/2010:

I remade a test on my Marshall I've realized that putting all the knob to 12 h 00 except volume and working only with those of the Line 6 ben medium to obtain some thing not bad, but hey I am only at the beginning of my research.

But in terms of OD simus, distos, Fuzz ... well I stay on my position is really the big anything !!!!!


7 for the reason you know.